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  1. Ok everybody calm down. I just ask something. I think mobile devices getting better. The performance is increasing. So theese devices can run so cool games with optimization. I don't criticize anybody's job. But I don't understand thoose beginner developers who are make lame games and public them unfinished. Why ? If someone can manke only a low-graphics game, then make games to mobile, because mobile games are also low graphics. (But there are exceptions from the professionals like madfinger games. Their games are HD, smooth and beutiful.) And one more argument in favor of mobile games: Mobile devices are portable. So you can play good games everywhere. Obviously PC is better for gaming, but it isn't portable. Sorry fo bad english gus, I'm Hungarian... PS: DannyIsSoPro, please don't be a Grammar Nazi. I have bad english, but u understand me. Aren't u ?
  2. I see, many people make very lame PC games. And I ask.. Why ? Theese lame unity based games never will be as cool as Crysis, COD, CS or something like that. Theese games have got lame graphics and they've got a lot of bugs. Last time I saw a game.. the player has got a gun, but hasn't got hand. I don't understand. Why just a few people make mobile games ? The beginner developers would have more chanse on mobile platform, to make good games. Example Madfingergames's Dead Trigger or Shadowgun. Make a good android game is not as difficult as making a good PC game. What do you tink ?
  3. Sooo. I added this script. If i touch the "Menu" Button then it is load the mainmenu and the current scene same time. The main camera in main menu gets wrong too. So it is buggy. :/ But thanks for help. Any idea ?
  4. Kreez


    Hi guys ! In source SDK or in another Engines you can use more textures on one object. How can I do this in unity ? Example: There is a Wall (Cube). How can I add a texture for one side, and a different texture to the other side ?
  5. Hi Guys ! I'm a beginner in scripting / programing. I Need a Javascript for ANDROID. I have a GUI Button, and I wants to: If I touch the GUi texture, then return to "mainmenu" scene. Thank you very much !
  6. Yes, I added. Now there is no error message but... If i touch the Gui texture nothing happens
  7. "OnMouseUp" In an android game ? Is it ok ?
  8. Ok I added the text object, add the script, but not working...
  9. Text object ? why ? I want to make a Menu button
  10. Someone please help me ! I'm a beginner so, I need a script example. If I touch the GUi button, then load scene mainmenu. Thank you for help !
  11. The animated chacacter works in a different project, in PC. My Android game is working, but I can't port this animated character to android. This is : https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#/content/1727
  12. Hi guys ! I need some help. In my android game, players haven't got mooving animation. I donwloaded an animated player, but it is for PC. How can I port this animated character to my ANDROID fps game ? How would it be look in script ? Thank you ! Kreez
  13. Hi everybody ! I'm from Hungary. I'm 17 years old. I'm a beginner in unity engine, but I'm experienced in source engine. Now I'm working on an android FPS game, called Bullet Strike Online. But I'm looking for scripters. I hope, we will be able to help each other. Have a nice day Kreez
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