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  1. I think it looks pretty good , -reminds me the first level of Resident Evil Darkside Cronicles, the colors of the village -i think it needs shadows hehehe , - the crates probably be not so well arranged - add some rotations on the buildings - maybe some pools of dirty water - any kind of road - the fog maybe a warm color , or very cold , but no grey - some barrels - some kind of destruction on the buildings sorry if it sounds like a demand , my english is very basic n_n anyway if you need help tell me.
  2. Heehehehe Pretty warm place this is n_n Glad to be here!!
  3. Hahaha I take you the word!! glad to be here !!
  4. Gracias Amigo Darkrai531 Aqui estamos expandiendo los tentaculos hahahha Well being a programmer is another thing that i had to do before i die hahhaha I study in the tablet ( books, videos ) when i have the time . And the game on the Showcase section it's my very first game ... i think until it gets better .. i shouldn't move on onto another game As i mention i'm here to help! Thanks for the welcome!
  5. Well I posted some before introduce myself , hahaha Im Luis Humberto from Mexico , im 26 years old . Studying Dentistry but i always have the dream of making some games . even i have made design documents for various types of games that i planned to do The only thing is the time ( and money u.u ) Programming Languages C++ Intermediate C# ( intermediate ) This is the i like the most Software that i use Illustrator Modo Cinema 4D Softimage Photoshop Blender Other Skills I like drawing, painting, ( but i dont consider myself a Graphics Designer ) Singing when i can't harm the ears of other people I Ilke to design user interfaces . Like to watch movies ( horror mainly ) If you want my help only ask n_n if i can i will do it Sorry the english ( non native speaker ) Spanish Native
  6. u.u i changed the rules for the Button on the screen , hahaha but i forget do the same on the key hahah thanks , thats why is important the feedback
  7. Yes appleseed ex machina , you caught me hahaha , I like the movie , but like you im not too much into anime. By the way did you play the game? Well thanks
  8. Thanks well, its for Windows 8 PC,i am working on some optimizations , so it can run on Windows Phone , Android , IOS etc Thanks for your comment !!
  9. Hi guys , i want to share the second release of my free game Devil Rush, if you could give a try and give me some feedback I would be very happy. There are things that i want to include for the next version . But i want to get an Idea what change, or what don't like http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/devil-rush/84243d95-1723-468e-a098-732d62e4a4d4 Some notes - I still haven't fixed the behaviour of the bridges, need to jump before them to get enough time to pass - The player has only one animation ( im suck at this ) Anyway thanks in advance! Sorry if the english in this post made you have cancer u.u
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