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    i like to make games on Unity3D and I'm planning to make my own multiplayer FPS game

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  1. i have been wanting this for ages but dont have 3ds max. can someone please convert it?
  2. Hello everyone, i am making a new FPS game just like most Unity3D Developers, i need someone who is farily experienced in modeling. The great thing is that you can do ti in your spare time, you can take a month just to model a gun, it doesnt matter to me, aslong as i know it will be done (be reasonable with time given) If you want to see where im at with making my game, check out my youtube channel "jumboproductionsunity" Please, anyone who is willing to make a few models for me, i will gladly accept them into my team. Thank-You -Arcanine
  3. How would you be able to put the attatchments on the gun, and then import the gun with attatchments into the scene? how would you do that?
  4. This looks really good, better than anything i can do, but i think you should add a food and water system to it too, i know that might not be your main priority right now, but I'm just giving suggestions. By the Way, I would love to see this game on steam!
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