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  1. While generating chunks I got a minimum of 175 fps and after generating it goes around 370~400 fps. Hope it helps somehow. But if I put on Fantastic the VSync is on, so it's locked at 60fps.
  2. Hey my fellow countryman! That's a cool start, but I would just wait until I have a great number of features before uploading a new update. Those features you've added are pretty basic and probably every game has them. Keep it up man!
  3. Awesome man! As I see you're using Unity Pro, you may add some color correction to give a nicer look! Keep up the good work!
  4. Thanks for mentioning Sunrise! Although I think it has beautiful graphics, it's definetely not photorealistic and not even meant to.
  5. Congrats dude! I'm even more impressed by the fact that you're 13! You should start modelling some custom weapons, and selling them! When I have time, i'll post a review on Asset Store! Good luck!
  6. Thanks for the script! Maybe I'll use it as a base to my FPS parkour script.
  7. It depends on the entire system. You need to calculate how much power his entire system needs, and then verify if one more HDD will fit. I would recommend at least 50W free power extra.
  8. Exactly! The AK-47, MP5, Shotgun, Pistol and the AK Sniper are from the RFPS prefab. I'm using them just as placeholders. And, yeah, a gaming PC could do so much more in the right hands. I'm just a 16 years old guy learning Unity and trying to create my own games. I'm glad you liked it
  9. Hey guys! The third update is ready! You can check the main post for more information, screenshots and the video!
  10. I would if it was something like 6pm german time. But I can't :/
  11. You have to animate it in another software, like Cinema 4D, Blender, 3DStudio Max, etc. Then, export as ".fbx" and put it in the project folder.
  12. Agreed! People need to be more respectful, although the Armed Unity community is very nice to others.
  13. Pretty cool effect! Thanks for sharing!
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