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  1. Mountain Dew was in DayZ mod since beginning
  2. Yes. I can read, and "no zombies" makes no difference in the concept. Since in DayZ they play a minor role and in Rust, there are no zombies at all. But if you think that when you remove the zombies from recipe you started creating something super original. You are wrong. I am not trying to be harsh or rude or anything, but unless you can over perform other titles with quality and content (which indie developers usually can't) you need to come up with something new, original, some system or concept that really makes the difference. I am not saying to quit on Survival Game concept, I love them and I am creating one on my own, but you need to invent something. Come up with something brand new or with original combination of already existing things.
  3. Is there anything you do differently to other survival games? To me it seems like normal generic copy of Rust or DayZ.
  4. Yeah. To me it seems decided. I will go with corridor environment. It doesn't really means only a small corridors but there also can be big hangars, and enormous rooms. What I think is major problem of today's survival multiplayer games is that they lack end-game content and they offer player a way to kill other with low risk (sniper rifles, automatic rifles etc). Not sure if that will be solved by environment itself or it would be better solved in weaponry itself.
  5. Yes. Something like that I am thinking about, create a multiplayer survial game where players will be placed in almost endless maze full of traps, monsters and other players. And whats more, add mechanoids and sci-fi and it's the craziest idea :-D
  6. I know the both concepts will work, it won't work if you look at it as at normal survival game like dayz...
  7. Yeah well, I would like to focus on multiplayer element... So no ending target there, maybe in singleplayer mode. And weapons, in this kind of multiplayer game players tend to kos So I need to figure out how, would love to explain you my ideas more deeply on skype if you want.
  8. There is couple of issues I have with the bunker survival game. For example weapons and end-game. But thanks guys for the comments.
  9. Yeah, the horror package with pro builder could make great combo
  10. Yeah I am thinking about this one too: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/3558
  11. Also procedurally generated maps are easier done with corridors than open world right? I just wondered if it will be harder to create a world where everything will be in a distance or a world where do you need more details to keep player interested.
  12. Hello guys, with release of Unity 5 I started thinking about new game project and I would like to ask you about your opinion. I have two concepts in works, can't really say which one is more appealing and viable but I would like to choose the easier one so I don't set any unrealistic goals to myself since I am alone. So basically, both are a survival games (yes I know, too many of them lately) and the major difference apart of story and theme is environment and it's systems. What do you guys see as bigger challenge, what is harder to create, open world with a huge map and places to visit or corridor bunker like map where the whole game is under ground.... Both are quite hard to make but not sure what will be worse, enormous map or closer look.
  13. A bit worried, since no response from developer or any update came in over a 10 days. I hope he is alright and start working on quest log again.
  14. Hallker

    Login Screen

    Wow, that is really nice. I like it but I would adjust it a bit... There is few things that are a bit out of concept I think.
  15. Figuring out modelling

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