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  1. What is the right and Legal ways,steps to do to start you own game company?
  2. 3 Years Experience In unity 3D. 3 years Experienced in c# , 1 year Python , 3 years Javascript. My Prices Vary From : >> Basic >> Intermediate >> Advance >> Multiple Linked Scripts Contact Me By PM OR at the email address xT3arDropHD@gmail.com Contact Me For A Price
  3. Can Unity Photon support parties Example Player A host Player B friend Player C friend <> Player A is at main Menu <> >> Player A sends invite to Player B & Player C >> Player B & Player C accepts invite >> Player B & Player C joins Player A (Player A Which is host & is still at main menu) >> Player A decides to find a match and pulls Player B & Player C into the lobby along
  4. I've never seen gameplay of superhot or played it.
  5. @arne98 *clap* *clap* I love the response
  6. Title Says it all. Questions to Consider: What Make a Fps ? What Makes a Fps fun ? Fast Paced action or tactical strategic approach ? Comment what you think. What's Your Idea of a Great Fps? Fps = First Person Shooter (In case you don't Know what "fps" is)
  7. " float health; " located in enemyController script It doesn't have a value. ex. float health = 100f;
  8. Ok I will put the bulletmark prefab closer on the z axis in Update 3 Thank You For The Feedback : )
  9. Update # 2 Up https://youtu.be/M5Uwn9aLE_0
  10. i Want to Know Best Way to handle different types of gloves/Hands because i would like to have different types of gloves/hands in my fps. I was think of just changing the mesh but i wanted to know if there is another way?
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