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  1. Hey your asset you uploaded in 2015, I was wondering if you could please reupload or just reply here with a new updated fresh link with all of the files for the Advanced Shoot. Thank you.


  2. Guns Of Icarus for free

    Oh yeah I see, you are right.
  3. Guns Of Icarus for free

    Just like Dead by Daylight and a few others I guess.
  4. DownFall - The Lost City

    I feel you
  5. bs::framework - C++14 Game Framework

    This is the underlying library of the Banshee Engine. It's a modern open source C++ framework with full renderer (Vulkan, DirectX and OpenGL backends available), audio, physics support etc... The engine itself is in development, it will probably take a few months for him to finish it. I will be working on the demo of the engine with the dev! https://www.bsframework.io/ https://www.banshee3d.com/
  6. DownFall - The Lost City

    So why is there a picture of the game "Nether" in the website? Nice earrape btw thanks
  7. Hello

  8. Unity Technologies are running out of money or what? They really want you to buy some stuff from their store. Just look at the way they started to talk about the store in the past few months. Neon challenge is a prime example: "Create an environment using models only from the Asset Store". Now the recent official tutorials are all about: "I'm gonna show you how easy it is to buy some stuff from the store and use it in your game." The Asset Store is great, you can save yourself a lot of time if you buy some stuff but when people start to buy everything (or get all the free stuff) from the store, gluing it all together and calling it a game, you should realize that this might not be good for your marketing. Maybe you would try to convince people that this is not how it supposed to work. But no no nooo, Unity even tells you to do this... in their official tutorials. A guy posted this comment under one of these tutorials and he pretty much covers it all: "I believe Unity should be supporting the CREATION of good assets and scripts, rather than just showing you how to rip assets from the asset store, and smack them into your game. It's this very kind of attitude which gains Unity a bad reputation."
  9. New user

  10. FPS animation for projectile based shooting

    Ok I give up. We can't explain this any better to you. You are overcomplicating this stuff. As we said before, you don't have to move the gun at all. Instead you rotate the muzzle transform bla bla bla. That's it. If you want to have animation on the gun when you shoot, then just play the animation on the gun when you shoot, it doesn't matter, it has nothing to do with the shoting mechanics.
  11. FPS animation for projectile based shooting

    I don't get it, @DarkC0der your question is connected to projectile based shooting. I don't even know how does raycasting came up here. You don't need any rays (except for the projectile's collision if you want to do it that way) since you have an actual projectile. That's what replaces the raycast.
  12. FPS animation for projectile based shooting

    Raycast and projectile based shooting is very different. If you are using rays for the shooting, then it is a good idea to cast it from the center of the screen with a random offset for the recoil. For projectile based shooting, you are spawning a bullet somewhere which has to go in a given direction, so you cannot spawn it from the center of the screen, that would look weird. Instead you spawn it at the muzzle transform (use an empty gameObject as @OcularCash said) and you can move it in a given direction. I think you will get an idea of how this would work if you watch this video. It may not be first person but the logic behind it is the same.
  13. FPS animation for projectile based shooting

    Instead of moving the gun, you can just rotate the bullet so its forward vector changes.
  14. Flexible Weapon Reloading Logic

    To be honest, for this I don't recommend you to put everything into one method. It's gonna get very long and complicated really fast. For things like spawning a projectile can be a method that you use for all of the gun types but a shotgun and an assault rifle works differently, from shooting to reloading so I would make different scripts for different weapons like "WeaponRifle.cs", "WeaponShotgun.cs" etc.