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  1. Car psyhics like RL

    Yeah, it is most likely an animation.
  2. Free Maya texture request ?

  3. Character Avatar - Help

    Select the character mesh (in the Project window, not in the Hierarchy). In the Inspector you will see the import settings, open the Rig tab and set animation type to Generic/Humanoid. Now you can choose if you want to create an avatar from this model or copy from another. Btw an fbx file is a mesh, just like a .obj, .blend, etc... Just like an image, it can be a .png, .jpg and so on.
  4. Free FPS Template

    "There are 13 audio listeners in the scene" I see we are dealing with another very experienced fellow here.
  5. A Beautiful Scene Using Only Standard Assets

    If something is published by unity and is available for free, I think that it can be counted as a standard asset.
  6. A Beautiful Scene Using Only Standard Assets

    We have a much better post-processing available which has major impact on the final look of a scene, so I don't know why you used the old effects. If you want to create a "beautiful" scene (with low-budget), at least have some proper post-processing going on. Download the post-processing stack, I'm using v2 which you can get here. Copy my "generic" post-processing settings. (It's pretty much the same as in 2018.x default post-processing) Post a screenshot of that scene, and see how much better it could have looked.
  7. Unity3D - "Generic" FPS - Update 1

    Even though this is a "generic" fps, this already has more personality and unique content in it than most of those garbage asset flips on steam.
  8. Unity3D - "Generic" FPS - Update 1

    Not bad at all. I see that you actually spent time doing stuff and not just downloading stuff.
  9. Prefab Workflow (Nested Prefabs)

    A completely new Prefab Workflow is now available for unity. Pretty cool stuff, but I dont see it as necessary as people say it to be. https://unity3d.com/prefabs
  10. Doors with collision detection

    Yeah, OnCollisionEnter will do the job.
  11. Should i use scriptable objects?

    Using scriptable objects for storing data is really effective. If you don't want to worry about messing up your current project, you can always create a new project or just a new scene to try out a few things first to see if it fits your needs.
  12. Dust 2 Cs Go

    Awesome logic.
  13. Showing 4 equal resolutions in Windows Build

    Best way to learn and become a pro.
  14. What does it mean? Is unity trying to stole my game?

    Have you ever made a single ad for the game? If not, no one even knows about the game yet...
  15. Queries hit backfaces not working

    You could try RaycastAll?