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  1. Wow

  2. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    As you said "Hopefully, the developer aint a fucktard" and he doesn't overestimates his project.
  3. Alien Ant World: Recruiting

    The amount of time you waste with this so called "million dollar project" is truly amazing
  4. Blender Texturing

    What do you mean getting everything to one texture?
  5. my first shoot script

  6. FPC Move, Sprint, and Stamina system

    You really have no experience with a calendar at all.
  7. Need help making Runescape's Combat system (C#)

    public override void Interact() { base.Interact(); //Start the attack coroutine StartCoroutine(AttackTarget()); } I would make a different script for attacking though. It can get pretty complex.
  8. Need help making Runescape's Combat system (C#)

    You could use a coroutine. Therefore you have access to WaitForSeconds and things like that. This is just an example code, you have to do a few things to make this work correctly though. public IEnumerator AttackTarget() { while(true) { playerCombat.Attack (myStats); //player attacks enemy yield return new WaitForSeconds(1); //wait 1 sec before attacking } } For example, you should store the current target GameObject so that when you click on the same target you don't reset the wait time.
  9. Shoot ray from the object's next frame position?

    And exactly that's what I'm working on
  10. Shoot ray from the object's next frame position?

    I'm not using character controller nor rigidbody though. I would like to have my own character controller. It seems like I'm not supposed to add to the origin point I guess, because if I just leave out the origin += Vector3.up * velocity.y than it works just fine.
  11. Shoot ray from the object's next frame position?

    I should also mention that this is what happens when the ray hits something: //The raycast hit something. if(hit) { //Reduce the velocity. velocity.y = (hit.distance - skinWidth) * direction; }
  12. Free Texture On Request

    So I guess this was the largest image you could take...
  13. Shoot ray from the object's next frame position?

    Let's say that the player's velocity is Vector3(0, -10, 0); I wan't to start a ray downwards so that I can check if it hits the ground or not. I thought that this can be done by saying: //Get the direction in which we are moving on the Y axis, based on the velocity. float direction = Mathf.Sign(velocity.y); //"origins" is a struct that I have which stores different points of the object. Vector3 origin = (direction == 1) ? origins.top : origins.bottom; origin += Vector3.up * velocity.y; //Shoot ray from origin... However as you can see it doesn't work at all, the player falls through the ground just after a bit of struggle. Any ideas?
  14. Ghoulie's Dungeon

    Love it!
  15. AI and sight

    Check out this mini series: