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  1. As some of the old posts get 'active' again (that means some idiot argues that the file is deleted while its 4-5 years old), some of the memories come back from the time when I joined the community. It was in October 17, 2013 when I just started out with unity4. My only skilsl that I had then is placing objects in a terrain, and downloading scripts from here and there. Then I saw lots of people working on their own projects but with a lot more knowledge and dedication. Nowadays, only a few people left from that community. Just in general unity has became the asset flippers game engine, and people who never enjoyed making games yet they call themselves 'developers'. I'm not saying that the current community is shit, but I miss the one that I knew.
  2. My only compliment is that I see a lot of assets from the store. I highly suggest you to try and replace them, or at least try to hide them a bit. For example, change the horror kit's health icon on the bottom left or something.
  3. I just simply used Gimp.
  4. Well, you said its not about a game but more about the engine capabilities. So in this case, this doesn't really matter I think.
  5. Hey guys, I started doing some pixel art just to see how it goes. I'm not really a big artist as you can see. All of them are made in 64x64 resolution and has been scaled up to 256x256 resolution.
  6. It looks really nice. I think that this could be a good example of what can you achieve with Unity, you just have to look further those asset flips.
  7. programmer

    How about sharing some of the arts which has been liked by many people?
  8. Glad I could help.
  9. What a surprise, it's only made 2 years ago...
  10. It could be because of the Environment Lighting is too dark. I usually change it from Skybox to Color, so that I have full control over the global lighting color. Also, it might happen because of an image effect, probably color correction or something like that.
  11. Now this looks pretty cool actually. The environment, the animations, the post processing, and of course the weather. Only one thing though, not particularly for the weather: You should remove the pitch black areas. It is annoying and doesn't fit into the scene. Dark areas shouldn't be completely black, more like dark grey.
  12. Hey, I have just finished with the documentation of my latest asset, so I would like to get some feedback on it. You can check it out in Google Docs.
  13. If you wan't to post some retarded stuff use the chat because no one really cares about these here.
  14. Ohh sorry to hear that a 4 year old download link doesn't work for you. Like come on you can't be serious right?