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  1. Custom Array Question

    Think about it as variables inside a script. First you name it and then access it. Here are a few ways of accessing the variables inside a class: //Log the 1th elements's map name. Debug.Log(mapArray[0].mapName); //Same as above, but this time storing it in a local variable ("map") and then use it to log the map name. Maps map = mapArray[0]; Debug.Log(map.mapName); //Log every map name. for(int i = 0; i < mapArray.Length; i++) { //i = the current step in the loop. Debug.Log(mapArray[i].mapName); } Don't forget that an array cannot be modified at runtime, if you wan't to add or delete elements you have to use a List.
  2. Blender - Colt 1911

    Pretty good, but it definitely has to be more metallic. Then you will start to see reflections and its gonna look awesome.
  3. Another speed test request

    Constant 60fps, Intel Core i5-7500 3.4GHz, GeForce GTX1050 Ti, 8GB 2400MHz DDR4 RAM
  4. Any Idea for moving HUD script

    I don't like it to be honest. It feels like it's attached to the gun itself, like a camera or something. Totally breaks the immersion you may built.
  5. Crash Script for the third time?!

    I don't see anything which would cause a problem, but I have no idea what this part is. What's the purpose of this piece here? Button btn = item1.GetComponent<Button>(); btn.onClick.AddListener(TaskOnClick); A button is something you should setup in unity and not by a script, except for a few cases.
  6. uNet GameObjects

    I am absolutely not a multiplayer game developer, but if I'm correct you can use an RPC call to execute code on every client.
  7. Crash Script for the third time?!

    Is this the script that causes the crash?
  8. Does anyone else have this glitch?

    Yeah, using a legacy diffuse shader will remove this effect I think. But of course it's ideal to have PBR materials.
  9. EXE Crashes?!

    I found this post when I was searching for your issue: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20754397538
  10. Accidental second post// Please delete

    You can delete your post in the moderation actions.
  11. Scope model Free

    Looks good!
  12. Zombies game remodel

    Isn't its kinda bad that all your projects has a label "Kit: OMA's fps kit"?
  13. Spawning Crashes Again?!

    lol what am I even looking at? To instantiate or spawn something just do this: public Transform spawnPoint; public Transform tankPrefab; //Call this method on button press or something so that it will be executed once. //Using any type of Update() will result in calling these every frame. public void SpawnTank() { //Create a tank object from the "tankPrefab" and store it in a local variable. Transform spawnedTank = Instantiate(tankPrefab, spawnPoint.position, spawnPoint.rotation) as Transform; //Since we store it in the local variable "spawnedTank", you can refer to this if you want to do anything with it. //For example I'm just renaming it. spawnedTank.gameObject.name = "LeTank"; } To apply mod (if this is what you wanted, I don't know tbh): //Even better if you just assign this in the Start() method. private BlockPlacer placer; //Again, call these methods from a part of the script where it will be executed once. //Using any type of Update() will result in calling these every frame. public void ApplyMod() { //If the placer variable is not set, assign it. if(placer == null) placer = FindObjectOfType<BlockPlacer>(); //Enable the placer mod. placer.enabled = true; } public void ClearMod() { //If the placer variable is not set, assign it. if(placer == null) placer = FindObjectOfType<BlockPlacer>(); //Disable the placer mod. placer.enabled = false; }
  14. The potential of sales

    About a moth ago, I got an email from the asset store staff saying that the "On Sale This Week" theme is "Motion" and so if I would like to participate in the sale. (In case you don't know, the asset's featured in this sale is 50% off for a week.) I was sitting around 6-7 sales so I decided to accept their offer. Based on my average sales, I thought that around 20-25 people will buy it since its 50% off and that's how we think right? Well I was wrong. Only on the first day of the sale, about 10 people bought the asset and this number was just growing from day to day. To avoid confusion: "Gross" is the amount of money you made, and "Net" is the amount of money you will get after the 30% cut from asset store. As you can see, at the end of the sale over 100 people bought the asset which is just insane. Just compare the amount of sales on the 20$ (full price) and the 10$ (50% price). It's almost 10 times more. I never done sales before, but man don't be like me. Take advantage of this human behavior since it's going to worth it for everyone. P.S. I'm making this post to show you the potential of sales, not to show you how "rich" I am.