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  1. Maggedelle

    Adding PUN2

    I know this is not what you want to hear, but start smaller. Learn basics of PUN first. It sounds like you don't even know the basics of Unity yet, i would advice you to learn that before working with multiplayer.
  2. Hey guys, i have never been close to release a game, and still aint. But i still found it interesting to learn about, how to publish a game in a way that gives it attention. So what are your tips and tricks??
  3. Seems like i found the solution myself hehe. I was sending too many messages. I looked through my code, and it suddenly hitted me why. In my game i have up to 15 AIs at the time, and they were all updating their target across the network all the time in the update function. So thats a huge amount of messages of cause. I changed the update target function to a more "network friendly" function, and it seems to be running great for now at least. Thank you.
  4. @OneManArmy Oh, so you think its just because my internet disconnects? I do have a pretty unstable connection. I will try, thank you.
  5. @OneManArmy So i can see that this error might mean that i send too much? But i just don't understand that.. I only have 2 players connected, and there isn't really THAT much going on..
  6. Hey guys, i have a werid problem. My Photon Network game keeps disconnecting, after being in game in like 15-20 seconds. Everytime. And for what i see, i don't really send that many messages. It just makes no sense to mee. The Editor get this error in the log: either connect to photon or use offline mode!
  7. Title says it all, really. Its for a horror game, not much lines needed. If you are good, i can pay. but would prefer free - as im low on moneyy Have a nice day, everyone
  8. hey friends! i need a VPS for my Unity Master Server.. Can you guys recomend any? thanks.
  9. I'm on, but i'm not going to write js. add me on skype tho Magnus1254
  10. " I would love to change the world, but they won't give me the source code "

  11. My question goes: Is it worth to download the current version of w10 why? Why not
  12. Hello guys, i would like to learn more about Photon, and how to use it. But i rly cant seem to find any good videos / books out there for it. So i was thinking do you know any good Photon Tutorials? Thank you.
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