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  1. Asset Store Tools are awesome.

    I am having a blast working on my level designing skills, preparing for future projects. Thanks to the powerful unity assets available my learning experience has never been better. The workflow with all these assets combined is nothing short of amazing. One of my many attempts. Many more to come. Feel free to ask me anything, Enjoy.
  2. Hey there guys, finally got the animation sets and the weapon logic to utilize those animations, here is a short video. Feedback is appreciated. All of the items showcased below are subject to change or have content added upon them in the future, bar bones at the current state. Game? what is it?!, Still not sure, many things to plan out, me and my friends are in the process of creating the flowcharts and full road map, many things left to plan and think through. Please do share ideas below! Demonstration Video: Concept Art: Main Soundtrack(to be uploaded soon): Thanks guys, really do appreciate any sort of feedback. Stay strong.
  3. Vehicle Upgrade kits

    @EndangeredOX Yes defiantly front guard rails!, models are not done yet, thanks for the comments.
  4. Vehicle Upgrade kits

  5. R32 Render

    FINALLY! a car game!, please make this awesome!, already looks very good, love the blue.
  6. Some 3D models I have made

    That bow looks awesome!
  7. WIP Voxel FPS game

    Looks unique, low poly models and environments, not many of those in the FPS genre, looks very good keep up the good work.
  8. soldiers modeling thread

    Awesome work pal looks very good, hopefully theirs an interior !
  9. Pixel Art

    Fantastic, especially that belt on the guy, very good attention to detail.
  10. Project AAA

    That is correct kind gentleman, my main goal is to achieve the best looking scene unity (and I) can provide. Ill give it my best shot.
  11. Project AAA

    Thank you sir for your kind comments, this is most defiantly some kind of asset flip xD, but its what I can do right now hopefully in the upcoming months or years, I will be able to provide for my own needs.
  12. Project AAA

    No sir, This was provided by the Army Ruins pack, I wish I did tho really did
  13. Project AAA

    Thanks for the feedback, There are plans for two reloads, bolt release slap(the one showed here) and a slide pull which is what I think your talking about. Lots of content on the way hopefully within 3-4 months I can create something atleast semi realistic.
  14. Project AAA

    Hello there guys, so I decided that I would fully dedicate myself and my budget towards creating a scene that looks top notch and realistic, Im really trying to push(hardware:D) unity's potential as much as possible. So here are some update notes. THANK YOU!: This is a thank you to all asset developers and developers that have helped me work on this project, this defiantly would not have been possible on my own! GOAL: My goal is to push unity as much as possible, please reminded this is not a game, just experimentation and a learning process I am NOT trying to sell this project, or game. VERSION V0.098 Update log: 1. Finally!, volumetric fog. 2. Volumetric lighting by HX. 3. New custom shader by UEBR for deferred rendering. 4. Screen space shadows and reflections. 5. Scene has been brought to life with the addition of light behavior and audio. 6. Advanced audio blending to control reverb and volume when in and outside buildings to stimulate real life audio sense. Screenshots: New weapons on the way with the help of the folks from Iron belly studios(hired), Awesome folks! MODELS BY CHAMFER ZONE
  15. I love playing around with Unity!

    Thank you man for understanding will do. Your game looks awesome!, Love the UI work, I say that cause I suck at UI. Looks like your heading towards something unique. Keep your eyes on the prize man dont give up dont give in.