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  1. Yeah man that does make allot of sense, I have learned allot tinkering with these assets, in fact even more then all tutorials combined. Thanks for the positivity man.
  2. Yeah this guy BTEK really started to make me question why I develop in the first place
  3. Yeah unfortunately the only thing done in this project by me is the code other than the FPS kit(FPS Essentials), dont have the knowledge or resources to build this type of project from scratch.
  4. Hello there dear developers!, I have a simple video showcasing some gameplay of a concept that i've been thinking about, feedback is always appreciated! Thanks in advance, Kind Regards: Hamad Almannai.
  5. Very very nice work, create showcase , rinse and repeat. The only way to improve. "IN PURSUIT OF PERFECTION WE MAY CATCH EXCELLENCE!".
  6. Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN OR HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS CONTENT I AM ONLY SHARING IT FOR EDUCATIONAL OR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES. Credits to: Battle state games(the creators of Contract Wars). Hello honored Unity developers, this is a project that has been worked on since 2012 and is AMAZING. This really showcases the power and capability of the Unity3D engine and made me and most likely all the Unity developers proud, and i hope you guys use this as an inspiration that their are no limits with dedication! Link to video: Thanks in advance, Kind regards: Hamad Almannai
  7. Looks very good!.
  8. Hello there, i am trying to utilize my skills with unity3D and c# and improve them by creating projects, but surprisingly its almost impossible for me to think of a project idea that motivates me to work on it properly till the very end. It would be much appreciated if you could post some motivating ideas that i can work on and hopefully finish and showcase it in the forums. Thanks in advance!.
  9. Im a programmer, C# mostly
  10. Hello everyone!, here is a link to a video of a weapon system i am working on that is still a work in progress, i am looking for feedback mainly for the recoil and kick, i need your feedback to adjust it for maximum realism. Thanks in advance!, Kind Regards: Hamad Almannai Link to video:
  11. I think i understand what you mean, do you mean an area in which if the player enters it he the health will slowly decrement overtime?, if this is what you are looking for it is acutally pretty simple and straight forward. Here is an example script in c#. For this script component to work you need to attach it to a gameobject with any type of collider that has the isTrigger value set to true. using UnityEngine; using System.Collecitons; public class DeathBarriier : MonoBehaviour { public bool inDeathBarrier { get; private set; } // is the player in the death barrier. void Update() { if(inDeathBarrier) //check if the player is in the barrier { //Here you lower the health of the player. GameObject.Find("Player").GetComponent<PlayerScript>().health -= 5; //example. } } void OnTriggerEnter() // player is in the barrier { inDeathBarrier = true; } void OnTriggerExit() // player is out the barrier { inDeathBarrier = false; } } Hope this helps, good luck!
  12. Awesome work with the camera effect! 10/10
  13. Awesome work,i wish i knew how to model:
  14. Hello my name is hamad al mannai and my goal is to be an expert in unity more specifically programming(c#). I just wanted to drop a thanks for everyone being awesome and helping each other!. I will try to make assets and upload them as soon as i have the skills to make something useful. Thanks in advance Kind Regards.