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  1. @YoungDeveloper Thanks but this not helped me... Your code just remove all the slot at once, but i need to remove only the first 2 (for example) that verify the condition ( if(slot.lockedSlot == true) ) .... :/
  2. Hello guys, i'm having some problem with a list and a "for" loop instance. I need to enable a specific number of cubes when i press "space", but i only need to enable the cubes that have a bool disabled in a script attached to each one. The problem is that my script only enable 1 cube for button press, but i want to enable a quantity declared with an int value. I'm sure that i forget something. Have a look at the script here below public List<GameObject> lockedSlots; //the list that contains the cubes that i can enable public int lockedSlotsQuantity; //the lenght of the list of cubes public int totalSlots; //total slots public int slotsToUnlock; //this is the int that (should) manage how many cubes must enable when i press the button void Start () { totalSlots = 20; //for example i set the inventory with already 20 other items, just for test lockedSlotsQuantity = lockedSlots.Count; //from here i get the quantity (lenght) of the list that contains the cubes } void Update () { if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space)) //when i press the button, perform the action { UnlockSlots(); } } void UnlockSlots() { for (int i = 0; i < lockedSlots.Count; i++) { while (lockedSlots[i] == lockedSlots[i].GetComponent<SlotTest>().lockedSlot) //cubes that can be enabled must have the bool "lockedSlot" { lockedSlots[i].SetActive(true); //enable the cube lockedSlots[i].GetComponent<SlotTest>().lockedSlot = false; //modify its bool lockedSlots.Remove(lockedSlots[i]); //remove it from the list totalSlots += slotsToUnlock; lockedSlotsQuantity -= slotsToUnlock; break; } } } The problem is that, if i set the "slotToUnlock" int to 2 (to unlock 2 cubes when I press the button), it just enable one cube. Hope that some one can help! Thanks
  3. Hello guys, I'm searching someone that can animate some weapons for a FPS horror asset. I already have guns and hands models. The animations doesn't need to be AAA quality, i just need "good" ones Models to animate: pistol, smg, shotgun, flashlight, melee. For more infos about animations, models etc. just PM me or email at "giovanni.cartella@hotmail.com" Of course i can pay Thanks
  4. Hello there! I'm trying to achieve a Save and Load for my Inventory system, and I'm really stuck! Basically I have two c# scripts, "Item.cs" and "Inventory.cs" In the first one there are the variables of my items, it's a pretty simple code with just few things: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; [System.Serializable] public class Item { public string itemName; public string itemInfo; public Texture2D itemIcon; public int itemCost; } While the second one: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; public class Inventory : MonoBehaviour { public List<Item> inventory = new List<Item> (); //List made of Item } I don't care about functions to add items, pickup etc... I already have them and works 100% (I did not post them in the two script because was useless) So, in conclusion I would get an help on creating a way to save the "public list<Item>..." maybe in a file if is possible and create a way to load it, that's all. Hope someone can help! Thanks in advance!
  5. The first link is better (for me) I downloaded it in 2 minutes around, instead of the second link that i downloaded in 3 minutes around
  6. cool could you share a video test by you of this?? would be cool
  7. Clean and nice made asset! Would be cool to try it out
  8. nice job !
  9. You made my day, Sir
  10. Really cool! https://i.gyazo.com/16f6994f07e1ca8c0e8ab2cdd9af4418.mp4 Lol, a simple test of your script ^^
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