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  1. Protocol Update 8!!!

    Great progress!
  2. Help with caves....

    Thanks, i'll have a look into it
  3. Help with caves....

    Ya i know unity doesn't allow this properly what i came up with so far is this Colours and rock textures are place holders but that was my idea to make a cave, any better/easier ways that would look natural ? Also if any one has pictures of their cave creations i would love to see them. Edit* Main problem
  4. 45 Degree Iron Mount 3D model (Textured)

    Looks great, will come in useful, great share!
  5. Hi :)

    Ya i'm looking for a word to fill the black but at the same time i don't like the sound of cookie..... complicated mind...
  6. Textured Garage [Low Poly]

    Great work
  7. Hey There

    Welcome , enjoy your stay
  8. My First Post

    Welcome to Armedunity, enjoy your stay
  9. Hi :)

    Hey everyone, Cookie____ here just dropped in to get tips, heard it's a great forum
  10. hi....little love from tunisia

    Welcome, feel free to ask if you have trouble
  11. Howdy!