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  1. Does anybody have specific tutorial that can teach me about that ..? I searching for "unity3d Mecanim Spine bones" withiout any results :\
  3. But I can't use mecanim I don't have Pro license :\..
  4. It is posible, I already did that in the past, from a tutorial, but I don't remember how.
  5. Can anyone teach me how to move soldier (bootcamp) spines up and down with mouselook please???? And also how to Sync' it over network?
  6. Is it(HTML CODES) works in unity?! EDIT: Well... It doesn't work :\ @RPC function SendMessageToEveryone (message : String, pName : String) { communication = <b>pName</b> + ": " + message + "\n" + "\n" + communication; }
  7. In my game lol Is it(HTML CODES) works in unity?! EDIT: Well... It doesn't work :\
  8. How can I make the chat display like this: Arma: Hello! Shell: Hey!
  9. Time.timeScale = 0; is not affecting at all :\.. Time.timeScale = 0; is not affecting at all :\..
  10. 1. I got another problem now, Well, I'm using FPS KIT and using the pause manu of FPS KIT too. When i'm using in this function: function PauseGame() { savedTimeScale = Time.timeScale; Time.timeScale = 1; AudioListener.pause = true; if (pauseFilter) pauseFilter.enabled = true; currentPage = Page.Main; //transform.position = new Vector3(0, 1, 0); Screen.lockCursor = false; ML.enabled = false; ML2.enabled = false; } And set the Time.timeScale to 0, Suddenly the GUI disappear, I don't know why but i'm i'm setting it to 0, and click on esc to open the pause manu, there is no pause manu-there is no gui that appears :\ I don't know the reason !! 2. I have another Pause manu that I built, And from some reasons, the lock screen (Screen.lockCursor = true;) doesn't work: function Update(){ //check if pause button (escape key) is pressed if(Input.GetKeyDown("escape")){ //check if game is already paused if(pauseEnabled == true){ //unpause the game pauseEnabled = false; Time.timeScale = 1; AudioListener.volume = 1; Screen.showCursor = false; Screen.lockCursor = true; ML.enabled = true; ML2.enabled = true; } //else if game isn't paused, then pause it else if(pauseEnabled == false){ pauseEnabled = true; AudioListener.volume = 0; Time.timeScale = 0; Screen.showCursor = true; Screen.lockCursor = false; ML.enabled = false; ML2.enabled = false; } } }
  11. You were right! I got 2 script with the same name, FIXED now ^.^ Thanks !!
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