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  1. Thanks, nice script, and - how exactly we get this working in the scene ?
  2. Usually it's the problem that something in object inspector, or settings is TICKED, or UN-TICKED, so check all that first, what is ticked, or maybe un-ticked ... that's common problem when moving objects between games / assets - often happens that stuff that was ticked in one game, comes unticked, when unpacked to another game (win RAR program does that often to Unity assets / games) ...
  3. Hi, guys, need help, wiht my MiniPlanet, I've made it as the sphere, and gave it some texture, and gave it a good size for testing, eg 100, and it's huge enough, to walk and build on it, or whatever, but: i need a script to give it a gravity, so when a player uses the Helicopter, and flies over there, my MiniPlanet to have a gravity, as the normal planet, so Player can land there, and continue game on that MiniPlanet. i know there are expensive packages in the Asset Store for it, but we need something cheap, and simple here (it will work same good, as well, i am positive). Anyone can ? Thanks in advance.
  4. ... please, guys, when you are listing a problem here on XBOX thread, declare on which EXACT system / OS / PC / hardware, etc you are ...
  5. Thanks, Ocular ... you should definitely install the vehicle controls, too, when you have the time, as: this will speed up the testing process for anyone who ever builds any FPS (we should know that building a single FPS game is a job of average 25 people team, for about 1 year of work, if you want to do it right ...). For single developer - that means: your HEALTH gone, dead, without some support, or using extreme info / tools / methods ...(Extreme computing will tax: the vision, than: spatial orientation [inner ear ballance], than your: immunity, and goes: your health, at the end). (we all need this kinda stuff, even if you ARE with the large team, to build any FPS / RTS game, which are COMPLEX projects, that no one should attempt to do alone, for his health sake, so my thumbs up, for this community here...). This is an extreme contribution, so - we can't thank you enough, keep the updates, buddy, cheers ...
  6. " An internal error occurred. Please contact an administrator Need Help? Our help documentation Contact the community administrator "
  7. ... this sorta errors happens often, if you have open this in your other project that already exist ... ... try open this game in the way that: you first create new (empty) Unity project, and than import ... this game, so it should work much better, i think ...
  8. WIll give it a try, looks neat ...
  9. Don't mind making it into a downloadable prefab ?
  10. ... nothing bad with that: CPU's love functions inside the functions, just - it may affect the FPS ?
  11. ... so, how (exactly) do you "place this script on to a GUI text" ?
  12. ... would like to have it, but - with another part of script in it, that actually invokes such menu ...
  13. ... are my eyes ok ? you posted it double, i think, guys ... lolz ...
  14. ... i agree with what themars2011 have said: These days, many laptopd have 1366 x 768, - to them it may apear on the center For others, eg, 1600 x 1200 - guess where it would be using your method ? However, nice example, thanks ...
  15. Thanks, neat, clear, and pro ...