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  1. maximus148

    [WIP] Weapon Animations

    they're actually pretty decent , i think it has the potential to fit a FPS game , and i think you did a great work. although i find that few of the animations are too fast and not so smooth.
  2. maximus148


    Молодец , красива сделано ))
  3. maximus148

    Swimming Kit | BETA

    It's actually pretty good
  4. maximus148

    [TDM]BattleArena Map

    Nice good Job !!!
  5. maximus148

    Asking for a draw :)

    Ok , Thank you !!
  6. maximus148

    Asking for a draw :)

    Hey everybody . I would like to request a man or a women that can draw me nice photo in computer . pleaes pm asap ! thanks
  7. maximus148

    Shoot animation

    click on your animation and Instead of "loop" make it default . Hope it helps )
  8. maximus148


    NICE !!!! lol jk
  9. maximus148


    Hey i need a photo desgined for a rap album , i need people that can draw and make nice album photo. And the most important thing is that it will be free for me Thanks , Maximus
  10. maximus148

    Lonely Forest [Portfolio Piece]

    Woooww it's not nice ..... It's amazing dude !!!! Good JOB ! you're awesome !!
  11. maximus148

    [HOT] Rust Building System v0.02

    спасибо брат )) за то что дал скачать !
  12. maximus148

    Name For A Rapper

    well , he had a lot of names and i said they sound good , and he says no i sound like dumbass so anyways thanks everybody ! and he is actually good he used to freestyle a lot in school
  13. maximus148

    Name For A Rapper

  14. maximus148

    Name For A Rapper

    Hey people , my friend wanted to ask for an rapper name ? do you have any options ? (P.S he is a russian rapper) and suggestion would be very great , thanks
  15. maximus148

    Cool Matrix4x4 GUI Transition (Movement)

    Nice BRO !!!!