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  1. But how? Is it automatic? I want to control. For example, when logging.
  2. Hi guys, I'm using this code. But, Console error ; What is problem? Thank you..
  3. Not this one bro.. I want to add new animation(motion) with coding. As the picture.
  4. Hi guys, How can we change the with coding animation? (In operation.. Not manually.) Example ; First Animation (Selected) : Walk Second (Change the with code.) : Run
  5. Yes, I know that. But, I do not want to use. For now, I'm using a system of my own. Is there a way to solve the problem?
  6. First photograph ; By measuring the height of the problem can be resolved? (I Think.) Second photograph ; To avoid walking again. So, to stop. Well, to avoid move up
  7. Yes, I was thinking it too. But you need to deal for each object. Well, what do you think for a second photograph?
  8. Hi guys, The problem, as seen in the picture. Hill should stop. But how? Thank you..
  9. Thanks.. I explore a way. I will keep you informed.
  10. I'm looking for a "free" way. I can add a new "BlendShape". This may be the solution. SkinnedMeshRenderer SourceRenderer = new SkinnedMeshRenderer(); // Blend Shape (Muscle) SkinnedMeshRenderer TargetRenderer = new SkinnedMeshRenderer(); // We want a new one. (Blend Shape) TargetRenderer.sharedMesh.AddBlendShapeFrame(shapeName, frameWeight, deltaVertices, deltaNormals, deltaTangents); But, "deltaVertices, deltaNormals, deltaTangents" Source, where values? Source Character Blend Shape (Muscle) > Copy/Transfer > Target Clothing New Blend Shape (New Muscle)This road will be the solution.
  11. I know that. Thank you for your interest. But, Only wear clothing. I'm using this system already. The problem as it appears in pictures.
  12. Then, you know ready another project? I want to create clothes system. (Change, enlarge, etc..) Like Sims game..
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