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  1. wip

    that looks good, but I've never understand why trolleys had those wired spines (or what ever those are) go in a 45 angle like that and why not 90
  2. that background song is more horror than the game it self.
  3. add me on skype, aghecko2015
  4. true, since me and my friend are both programmers and the knowledge we have about modeling is not enough to make such good models we are using fuse. but for animations and changes on models we are using Maya. and laugh for good or bad?
  5. Battlehunt Hello everyone, I wanted to show the current progress on models that me and a friend have done for my project, Battlehunt. Before we continue, I just want to say that name is not final and can be changed later during the progress. Igor "the Bulldozer" Uzlov Igor is the best pick to fight in the front-line. He is capable of controlling heavy weapons as easy as a pistol. He was part of KGB special unit in Carpathian Mountains. *More details to be revealed soon* 2. Mikel Gjinaj Mikel is from northern Albania. He followed the steps of his older brother by joining the army. *More details to be revealed soon* 3. Jackson Perez Jackson is a lethal and a master in explosives. Born in Minnesota, he learned about shooting and explosives from his dad in a really young age. *More details to be revealed soon* 4. NULL NULL (havent decided for a name) *More details to be revealed soon* 5. A nameless bartender (not part of the army) most of the models above are rigged and are being finished with the animations. Other models will come later on and with more progress of the game. if you have any suggestions with the names or the stories that you would like the characters to have, please comment them. Note: Models are created with Fuse but edited and animated with Maya
  6. I didnt started anything, i just wanted a Lamborghini and a big yacht.. and I wanted a bit of help why you ruin my dreams?
  7. explain further please. what do you exactly want to happen?
  8. why is this on showcase when no pic or anything to show except the basic 'storyline' of the game is shown?
  9. boi you better watch your mouth and start working on things you want.
  10. Hi, I was hopping someone could buy me a Lamborghini and a big yacht. can someone help me?
  11. yup it is. you just had to check things more carefully. thats the reason why I didnt want to help that guy above because he asks for help before even checking the package he has purchased
  12. no
  13. any progress or you just came with an idea and want to get people to do the job for you? what are you good at game design anyway?
  14. in the physics book we learn in college, they taught us that its both. good luck there
  15. I know, thast how dumb it is. seeing people who dont even know who star wars characters are pretend to party 4th may