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  1. did you create those buildings?
  2. tried it before. keep getting this one sorry imported wrong pic. I mean this
  3. Im confused now, I tried literally everything and yet nothing. the scripts are too much connected with each other and cant separate them without few hours of work
  4. I totally understand what you and Calum mean, but is there any other way I can use for this? you said the only option but is it impossible for other?
  5. can you explain more?
  6. I understand it, but when I try to put the files under a folder named 'Editor' or inside some other folder named the same. it shows this error
  7. I am using it to extend the unity editor. I am making a easy selection for the weapon. not to enter the weapon ID in a text field.
  8. it shows this. in 20 different lines of code.
  9. script is located in Renegades/Scripts/Utils (renegades is the game name) so, is that has to do anything?
  10. Hey, somehow I'm having problems with building my project. this is what it shows. this is is the code using UnityEngine; using UnityEditor; public class FPSStyles { public static GUIStyle leftLabel; public static GUIStyle midLabel; public static GUIStyle rightLabel; public static GUIStyle background; public static GUIStyle header; public static GUIStyle textField; public static GUIStyle leftButton; public static GUIStyle midButton; public static GUIStyle rightButton; public static GUIStyle button; public static GUIStyle miniButton; public static GUIStyle highlightButton; public static GUIStyle toggle; public static GUIStyle minus; static FPSStyles () { background = new GUIStyle("HelpBox"); header = new GUIStyle("ShurikenModuleTitle") { border = new RectOffset(15, 7, 4, 4), fixedHeight = 22, contentOffset = new Vector2(20f, -2f) }; textField = new GUIStyle("ShurikenValue") { fixedHeight = 14 }; leftLabel = new GUIStyle("Label") { fontSize = 12, alignment = TextAnchor.MiddleLeft }; midLabel = new GUIStyle("Label") { fontSize = 12, alignment = TextAnchor.MiddleCenter }; rightLabel = new GUIStyle("Label") { fontSize = 12, alignment = TextAnchor.MiddleRight }; button = new GUIStyle("button") { fixedHeight = 18 }; if (EditorGUIUtility.isProSkin) { toggle = new GUIStyle("OL ToggleWhite") { fixedHeight = 12, fixedWidth = 12, }; } else { toggle = new GUIStyle("OL Toggle") { fixedHeight = 12, fixedWidth = 12, }; } highlightButton = new GUIStyle("TL SelectionButton PreDropGlow") { contentOffset = new Vector2(0, -1) }; miniButton = new GUIStyle("minibutton"); leftButton = new GUIStyle("ButtonLeft"); midButton = new GUIStyle("ButtonMid"); rightButton = new GUIStyle("ButtonRight"); minus = new GUIStyle("OL Minus") { fixedHeight = 16, fixedWidth = 16, border = new RectOffset(0, 0, 0, 0), contentOffset = new Vector2(0, 0) }; } } When I try to build the game, and it shows error, I can not run the game. can not play it. but if I restart unity, and run the game, it runs perfectly. but if I try to build again it shows the error and then I am unable to play the game
  11. looks like this is your first post so Welcome, but go introduce your self here first. and about this, I heard your music, it was okay, but none suitable for my game. anyway, wish you best of luck
  12. that one in the end cracked me dead
  13. is the terrain made by you or from assetstore? if from assetstore whats its name?
  14. it is interesting game, but are you sure its "The Best FTP Upcoming FPS"?