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  1. I'm back :D

    yo, I remember you thought you left forever.. glad you're back tho anyway, I am in need for a story/lore writer, even tho basic concept of the story is made, I kinda want someone experienced in that field to do it. http://traversethegame.weebly.com if you are interested join my discord: https://discord.gg/SZcCT5B or PM me here
  2. Order of The Jarl

    seems fun! keep it going!
  3. Grunt1914

    I need to stop following this.. I cant see those models again... they are so beautiful they melt my eyes...
  4. Grunt1914

    can I borrow her for couple concept art? since I cant pay, I would donate my left lung for them!
  5. Grunt1914

    I would give my left lung for some concept art that good as that.. I'm serious about it.
  6. Hello

    Hey, welcome to the forum. FPS MMO? how does that work?
  7. the average "game designer" in young age...
  8. new update

    you forgot to fix the weapon camera and normal camera from the FPS Essentials. its really easy, 3 clicks, max 4 and the fuck is this? Keeps coming up couple times during the video
  9. Hey from Belgium

    Hey, welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here.

    NOT the right place to put this.
  11. Failed to build the game

    it was an error in the editor code I wrote for something. it has nothing to do with imported assets, was just a bad way of programming something
  12. That's true, everyone gets happy when they hear some words they like, for example when you said it almost gave me an orgasm too, even tho I know we're working hard, to archive such quality on models and doing so in level design too, but when you said those, fuck it felt so good. Even tho that those are like the worst pics I took since I tried to upload 3 pics for each model, and it uploaded only the "bad" side of all. But back to the point, I'm planning on finding investors online, set up some skype calls, then if things go good even close meetings. So at first the trick would be to find the best way to present it to them, thru a video or send them a voiced power point that will explain all slides. Also, do you think that the investors care about Game Design Document? Also, about your project, try to aim at impossible things, it will keep your team mates motivated for new things you will find during the road.
  13. Your opinion on Cryptocurrencies !

    without a good rig, its a waste of time. me and my friends used 90 pc of school and made up to 170$ per week. but we almost got caught and we had to abandon all the profits. we kept those running for months in row without even checking the profits.. It was 3 years ago, now the profits would be x8 times bigger. but now its even harder to get