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    NOT the right place to put this.
  2. Failed to build the game

    it was an error in the editor code I wrote for something. it has nothing to do with imported assets, was just a bad way of programming something
  3. That's true, everyone gets happy when they hear some words they like, for example when you said it almost gave me an orgasm too, even tho I know we're working hard, to archive such quality on models and doing so in level design too, but when you said those, fuck it felt so good. Even tho that those are like the worst pics I took since I tried to upload 3 pics for each model, and it uploaded only the "bad" side of all. But back to the point, I'm planning on finding investors online, set up some skype calls, then if things go good even close meetings. So at first the trick would be to find the best way to present it to them, thru a video or send them a voiced power point that will explain all slides. Also, do you think that the investors care about Game Design Document? Also, about your project, try to aim at impossible things, it will keep your team mates motivated for new things you will find during the road.
  4. Your opinion on Cryptocurrencies !

    without a good rig, its a waste of time. me and my friends used 90 pc of school and made up to 170$ per week. but we almost got caught and we had to abandon all the profits. we kept those running for months in row without even checking the profits.. It was 3 years ago, now the profits would be x8 times bigger. but now its even harder to get
  5. Ruger 10/22 Carbine

    looks astonishing beautiful. But for some unknown reasons I always thought you was a programmer not a modeler. but good work
  6. Hello form Germany - Munich

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy this!
  7. Hey ladies and gentleman, Me and my team recently changed engine we're using for the game, from Unity to Unreal Engine. The reason was the quality we wanted for the game was harder to archive in the unity than in unreal. Back at unity I had programmed most of the things, 70% of the game was ready, models were being designed and animated. Writers have had created a strong, solid story with some plot twist from here to there. But now in unreal engine, we started level design and programming from 0. But progressing fast. But with the team growth(22 people now) and hard work, I've seen that people are not being as motivated as when the first month they started. Since we all work for free I can not push them work more than they can. I've been lead developer and project manager in some projects in my work (not games. usually software, apps, websites), during that time I've come up with many ideas to keep people motivated, but they was also being paid so I could push them more if they was lacking behind. But now I cant, so I am looking for investor(s) to support us for the development of the game. We're planning to release a demo of the game in mid September, so I could approach to investors and make a crowdfunding post. But I am not finding a way how to approach to investors, what type of presentation should I make, a PDF? should I contact individuals or companies? Since the first level is being designed, there's not much game play I could show to them (for now, but will be ready by mid September). Here are some of the models that are designed by my Lead Modeler. Wish I would share more of the story and game play, but those are being kept in private till the first demo. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PS: if this is the wrong place to post this thread, please transfer it
  8. hey :) i got into some wierd problem in Java

    br.count() usually works for me. but dont know, I use netbeans and that app shows many random bugs from time to time. Also, BufferedReader reads data from a .txt file or db? can you give more explanation please

    this seems cool. keep going
  10. Janford County - Announcement Video

    I don't understand, why you have assigned Health and ammo to the camera animation. And cash and clips to the main camera? PS: that moon moves faster than husain bold in steroids.
  11. (PROFIT SHARE)Realistic Fps

    *likes RedBaron comment*
  12. never seen you in this savage mode man. You're always so wise and calm but fuck that was savage. And its true, I hate people who think that they got the idea and only give back a small percentage of the profit. It would be different if he had just the art and idea and pay this guy money for developing it not on how much the game makes.
  13. STARBO: New Adventure Horror Game (WIP)

    what theme?
  14. Ghoulie's Dungeon

    looks fun, maybe might play sometime.
  15. Anyone remember the old Armed Unity?

    this community has gone so far. when I register with this account in September 14, 2013 (had 1 about a year older) everyone was so helpful, when I started working I had basic knowledge on programming in c++ and just throw models around the map. But people here took precious time from theirs to help me find solutions I needed on the scripts that I mostly downloaded from internet. When I started I was no better or worse than these asset flippers nowadays, except I didn't make it to get profit. I just found cracked packages, put them in 1 project and call it my 'development' but this forum changed my mind, @SATORI @DaBossTMR @OneManArmy @themars2011 @OcularCash @YoungDeveloperand few more which I cant remember changed my ideology about everything, not just about game development. 1 year after register here again I quit game development to follow programming studies and get advanced knowledge in 7 different programming languages (desktop, mobile, web development). In this forum there are a lot of kids who remind me of my self 4-5 years ago. Trying to find shortcuts in everything they got, but what hurts me more is that there are a very few who can change their minds, since not many of the 'big guys' here do not enter a lot. I guess that we all agree that this website is going down, even tho it got a lot more posts and users than before, its going down from inactivity. I remember few years ago when I visited this forum just to see the total number of posts to go 40,000 and it is 110,336 and increasing while I'm writing this. But the problem is not the number of posts, nor the solution. What made me never quit in this community are the people.