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  1. [PC] Help need some Info for a good PC to Dev

    how much did it cost?
  2. Parkour Game - Update #3

    you can create a post. for example : Parkour Game Updates and post them there, instead of creating a new post for every update
  3. I am aware. as I said this project is being taken really seriously, as well as in funding. I been in contacts with different private investors, angel and venture investors with the sole purpose of raising minimal 1.5 mln dollars ($1,500,000). the reason why we're going for crowdfunding is because we want a seed-investment at first, but also to give us a better valuation when the investors come
  4. Hello, I'm the lead developer of a project called Traverse, http://traversegame.com. The project is being developed in unreal but we paused it to re-create a demo of the project in unity with all the features we want to test our main features and get feedback from users. so we're looking for 1 or more unity C# programmers to help us with the demo. we already have finished medium/advanced features on the project so far, but we are looking for more programmers to help us with side features and AI (animal AI and shooting AI) if you are interested please apply here: https://traversegame.com/careers or join our discord : https://discordapp.com/invite/zwNkyd4 and message BTEK#8195 kind regards
  5. Another new guy

    hey, welcome to the community.
  6. Hello all, I'm the CEO of a small team who's working on a FPS project called Traverse ( http://traversethegame.weebly.com/ ). We're working on Unreal Engine and planning to release a crowdfunding really soon. We have a person for every field necessary but we're looking for more people to reach our goals fast. Team is friendly and very motivated. Traverse is a linear first person shooter with a game play combination of exploring, solving puzzles and fighting against enemies. Our goal is that the game play feels different than other current shooters on the market, and our focus is not entirely on combat. We want to achieve a good balance between a narrative experience, interesting puzzles and fun but challenging combat. we've already have made progress in concept and development, (you can visit the website to understand more about the story, and current development), but we want to reach our goals faster, so I'm asking anyone here who is interested at joining. Please contact me thru PM if you got any question or are interested in joining. I'm looking to find: 4 more 3D Environment Artists. 2 more 3D Character Artist. 4 more concept artist The project is being developed in Unreal Engine. We're also looking to find: 2-3 Level Designer 2 Programmers (BP or c++) Please PM me or add me on Discord BTEK#8195 or join the server https://discord.gg/zwNkyd4
  7. Need a good c# programmer.

    what have you done in here? running seems the same, environment is from asset store.. So could you please state what you've done again?
  8. Need a good c# programmer.

    the placeholder, the ammo, the icon.. all Im saying is from what I can see in the video
  9. Need a good c# programmer.

    oh look, someone who's using FPSE and calling it their own... nice...
  10. Hey fellas, I'm in a stage where I have to chose what subject should I follow for my master studies, and now im having a hard time to chose between Spacecraft Design or Software Engineering. I'm already studying software engineering and I'm about to graduate in few months. This are the courses for Spaceship Design But for software engineering most of the subjects are related to project management and software architecture. Stuff that I already know so these are just advance, like more detailed knowledge to the subject. But for Spacecraft I got no knowledge and start everything from 0. What do you think?
  11. Need AI for FPS kit.

    what do you mean "I have" ?
  12. yes, I saw the differences between the old release and new. a lot has changed, its also based on cryengine source code. not sure how it can handle rendering