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  1. Did you do the 3d Models?
  2. not splash screen, I wanted to show the entry story at first, when the first level loads, it will load a video or a group of pics to show the story or something similar
  3. I'm trying to create a entry cut-scene video where there will be shown different pics after a period of seconds. but Im not understanding how to do this. should I put pics in a video editor and put it as a video in the scene, (not sure if can be done too). any suggestion?
  4. bow

    if you want something good, ten you got to spend that much
  5. what kind of memories? good, bad, else?
  6. Hi, I'm making a psychology paper for my school and wanted a little help from armed unity community. I wanted to know what makes you addicted to something or love it? what makes you go back in the same product or something back and back again? Or even games, what makes you get back and play them again? if is a game, and memories bring you back, what kind of memories? good? bad? failure or guilt? else?
  7. I did it like that. and imported the package. but when I import this it shows all the problems. the fps player doesnt have the functions.. scripts got nothing too
  8. I made a backup of the game Im making, but when I load it again it loads the files partially. and when I load an older version of the project in it. it goes back to the ground 0. where no saves was made or anything. it shows just the basic scripts and models. why this happens? is there anything I can do to save the work?
  9. As Majestic said, its really a nice idea
  10. it looks awesome. good work tho, and some better sounds would be good. also, why was that flying dildo dropping bombs in the map?
  11. I want in too! this looks really good, 100% it would be useful for my project. You have 76
  12. its not a polite way to refer to everyone with bro. welcome to armedunity. in the [Need Help] section you can post for what ever you cant find by your self, and let other programmers help you with it. or make a post in [Seeking Team Members] section to find people who might want to help you. it depends on you if you want them to help you for free or paid. but again, welcome to Armedunity.
  13. I think if he understand what you say would learn a LOT from it. But this is the first time he develops a game as a team that takes it seriously(as he says). But I hope he learns from this too and not take it as personal attack
  14. something like what?
  15. Segoe UI looks better than Sans