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  1. Can i share your ak12 with my animation to armedunity ?

  2. Sci Fi Submachine Gun

    So yeah. Another personal project. This time being a sci fi smg, based on a concept I found on the internet with a few small tweaks by me. Depending on circumstances I might be able to put this one up on the asset store for free, depends. Pretty blocky right now, but i'll slowly flesh everything out
  3. MIJOLNIR mk V wip

    on it nika
  4. MIJOLNIR mk V wip

    Forearms done
  5. 2D to 3D : Convert any image to 3D voxels

    Usually it's because they like your asset and they prioritise. Same thing happens to me with a few of my assets.
  6. MIJOLNIR mk V wip

    Yeah I'll fix the blue, some green parts probably isn't the best to do with floaters, also floaters are boring Regarding he shoulder pads it could have something to do with the current T pose rotation it'll look similar to the concept although not 100% proportionally accurate. Cheers
  7. MIJOLNIR mk V wip

    Can't read the text nika, the resoluton is too small, upload a larger image.
  8. MIJOLNIR mk V wip

    very high
  9. MIJOLNIR mk V wip

    Sorry Nika send me a pm for some fresh sick tips. Yeah its getting there gonna take a bit. From the halos
  10. 3d model! strong human kinda

    His facial structure isnt quite there right now, I would work on that. Also hes has a lot of sharp edges of the face which gives him that strong look, your face is a bit too soft and smooth.
  11. Unity 5.4 stress test

    No I read that it was a gtx 980, and that they had a booth at the event for people to check it out.
  12. Unity 5.4 stress test

    As general cookie said was just a gtx980 lol, they tell you on the website.
  13. HQ Sniper Rifle Remux

    I would try and improve the roughness and albedo map to add a bit more character to the weapon. RIght now its pretty flat imo.
  14. Revolver Full Animation

    Has good weight to it.
  15. Striking Scorpions Helmet

    Well I've been planning some stuff recently, if I'm gonna do one I would rather go 'full in' most likely. HK416 is the plan gotta execute it tho Update: