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  1. Hey everyone. I have a fairly simple problem, but I'm not sure if it's possible to resolve, so I'm posting here just in case anyone may know. Is it possible to combine multiple animators (Mecanim) into one? To be more specific, I have 3 children under 1 object that all have separate animations on 3 separate animators. However, they all (are supposed to) start and stop in sync. For optimization purposes, I suppose, is it possible to make all of them use one animator on the parent?
  2. Do you not have a spine? You posted these tutorials here, absolutely. You didn't directly initially take credit, no. However, Isaak gave compliments under the impression this was your game or your tutorial series. You said "thank for that" instead of saying "these are not mine" or similar. Don't take credit for others work.
  3. I was genuinely interested in these weapons, but the fact that you're being so defensive instead of going and taking a 5 second screenshot really isn't helping your case. It would've been faster to do that than type out your rebuttals and you would've gotten sales.
  4. So in theory, the games very foundation is microtransactions. No.
  5. Joey R

    MP5k Sound Pack

    1. Almost every game portrays sounds differently. Almost none of them sound realistic - nor do these. Not to say they're bad, because they're not, they're just not realistic. 2. Why even bring that up other than to raise a negative relationship between you and fennixx? You could say that about almost any asset on this site - free or paid. This site doesn't really welcome ripped content - but you could say it.
  6. https://armedunity.com/topic/3678-before-you-create-a-post-read-this/
  7. After spending some time with it, here's my review. TL;DR - My final verdict is easily a 10/10. Best kit I've used, personally. Absolutely worth picking it up.
  8. So, I purchased this kit pretty much as soon as it went up for sale on the first version and have been putting a decent amount of hours into analyzing the documentation, code, performance, and ease of use. I'm speechless. Mars' put this kit up for a generous €45 (or in my case, ~$55), yet it's filled to the brim with exactly what you need to quick start your own multiplayer shooter game. There is so much competition on the market within Unity for shooter kits, yet Mars came out and takes the competition by storm. You have products like UFPS - for about double the price - which does indeed arguably have more features, but it isn't very user friendly, in my opinion. MMMPFPS is simple, elegant, and just works out of the box with next to no setting up. Not to mention, as the title implies, it's modular. Extremely easy to take out and add things. I was able to add two new character models and replace all of the animations within the timespan of about an hour - and it works just as intended. It has more than enough features and is very well polished + optimized. I was averaging around 300 FPS on my PC in 1080p. As for bugs? I encountered a couple. Contacted Mars and he was very responsive and helped me solve the problem - which was entirely on me, not the kit. The problem was entirely on my end and nothing to do with the kit. The documentation is well organized and very concise. - step by step instructions, hand walking you through pretty much anything you could want or need to do. Mars came out of nowhere and raised the bar for FPS kits. My final verdict is easily a 10/10. Best kit I've used, personally. Absolutely worth picking it up. Note: This is a review of the first version of the kit. Things could and will change.
  9. I went ahead and bought it. It's downloading as we speak - is there any place in particular you'd like for me to drop feedback (bugs, suggestions, etc) to? EDIT: I'm messing with the kit at the moment. I'll be running through the documentation, following instructions as a totally new user, and I'll post a review with my experience here. Of course, wherever Mars would like, I'll send over any issues and suggestions.
  10. Damn fine work, Mars. I don't need this, but I'm probably going to purchase it just to support you.
  11. Joey R

    FPS Kit?

    If it's free, I don't see anything wrong with it. Polished kits just ask for a bunch of people on YouTube to re-release the kit with a fresh coat of paint as a cool new zombie survival game or whatever. If you intend on asking for money for it, definitely not - it needs a lot of work.
  12. It doesn't matter that CryEngine also uses C#, it's an entirely different engine. You can program well in C# but it won't simply translate over to CryEngine like that. It also comes back to the fact that we use Unity - not CryEngine. We prefer Unity here, or at least the majority. Also: Go here: https://www.cryengine.com/community_archive/viewforum.php?f=316&sid=3b0395a6809118a4144128e7d2059438
  13. 1. You really did not need to bump after 47 minutes 2. This is a fairly incomplete post for the standards we have here for looking for team posts 3. This is a Unity 3D forum, not CryEngine - as such, it's incredibly unlikely you'll find someone who uses CryEngine here - let alone one who is also willing to lend themselves as a member of a team.
  14. I'm not going to lie, I barely made it 1 minute into the video and it's seriously painful to watch with the spinning the mouse around obnoxiously like an impatient 3 year old. That needs to stop. As for the game, well we haven't really seen much yet aside from the ripped assets. The UI looks like that of a mobile game (probably using a kit that supports mobile?).
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