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  1. If it's free, I don't see anything wrong with it. Polished kits just ask for a bunch of people on YouTube to re-release the kit with a fresh coat of paint as a cool new zombie survival game or whatever. If you intend on asking for money for it, definitely not - it needs a lot of work.
  2. It doesn't matter that CryEngine also uses C#, it's an entirely different engine. You can program well in C# but it won't simply translate over to CryEngine like that. It also comes back to the fact that we use Unity - not CryEngine. We prefer Unity here, or at least the majority. Also: Go here:
  3. 1. You really did not need to bump after 47 minutes 2. This is a fairly incomplete post for the standards we have here for looking for team posts 3. This is a Unity 3D forum, not CryEngine - as such, it's incredibly unlikely you'll find someone who uses CryEngine here - let alone one who is also willing to lend themselves as a member of a team.
  4. I'm not going to lie, I barely made it 1 minute into the video and it's seriously painful to watch with the spinning the mouse around obnoxiously like an impatient 3 year old. That needs to stop. As for the game, well we haven't really seen much yet aside from the ripped assets. The UI looks like that of a mobile game (probably using a kit that supports mobile?).
  5. This. As far as I can see someone downloaded OMA's FPS Kit and replaced a few models. Plus, this is the older OMA FPS Kit. Just use the new one.
  6. I also believe we really shouldn't have a dislike button - dislikes can ruin the reputation of a user simply because people don't agree with someone's opinion. Sure, if someone does something like this, this deserves all of the dislikes, but I feel as though people would make a minor mistake or if they had an unpopular opinion, they'd get dislikes.
  7. Character model programmer kappa
  8. Why are you attempting something you've stated you don't have time for? If you're only going to be working for a tiny bit of your free time, then stop trying to pull together a team to waste their time when their project lead does nothing but sit around and 'give ideas' and watches his dreams come true without actually doing anything nor paying anything.
  9. You won't even finish a game of your scope within less than such a timeframe due to the fact you have no experience, time, or any functioning version of your game. If you can't take the time, game development isn't for you. Simple as that. You do have the time, you're simply not willing to use it on this. It's a hobby for yourself, and most likely almost everyone else on this forum. So it's simply a lack of motivation and willingness, in which case, you should not be trying to develop a large project.
  10. The last post here was over 3 years ago.
  11. Just the fact that he basically dissed OMA's game on his own site to advertise his own is quite laughable
  12. True, I guess we'll have to play it by ear and see what they say
  13. Well played, Steam. The only massive market accessible to indie devs have really shut their doors.
  14. I don't care about how amazing or unique the concept is if the execution is awful.
  15. Will there be any compensation for users who have purchased Greenlight licenses, or at least hasn't used it for the publication of a title? I own the license but I doubt my game will be ready prior to this taking effect.