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  1. from the kit, i havent added aiming down sights yet, i set the walk animation to the gun and attach the playerweapon script to the "player" and the weapon itself to the main camera, it look fine and in the bottom right corner until i press play, then it loads in the top centre of the screen, i dont get it, unless i added the weapon wrong, but when i remove the animation script from the weapon its fine and in the correct position.
  2. ok so i added a weapon and got it to animate, but once i place the script onto it and press play, the weapon moves above the camera in the middle of the players forehead lol
  3. yeah thats cool, theres no rush but the sooner the better lol.
  4. lol, i will read that comment soon, the interview went well but wasnt what i was looking for so i turned it down, i will keep those things in mind when i design the level, not sure about the door boarding, but i would imagine having each door as an activatable object that when you hold the button it boards it, then make sure the boards have mesh colliders the boards.
  5. Ok so i have water in my game world, its going to be a FPS game. So the water looks great from land but as water is only a thin layered circle as soon as you walk into it and go under it ceases to exist. My question is how do i create an underwater effect when the player goes under the water? i mean the view while under water and also when they look up so it has a distorted effect instead of a clear sky, also how do i add physics to that specific area so the player moves slower while in water and can float to the surface using the jump key or by moving forward while facing up. Also being able to leave the water without staying in slow motion out of water.
  6. of course oma gets credit cos of the fps kit you are using lol, sounds like you have it all figured out and thats good, you have a vision for the game so lets make it happen, i have always wanted to see door boarding in cod, it would add much more of a survival feeling, plus in what world can you board windows but not doors lol, its common sense if you want to live, the character looks aint an issue at first, if they all look the same at first its not an issue, the main thing is being able to play online with your friends, i have an assortment of assets i have aquired on the net and free ones from the unity store, get as many as you can, or find where the free ones are and let me know so i can get them, i will build a level in the next week to show you what i can do, to give you an idea, it will be a generic level though, cant make a styled one if i dont have all the assets i need, but i will work with what i have. You should sleep, i need to go and get ready for an interview anyways lol.
  7. maybe add a feature where the player can board up doorways in order to hold rooms if they choose to.
  8. well as long as i get credit as level designer i am happy, helps my portfolio lol, yeah zombies in cod are nazi times, but then theres defense like nacht der untoten where its closed in and very small, completely defense based, or levels like moon that are big and like a huge circle, will you want unlockable doors? or is that too much of a copy of cod lol
  9. you know, its no good me creating a hi-tech futuristic level if you want it set in the 1950's lol
  10. yeah, well if you can get hold of the assets you want in the level and send them to me, then tell me what sort of level you want, big/small, open/closed and if you want holding spots where players dont have to move and have good defenses to stand thier ground, you know that sort of stuff, plus setting, what look and feel, like deserted delapidated villages or modern city settings and i can create whatever you need.
  11. lol, you mean like cod, so they find you and are not proximity triggered, i learn most things through practical means, trial and error usually, but there are some things that trial and error dont find out so you need help lol
  12. now i need head bob animation and for the weapon to move, and all the other stuff, fire, reload etc
  13. i added a weapon prefab from FPS kit, "sniper", i moved it near the "player" then on the first person controller i added the weapon "sniper" to the weapon area where you said to add playerweapon script, then i dragged the "sniper" in the hierarchy menu and made it a child to the first person controllers "main camera" then line it up with the character, even if its 2 feet in front of me it follows the camera.
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