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  1. The Dwarves: Fantasy Simulator Alpha 3 has been released!
  2. The Dwarves Alpha 2 is out! Head to IndieDB to download it! Many things have been introduced to this release. Like the wild-life, zwarves, much needed tutorial, improved item and building system, survival aspects.... Ah, just download it and try it, it wont hurt, trust me.
  3. Take a look at The Dwarves Alpha 2 Preview! http://thedwarves.org/2014/the-dwarves-alpha-2-preview/117/
  4. I do not know why it show as malicious... EDIT: If you do not want to download from the official site, the game will be available on our IndieDB page in few hours a hope.
  5. First public version of The Dwarves have been released! Download The Dwarves 0.25 alpha version here !
  6. So, here is a little preview concerning the official The Dwarves soundtrack. https://soundcloud.com/neonmc/inner-battle-dwarven-anthem https://soundcloud.com/neonmc/the-dance-of-the-butterfly Those are still WIP and can be changed.
  7. Well, my goal was to have one small pre-alpha testing, but there is no need for it. The first public release of the game is scheduled for this week.
  8. Well, one well spent week is now behind us and many things have been done regarding The Dwarves. With every passing day we are getting closer to our first public build of the game. So, let us recap what have been done. First things first, the main menu. The Dwarves main menu contains things that you would usually find in most games. Not much there to say, really. The next big thing is aging of the dwarves. Now, with every passed day in-game your dwarves will age and get older. When they reach certain “life milestones” they will age with their skills and their looks. Take a look at the image below. So, your dwarves age and when they reach old age, random death chances increase, and with every new day in the “eldery phase” those chances increase even more, until the dwarf utterly dies. The next big feature, still heavy WIP(Work in Progress), is wild life and creatures of the night. The world of The Dwarves is now filled with wild animals(currently only with three types of animals, but there are more to come). The Dwarves will have to hunt down those magnificent animals, or capture them and “squish” products out of them, to keep themselves fed. An the last thing, well the last thins we implemented recently are, Zwarves…
  9. Right now I'm planning to have a first public release of the game and to officially enter the alpha. I hope that I will do it in a week or two, if everything goes as planned.
  10. So, finally we are here! Behold.... the trailer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn64ac-Ric4&feature=youtu.be
  11. Recently I was working my a*s off! Many things have been done in just a couple of days and slowly, but surely, we are progressing toward first public alpha test build of the game. So, in the name of that, I prepared three little "gifs" to show of our current gameplay state. So, enjoy.
  12. Yes, even thought it does not mean that your player character will be appointed king at all. The better your character gets in many things inside the game, grater the chances that he will be appointed king.
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