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  1. Your project multiplayer kit modified OMA's fps kit.
    Hi, I stumbled upon your project via this link 
    Unfortunately it is impossible to download =(
    You can update the download link?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. pokeyoshi3

    Sounds of War

    Because of privacy, we can't give you any contract evidence of our partnership. Though, you can ask the leadership of Dark30, who is Glenn Field, which you can contact at glenn@dark-30studios.com and who can approve of this partnership. Because of our partnership with Dark30, we are also partnered with Polypixel and SpeedTree and they have the contracts and rights to show. We are allowed to use the Assets of them and also will be getting Maps created by Polypixel who are only for our game and not for public use. Sounds of War will soon officially be an Opposite Games/Dark30 game. Also, we'll soon start our launch on Steam Greenlight where you can support our game and get it on to the market.
  3. pokeyoshi3

    Sounds of War

    Thats Right! Sounds of War is back in development and now we have some more interesting features in our game. What was happening while SoW was "stopped"? Well, we did not actually stop the project, we still worked on it but had to limit on some bug fixes and out of project testing scripts. The cause was that we were lacking of animators in our team and couldn't add any new weapons because of the busyness of our 3D modelers. We stopped the project until we thought it is time that we could "start again" with new ideas and future plans. Because of our partnership with Dark30, we are now having the perfect support to start our game. What features have you worked on? First of all, we now have a weapon customization system that works perfectly. Though, as you can see, we are still missing some weapon models and had to use some placeholders instead. The Inventory/Weapon customization system The IK System Because of missing animations, we decided to add a new IK System for our weapons. This system is still WiP, as we don't have a proper rig for our arm models yet. Also we have to rework the animations. We will keep you up to date with our newest features when we are ready. What features do you want to add to the game? We are still preparing for vehicles and future gamemodes. Also, we have a jumping feature!! wow!
  4. pokeyoshi3

    Sounds of War

    So here are some new Features of the Level Editor First change: you can set up positions by value now Second change: you also have an object list now Now, also theres a new light setup feature This build is just a prototype, the GUI design will definitely change. Also, if we change some more stuff, maybe we're able to get custom models working (mesh serialization and stuff like that) We also thought about switching to dedicated server methods. This would change some game features: For example you could write gamemodes (how about Gungame) or server management tools that announce cool stuff for you (ex. "Visit us at ..." or "Thank you for playing on this Server") or Server own Leveling methods. You will not able to level your rank or earn cash with plugin servers, it will only work with original server files. It would increase community work and creativity, which we really like.But you could also write GUI plugins or stuff like that, why not. This is just an idea, it might change later on because first we're trying to get the game running smoothly. We're currently doing a lot of bug fixing and optimization to start a new testing phase on this website sooner or later.
  5. pokeyoshi3

    Sounds of War

    btw, this cone actually controls light
  6. pokeyoshi3

    Sounds of War

    So, i'm responsible for the level system I made a simple map editor for our game, and SniicKz made it for the player Database. Creating a map is simple, you have a similar editor like in unity (and yes, i have an editor inside an editor) In here, you'll be able to edit your map and upload it to your account. You'll get a map hash (a little "password") which you can enter inside of the game, and the game will automatically get your map data in almost a split second. You'll get to the workshop game scene, and everyone who joins your game will also be able to play on this map without any problems. It's still in very early development, so UI work and other functions may change.
  7. One more small bug i've not said: If you're the master and there are more people in the lobby, your "Start Game" button says "Take Back"
  8. SniicKz (or ZionRawr), who has the game project, is not there yet. I do not know where he is, but if i don't get a download link in this hour, i'm sorry but have to keep you waiting some more time. Of course you can play longer tomorrow, if that is the case. Update: THERE WE GO: https://mega.nz/#!3RQ2FDyR!8Xt97JNj3RfJu4TN5xoCueS_0veS9LTNv7NWwshmtws You can get your copy of the game here. So, we could not fix a few little bugs, because SniicKz slept the time i was waiting. So heres a little list of known bugs: -Music could lag/stutter during level change -You can get stuck on a small amount of objects on the map Rekoil -Some smaller objects are missing colliders on the map Rekoil -You (technically) could reach a zone where there is no out of map zone -1280x720 resolution has a UI scaling bug (this one is a bit more critical), so keep it at full HD at best
  9. For everyone that has been accepted: You will soon receive a private message with your account data. You'll be able to log on today and be able to download the game around 4 PM and 6 PM (16:00-18:00 GMT+1) and play until tomorrow (5th January) 6 PM (18:00 GMT+1). We will be online too during 6PM and 9PM and we will be making some multiplayer footage for trailers. Also, a Moderator of SceneGamers, a gaming news website, will be taking a look at SoW and write a review. Also, this might interest you. It will be featured in this build (picture was WIP, white color already changed and also a bug fix of the ammo hud): Good Luck, Have Fun. We'll see you on the Battlefield
  10. Please consider posting applications or gameplay session related questions only. You can leave a review or criticism after the gameplay session and we would be happy to improve our game by your help afterwards.
  11. Hello Guys! We are proud to present you our Unity FPS game "Sounds of War", which has reached an early access version. Now we are announcing an closed gameplay session on the 4th of January this year for everyone that has experience in gameplay testing and is capable of writing a constructive review. To apply, post a reply with your application (Name, Age, Experience in gameplay testing) and we will be proud to invite you to this session. We will give you a testing account in form of username and password and you will be able to log on during the 4th January (consider GMT+1 time). The game will later be a Future versus Past game. We have a most likely stable client for this session. You can see, that we already have a login, player stats and a working clan system. The game features skill based recoil control, 3 WIP game modes (more will be added, but only tdm is for the gameplay session because it is the most stable mode), a fast in-game weapon addon menu and many more. Keep in mind that the game is still in an alpha stage. Here is some gameplay footage: if you want to know more about OppositeDev and want to follow our game development progress check out our Facebook and indiedb page: https://www.facebook.com/SoundofWarTheGame http://www.indiedb.com/games/sow You can also check out my twitter page, where i'll post updates about sow and my own games: https://twitter.com/pokeyoshi3
  12. Hello, im currently searching members for a team for the project Soul of War, a Multiplayer FPS in Unity3D 5. Our group is called CreativeDigitalArts, you can visit our Website (German) at www.CreativeDigitalArts.net First, we're not looking for money, its a fun project. But there will be a skin shop and if the game gets successful it will not only be paying the costs from itself maybe we can get something too. (We'll probably set it on steam greenlight) We're searching for: C# Programmers (with a good amount of skill, reliability and the ability to create comments around the code (and possibly knowlede for Photon Unity Networking)) 3D Modellers/Animators (for weapons, maps/map objects, etc.) Web dev related Sound or Music related What exactly is Soul of War? It will be a free 2 play, non pay 2 win balanced tactical fps skill game (you need to control your spray for example, like in counter-strike) You'll face your opponents on your own created maps, and you can share your map code with everyone you want. There will be standart competitive maps and your own maps via map editor. The idea is that they can be created, saved and instantly played inside the game from everyone, even if you don't have the map to play, they'll be downloaded from the host so you can. Here are some youtube previews: First insight Movement preview Contact me on skype if you're interested Skype ID: pokeyoshi3 also, you can just apply here if you want, i'll reply to you then. EDIT: please reply here now if you're still interested in making a multiplayer fps game http://armedunity.com/topic/12915-opposite-development-sounds-of-war-mp-fps/#entry110164 thank you.
  13. First, put an empty GameObject in your Main Camera. Set its position to 0-0-0 and put your guns in there. then create a new animation and call it walk. try making the animation with the animation tab in unity (window -> animation) but first, you have to learn how to animate with unity. then create a script to play the animation by pressing a button. well, you can try the MP FPS tutorial by originalremixgames on youtube, it'll help you alot. edit: scripted animations? well i'll try it..
  14. i still prefer RakNet instead of photon. you have to pay for photon, and the free version only has 100 slots. nah thanks i rather make a game where you can join a pre-made server instead of making one that only can be played by 100 players at the same time..
  15. i never tried photon before, lemme think i'll do a Normal NAT version first and a photon version later
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