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  1. Thank you . Looks like im gonna use Amazon VMs
  2. I'm doing some tests, so take a look if you want http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx4O1NaDYWvCushwpsOD53g/live
  3. Was working on a kind of EDM radio project. It would play all my spotify list with an spectrum in the background, on Youtube of course.
  4. Hey Guys <3 I was looking forward to stream without stop to YouTube trough OBS. Where do you suggest me to run it? I cannot steam on my PC 24/7 lol. Thank you!
  5. Solved, just had to add steam_appid.txt to the build folder
  6. Hey guys It's happening something weird with the wrapper. I've added the SteamManager.cs script and another script which contained SteamAPI.Init() to a GameObject. When I build and play my game, with the auto play everything seems fine. But when I launch my it with its exe, i get this error: [steamworks.NET] SteamAPI_Init() failed. Refer to Valve's documentation or the comment above this line for more information. Any suggestions? Thank you
  7. Good point. Btw, does Azure protect my server against DDOS attacks?
  8. Is Azure's performance good? http://oxidemod.org/threads/hosting-rust-or-any-game-server-in-microsoft-azure.11245/
  9. Steam doesnt load your game's greenlight site 0.o
  10. Hello! Is there a way make a Ternary Operator have only 1 expression? Or what should I do to achieve that? if (something == true){ random = expression1 ; } Ex: random = something == true ? expression1 : expression2; as Ex: random = something == true ? expression1; Thanks!
  11. I'm starting with the networking part of my game. And I consider cheating a priority. The problem I have is that server does not detect non-legit movements, so they arent correrected. The authoritative script (copied from Photon tutorial): using UnityEngine; public class PlayerController : Bolt.EntityBehaviour<IPlayerState> { const float MOUSE_SENSITIVITY = 4f; bool _forward; bool _backward; bool _left; bool _right; bool _jump; float _yaw; float _pitch; PlayerMotor _motor; void Awake() { _motor = GetComponent<PlayerMotor>(); } public override void Attached() { state.Transform.SetTransforms(transform); } void PollKeys(bool mouse) { _forward = Input.GetKey(KeyCode.W); _backward = Input.GetKey(KeyCode.S); _left = Input.GetKey(KeyCode.A); _right = Input.GetKey(KeyCode.D); _jump = Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space); if (mouse) { _yaw += (Input.GetAxisRaw("Mouse X") * MOUSE_SENSITIVITY); _yaw %= 360f; _pitch += (-Input.GetAxisRaw("Mouse Y") * MOUSE_SENSITIVITY); _pitch = Mathf.Clamp(_pitch, -85f, +85f); } } void Update() { PollKeys(true); } public override void SimulateController() { PollKeys(false); IPlayerCommandInput input = PlayerCommand.Create(); input.Forward = _forward; input.Backward = _backward; input.Left = _left; input.Right = _right; input.Jump = _jump; input.Yaw = _yaw; input.Pitch = _pitch; entity.QueueInput(input); } public override void ExecuteCommand(Bolt.Command command, bool resetState) { PlayerCommand cmd = (PlayerCommand)command; if (resetState) { // we got a correction from the server, reset (this only runs on the client) _motor.SetState(cmd.Result.Position, cmd.Result.Velocity, cmd.Result.IsGrounded, cmd.Result.JumpFrames); } else { // apply movement (this runs on both server and client) PlayerMotor.State motorState = _motor.Move(cmd.Input.Forward, cmd.Input.Backward, cmd.Input.Left, cmd.Input.Right, cmd.Input.Jump, cmd.Input.Yaw); // copy the motor state to the commands result (this gets sent back to the client) cmd.Result.Position = motorState.position; cmd.Result.Velocity = motorState.velocity; cmd.Result.IsGrounded = motorState.isGrounded; cmd.Result.JumpFrames = motorState.jumpFrames; } } }
  12. . I thought it was incorporated with the authoritative system.
  13. Hello My authoritative system isnt working and I dont know why. I followed the steps from this tutorial. I have attached the Player Motor script, and the PlayerController script, both from the tutorial. Here are my Bolt Assets:http://gyazo.com/9303019c87c69d48e3ce6a8fd6a70118 and http://gyazo.com/461216389c3a355eed44a27decbda405. And my Bolt Settings + Version. I tested it by modifing the speed with Cheat Engine. Thanks
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