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  1. Hi, I am working on an upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie RPG with a friend of mine. This is our first game and we need some help. We already have some of the core mechanics in place (eating, drinking, guns, zombies) We need additional team members to help us and I'm wondering who would be interested. Although what I need I probably could put under the "requests" section, I believe that due to sheer scale of what I need I shall post it here. We need: -3D modelers to make us various things including vehicles, architectural structures, enemies, weapons and other crucial items -Animators to model some of the key 3D models -Coders/Programmers to help code things we are incapable of doing (such as a dialogue system, barter system or a quest based system) -Plus loads more. If you are interested or would like more information, feel free to message me. FAQ Will I be payed? This depends on how much work you do, how great we classify your work and how much we earn among other things. We can however state that you will not be payed in advance. Will I get a free copy of the game Yes you will. You worked on it so the least you deserve is to play the damn thing. Will I get credited? Yes, although unless you are a key member who we crucially rely on, you will be credited as an "additional" programmer/3d modeler/etc.
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