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  1. Mauri

    Little Helper

    New Version v0.6 available! Release Notes: - Fixed "Support" button. Unity has recently updated their forums, thus the link was incorrectly. - Additionally, all available Mobile targets has been added to the Build list! (This includes iPhone, Android, PSM, PS Vita and more) Also in this update: 60% off the regular price (from $5 to $2) - for a limited time only! (so better act fast) -Mauri
  2. Mauri

    Little Helper

    60% off the regular price - for a limited time only!​​ Little Helper is a lightweight tool, with the goal to save Unity Developers some precious time. It's packed into a single, commented C# source code that fully integrated into the Unity Editor. Current available Features Freely dock-able, put it where you want it and it will stay right there Create a new scene -or- save your current scene with a given name Open Unity-specific settings like the "Build Settings..." or "Preferences" with a single button click Build your game, directly from within the Helper (needs Unity Pro) Add GameObjects to your Scene and Components on your GOs via simple button click Be advised: As with every Editor extension, you'll need to put this file into a "Editor"-named folder!
  3. Mauri

    Moving on...

    What should I say... Since everyone seems to ignoring me in the last few days for unknown reasons and I also have other important things to do lately, I've decided to not stay active here anymore as it wouldn't make sense for me. I dunno when or if I might come back in the future - not tomorrow, that's for sure -Mauri
  4. Mauri

    Rotation Script

    Well... since no one wants to help out anymore, thread can be closed. I'll be still available via PM.
  5. Mauri

    Unity 4.3

    Or just make a backup of your project first BEFORE you update Unity. Seriously... this hint is given every time. If you don't do this, then it's your own fault.
  6. I'll be not that active here anymore. See you someday.

  7. Vote @ Poll. Just curious: Which "Color Space" do you prefer for your projects and why? Also which "Rendering Path" and why?
  8. I tried the trial of 3ds max a few months ago. It was really strange to work with.
  9. I'm mostly using Blender for Models. It's quite cool, but only the UV-Unwrapping sucks alot! 3ds Max seems to be heavily better, according to this video: but the program itself is also kinda complicated to work with... Do you know other (free) 3D Modelling software to try?
  10. Mauri

    Rotation Script

    I found a script here: Script: //How quickly to rotate the object. var sensitivityX:float = 15; var sensitivityY:float = 15; //Camera that acts as a point of view to rotate the object relative to. var referenceCamera:Transform; //The script in Start() is executed before Update(), so we can use it to //doublecheck our variables have valid values before we try to run the script in Update(). function Start() { //Ensure the referenceCamera variable has a valid value before letting this script run. //If the user didn't set a camera manually, try to automatically assign the scene's Main Camera. if (!referenceCamera) { if (!Camera.main) { Debug.LogError("No Camera with 'Main Camera' as its tag was found. Please either assign a Camera to this script, or change a Camera's tag to 'Main Camera'."); Destroy(this); return; } referenceCamera = Camera.main.transform; } } //Update() is called once every frame, and should be used to run script that //should be doing something constantly. In this case, we potentially want to //rotate the object constantly if the user is always moving the mouse. function Update () { //Get how far the mouse has moved by using the Input.GetAxis(). var rotationX:float = Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * sensitivityX; var rotationY:float = Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") * sensitivityY; if (Input.GetMouseButton(0)){ //Rotate the object around the camera's "up" axis, and the camera's "right" axis. transform.RotateAroundLocal( referenceCamera.up , -Mathf.Deg2Rad * rotationX ); transform.RotateAroundLocal( referenceCamera.right , Mathf.Deg2Rad * rotationY ); } } It works great. However, it has no smooth rotation and it's not limited to 90 degree up and down. I wanted to do this by myself, but no luck. My initial plan was to have a Globe Map system like in FireFall (you should check it out, it's free2play anyway): The mouse itself is stuck in the center of the screen and invisible. Rotating works by moving the mouse freely. Moving up and down also works, but only on 90 degrees (to north and south pole to be exactly). When you rotate the globe, it has a easing tween. (I really wish I could do a video about it, but unfortunately I cant.) So what I need exactly is a script like that.
  11. Too shiny. Now he looks like a robot.
  12. Mauri

    Dirty Lens Bloom

    Make sure you own Unity Pro and have the Image Effects imported. Import them by going to Assets > Import Package > Image Effects (Pro only).
  13. Mauri

    Drama section

    Discussions in an open forum are so normal like having a morning wood. Dramas may occur sometimes... Especially when the forums age range is mainly under 18 and the moderators are so cooperative like a wildfire in Australia. If you don't like this "drama", just move on to the next thread.
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