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  1. Yeah I haven't played half of the games in my library :-D I usually just buy games on sale, especially when the summer sales is here, thinking I'm going to play them but there's a lot of them I haven't even played I have 298 games in my library
  2. Hello everyone, I want to make something else, and I have so many dead projects just lying on my HDD that I want to check out and see if I can do something interresting with if it is a project I would like to work on. So I'm just going finish the update I'm working on now over the next few days, and then release it. There will be more updates, but it will mostly be small updates like, bug fixes, tweaks, and new items. I might make new bigger updates later on, but after the update I'm working on now, it will just be smaller updates until I feel like working on bigger updates for this game I might still make a non GameJolt version of the game, if a lot of people wants that. EDIT: To be honest I didn't have much motivation, it comes and goes. I have written a lot of new ideas down, and planned a few more updates.
  3. Both should work
  4. Thanks
  5. I haven't updated the game for some time, but I am working on a new update. I have thought about making a non GameJolt version, which uses a MySQL database for user data, and stuff like achievements when I have finished making the game. Anyway, I have added some stuff, and a lot of changes, and fixed a lot of bugs. Here is some of the things that is finished: Added Fog Added a Missile Launcher turret Added a Minigun turret Added bloom Added model for medkit Removed Small turret Removed Tall turret Removed the monster hud Reduced the shininess of the ground Changed slots UI Changed the way the stat upgrade window works. (The window pops up every 5th wave, so now you can't just open it whenever you want) Changed some of the UI in the main menu, and login Optimized the ragdoll initializer significantly And a lot of other internal stuff. Screenshots FOG: Main Menu/Login: Now here is what more I need to finish before releasing the update: New monster: Boomba New build mode feature: Assign items from the build shop to the slots New build mode feature: Buy the item you have selected. (Example: If you have the first slot selected and wooden barricade is assigned to that slot, you can just press the same slot key again and it will automatically purchase one) A few fixes Options will be made in the next update after this one, so you can disable post-process effects, and other graphical settings to increase performance if needed.
  6. Yeah it shouldn't give any errors, so the scripts should still work
  7. Glad my script could help you that time I will, thanks
  8. Hello everyone, long time ago I said I was working on a system with more features, and a weapon switching. Well, I stopped working on it, I guess I lost motivation to do it. Now I am starting from scratch because I'm planning on making an even better and advanced version of it. I will post updates of it when I've made some progress It will include a weapon switching script, so you can switch between weapons like, primary, secondary, and grenades. This is a big one, and will have lots of features so it might take some time to complete, and I will definitely learn something from this because there is some of the things that I haven't done before
  9. Hello, I made a custom editor window that you can use to easily create scriptable objects, without having to write any code Hope you can find a good use for it. I will try to optimize it as much as I can. Not sure how fast it is on big projects. If anyone is trying it on big projects, then please tell me how it ran. I really want to optimize it as well as I can If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, then please tell me PS. If you have any advice to make it better, please tell me. This is also my first time I created a custom editor window Download: SOC - Scriptable Object Creator.unitypackage Video: Screenshots:
  10. Just released the game on GameJolt for free I will work on bug fixes, changes, and new additions You won't need a GameJolt account, you can just play as guest. If you play as a guest there is a few restrictions, like you can't get trophies, you won't be posted on the leaderboard, and your stats isn't kept track of
  11. Hello! I say this a lot but I got a big motivation boost for this game lately, and I have been thinking about a lot of ideas I wanted to implement to the game. It has been some time since the last update, so here is a big one. As you may or may not have noticed, I have removed all download links for the game except v1.0, which was the first public release. The reason for removing nearly all links is because I this want this to be a devlog for the game instead Anyway, for some days I have been working on some new features, and a big GUI overhaul. I have also thought about sharing it on GameJolt Changes and new stuff: - Power system - Fuel - GameJolt leaderboard - GameJolt trophies (I made a few trophies to test, so the names is not final, and there will be more than just 3 of course :-D) - Big GUI overhaul - Cleaned up a few scripts - Fixed some bugs The campfire will extinguish if it has no fuel left and you will freeze to death if you don't light it up again. About the Power system You can place a power source(like a power generator), and then connect light, and turrets to it(yes they now require power to function). There will be more stuff that requires power, but for now there's only turrets, and lights you can connect to the power sources. Objects that requires power can only connect to a power source if it has enough power load You can also disconnect the power entities you have connected, if needed About the Fuel Power Generators requires fuel to work Lots of screenshots: Main menu Gameplay
  12. Thanks, I'll try
  13. I could, but then they wouldn't be able to reach the balls in the middle, and behind the other team. I would like to have them follow a path when they get hit. Like in the picture below The orange lines are when a red player gets hit, then it will follow the orange path till they are behind the other team. The green line is for the blue players when they get hit, they will follow one of those lines to get behind the other team. The yellow-light green dots are the balls
  14. Hello, I want to limit the AI to something like this How would I do something like that? I have no clue how to limit it like that. I want the red to only be able to move inside the painted red squares, and blue inside the painted blue squares Anyone have any idea how I would do this? If there's some important information I missed, please tell and I'll add more information
  15. Here's a few screenshots of a small Indoor level for the Classic Mode, it is still a work in progress. I'm not a great modeler, or good at texturing, so I'm not sure how good I can make it look if it is textured But I will of course try, and make it more detailed It looks pretty empty and dull, but I will try to add more detail