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  1. DeepWolf

    Classic 2D Ping Pong

    Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it New update changelogs: Now you have to press the 'Space' key to begin the game.
  2. DeepWolf

    Classic 2D Ping Pong

    Just made a quick needed update Changes Tweaked the ball speed. This will make the game a bit more fast paced. Every time the paddle hits the ball, the ball's speed will slightly increase.
  3. DeepWolf

    Classic 2D Ping Pong

    Hello everyone! The game is nothing fancy, it is a classic ping pong game. No extra features, just plain simple, and clean graphics with the same gameplay mechanics as the classic ping pong game. I'm basically just building my portfolio of games to have something I can show You can't reach the top or bottom of the screen fully, just like the old arcade ping pong game. So if you do a nice precision hit, or get lucky, you might get it through the gap Hope you like it AI Difficulties: Ez Harder than ez Mad lad for real, it's mad af. Here is a link to the game on Itch.io: https://deepwolf.itch.io/ping-pong Here is a video:
  4. DeepWolf

    error CS1525: Unexpected symbol `else'

    It is usually personal preference, but it is recommended to do it. Because if you don't put brackets and then you add something new in the if state, then there will be bugs if you forget to add those brackets. Also for me it is easier to read when there's brackets, I can just skim through the code and easily see when the if and ifelse statement ends
  5. DeepWolf

    42nd LudumDare

    Thanks I did have plans for a 3x1, and 2x2 sized boxes, but never got to making them I did think about adding an online scoreboard aswell, but I didn't feel I had the time to try it out because of trying out a new engine But definitely something I'll look into in the next game. Nice score, it gets quite a bit fast after a few extractions :-D
  6. DeepWolf

    42nd LudumDare

    Alright, finally got the HTML5 version up to itch.io. Uploading to itch.io ain't as easy as Unity. Requires a bit of extra work Link to my game: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/42/box-warehousing I'll check yours out now
  7. DeepWolf

    42nd LudumDare

    Damn, Unreal Engine 4 is confusing sometimes Packages fine for Windows, but not HTML5. When I packaged it for Windows, no errors. But when I packaged it for HTML5, a bunch of errors appeared It was just a bunch of code errors that told me that it couldn't do what I wanted to do in the code. So it turns out I forgot to include some files for the classes I use. What is confusing is that it compiled fine for Windows. Anyways, I post my game here when I get it up. Then I'll check yours out after I've done that
  8. DeepWolf

    42nd LudumDare

    I'll check it out when I get home I have some problems building my game to HTML5, so I have to figure that out too
  9. DeepWolf

    42nd LudumDare

    Here's a little peak of what I've done today.
  10. DeepWolf

    42nd LudumDare

    Participating again. But I'm not prepared, as I forgot all about it But I'll be using Unreal Engine 4 this time. May or may not get the game ready in time, but something playable atleast. Unreal Engine 4 is still new to me, but hopefully learn while making the game
  11. DeepWolf

    Poll (kinda) - What pc games you would wish to have

    Basingstoke. The game looks really fun and very beautiful, it looks really smooth too I'm hesitant because of the price
  12. DeepWolf

    [C#] A smooth top down camera script

    @UnityGamesRoland It might have been the terms I used that made it sound overcomplicated @Everyone The script could also be used for other camera angles, such from the side. But that would require changing the axis at about line 70 in the script
  13. DeepWolf

    [C#] A smooth top down camera script

    I do it because I see no reason to access the fields from other scripts. I make stuff private where I believe there would be no reason for other scripts to access. If I want to make stuff accessible from other script, I make a property which has a getter that returns the private field. I make a setter in the property if I think there's a reason for a field to be set from another script. A few changes I could have made though, was making a property for the target, cameraToUse, useDistanceViewing, minDistance, and maxDistance fields with a getter and a setter. Because maybe you want to change that at runtime from other scripts. Then when setting the values from another script by using the properties, I could have validation stuff in the setters. Such as for maxDistance, It wouldn't make any sense for it to be negative, so I can validate it in the property's setter. So when I assign the maxDistance a new value by using the property from another script, then it would check the new value to see if it was negative and if it is, just default it to 0. The GetDistance and GetDistancePercentage methods I could have made public too. Because maybe you would want to get the calculated stuff on other scripts. The rest I don't see a reason to make accessable from other scripts I add a serializefield to private fields so they show up in the inspector. Hope that cleared it up on why I don't make all my fields public The script was originaly made for my game, and since I didn't have any reason to access or change those values, I just went with all private
  14. Hi! While developing on a game of mine, I decided to make a few changes to the camera. I got some inspiration from the camera in Running With Rifles and I really liked it, so I decided to make it like that. Here's a little video of it in action, in my game: Setting it up: Create an empty gameobject, and name it something like Camera Pivot. This is the gameobject that will be moved. Create a camera gameobject, and attach it to the Camera Pivot gameobject Offset the camera gameobject so it points downward, and is a bit in the air Attach the script to the Camera Pivot gameobject. Configure the settings to your likings, and everything should work. If you have any problems, I'll try to help. Script:
  15. DeepWolf


    There's no button showing up for me either