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  1. Hello everyone, long time no see! I made this ping pong game in november 2018: https://deepwolf.itch.io/ping-pong Now I want to improve it by adding some extra small extra visual enhancements to make it feel better. I also plan on uploading the new version to the Google Play Store, and update the version on my itch.io. This is how the game looks with the improvements: Work In Progress: [ x ] Game over screen [ x ] Ball anti stuck system [ x ] Fix ball prediction [ x ] Pause menu [ x ] Achievements [ x ] Local 2P [ ] Upload to Google Play Store [ ] Prepare a WebGL build [ ] Upload to Itch.io About the game: The game is a 2D ping pong game heavily inspired by the classic pong game. I only plan to make some visual improvements and better player feedback to make it feel better. It will be uploaded to Google Play Store, and on Itch.io too. Suggestions? If you have any suggestions then please post them, then I'll take a look to see if it fits the direction I'm going with the game
  2. Hi, I'm working on a android game, and I'm using google play services. I'm trying to get the amount of points that an achievement gives when unlocked, but the property just returns 0, even though it is different on the service I have set up on the google play console. Any ideas as to why Achievement.Points returns 0? The name, progress, and everything else is returning the correct value, but not points. I'm getting the achievement via PlayGamesPlatform.Instance.GetAchievement(loadedAchievements[i].id) Here's how the achievements looks like in Google Play Console: Here's where I populate the UI list with achievements: Here's where I set the info on the achievement item UI: I really can't see why it should return 0.
  3. Hi there, this is a fire light behaviour script I just made and I just wanted to share it It is not advanced, it is just lerping the position and the light's intensity to somewhat simulate a fire's light. Anyways, just attach the script to the fire's light, tweak the values and you're good to go Copy the below, then create a new C# script, and then paste the code in it(or write it all if ya want ). /* * Author: DeepWolf * Description: Simulates a light's behaviour of a fire. * * Usage: * Attach this script to the light source of the fire and tweak the values. */ namespace DeepWolf.Utilities { using UnityEngine; /// <summary> /// Represents a <see cref="FireLight"/>. /// Handles the breathing and the movement of the fire. /// </summary> [RequireComponent(typeof(Light))] public class FireLight : MonoBehaviour { /// <summary> /// How frequently the <see cref="FireLight"/> will find a new position. /// </summary> [Header("[Movement]")] [SerializeField, Tooltip("How frequenly the light will find a new position.")] private float moveFrequency = 0.15f; /// <summary> /// The lerp speed of the fire movement. The lower the speed, the smoother the movement will be. /// </summary> [SerializeField, Tooltip("The lerp speed of the fire movement. The lower the speed, the smoother the movement will be.")] private float moveLerpSpeed = 1.0f; /// <summary> /// The min and max value of how much the <see cref="FireLight"/>'s <see cref="Transform"/> is able to move in the x axis. /// </summary> [SerializeField, Tooltip("The min and max value of how much the light is able to move in the x axis.")] private Vector2 xMoveLimit = new Vector2(-0.2f, 0.2f); /// <summary> /// The min and max value of how much the <see cref="FireLight"/>'s <see cref="Transform"/> is able to move in the y axis. /// </summary> [SerializeField, Tooltip("The min and max value of how much the light is able to move in the y axis.")] private Vector2 yMoveLimit = new Vector2(-0.0f, 0.15f); /// <summary> /// The min and max value of how much the <see cref="Light"/>'s <see cref="Transform"/> is able to move in the z axis. /// </summary> [SerializeField, Tooltip("The min and max value of how much the light is able to move in the z axis.")] private Vector2 zMoveLimit = new Vector2(-0.2f, 0.2f); /// <summary> /// The breathing frequency of the <see cref="Light.intensity"/>. /// </summary> [Header("[Intensity Breathing]")] [SerializeField, Tooltip("The breathing frequency of the light's intensity.")] private float IntensityBreathFrequency = 0.5f; /// <summary> /// The speed of the intensity transition. /// </summary> [SerializeField, Tooltip("The speed of the intensity transition.")] private float intensityLerpSpeed = 2.0f; /// <summary> /// The minimum the <see cref="Light.intensity"/> value can be. /// </summary> [SerializeField, Tooltip("The minimum the light's intensity value can be.")] private float minIntensity = 0.5f; /// <summary> /// The maximum the <see cref="Light.intensity"/> value can be. /// </summary> [SerializeField, Tooltip("The maximum the light's intensity value can be.")] private float maxIntensity = 1.0f; /// <summary> /// The <see cref="Time.time"/> till the next move transition. /// </summary> private float nextMove; /// <summary> /// The <see cref="Time.time"/> till the next intensity transition. /// </summary> private float nextIntensity; /// <summary> /// The <see cref="Light.intensity"/> value to transition to. /// </summary> private float targetIntensity; /// <summary> /// The <see cref="Light.intensity"/> value to transition to. /// </summary> private Vector3 targetPosition; /// <summary> /// The original <see cref="FireLight"/> position. Used to offset the move limits from the orignal position when looking for a new position to transition to. /// </summary> private Vector3 originalPosition; /// <summary> /// The <see cref="Light"/> component on the <see cref="FireLight"/>. /// </summary> private new Light light; /// <summary> /// The <see cref="Transform"/> component on the <see cref="FireLight"/>. /// </summary> private new Transform transform; private void Awake() { light = GetComponent<Light>(); transform = GetComponent<Transform>(); originalPosition = transform.position; } private void Update() { HandleMovement(); HandleIntensityBreathing(); } /// <summary> /// Handles the movement transition to the <see cref="targetPosition"/>. /// </summary> private void HandleMovement() { // Move to target position transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(transform.position, targetPosition, moveLerpSpeed * Time.deltaTime); if (nextMove <= Time.time) { FindNewPosition(); nextMove = Time.time + moveFrequency; } } /// <summary> /// Finds a new <see cref="targetPosition"/> to transition to. /// </summary> private void FindNewPosition() { float newX = originalPosition.x + Random.Range(xMoveLimit.x, xMoveLimit.y); float newY = originalPosition.y + Random.Range(yMoveLimit.x, yMoveLimit.y); float newZ = originalPosition.z + Random.Range(zMoveLimit.x, zMoveLimit.y); // Find new position targetPosition.Set(newX, newY, newZ); } /// <summary> /// Handles the breathing of the <see cref="FireLight"/> by changing the <see cref="Light.intensity"/> smoothly to the <see cref="targetIntensity"/>. /// </summary> private void HandleIntensityBreathing() { light.intensity = Mathf.Lerp(light.intensity, targetIntensity, intensityLerpSpeed * Time.deltaTime); if (nextIntensity <= Time.time) { FindNewIntensity(); nextIntensity = Time.time + IntensityBreathFrequency; } } /// <summary> /// Finds a new <see cref="targetIntensity"/> to transition to. /// </summary> private void FindNewIntensity() { targetIntensity = Random.Range(minIntensity, maxIntensity); } } }
  4. DeepWolf

    43th LudumeDare

    @geckoo Pretty cool game, very similar to your other puzzle games, but I like it. Always liked the screen effects you got going The last few puzzles requires some brains Anyways, another great game from you, and smooth aswell
  5. DeepWolf

    43th LudumeDare

    I did a wave survival game, yes I love those type of games for some reason It is called Soul Reaper: https://deepwolf.itch.io/soul-reaper https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/43/soul-reaper I'll take a look at yours after dinner
  6. DeepWolf

    43th LudumeDare

    Okay scrap the puzzle thing, I have another idea
  7. DeepWolf

    43th LudumeDare

    I'm participating again this time Already got a few ideas, and it is going to be a puzzle game. Let's see if my brain can produce decent puzzle levels
  8. Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it New update changelogs: Now you have to press the 'Space' key to begin the game.
  9. Just made a quick needed update Changes Tweaked the ball speed. This will make the game a bit more fast paced. Every time the paddle hits the ball, the ball's speed will slightly increase.
  10. Hello everyone! The game is nothing fancy, it is a classic ping pong game. No extra features, just plain simple, and clean graphics with the same gameplay mechanics as the classic ping pong game. I'm basically just building my portfolio of games to have something I can show You can't reach the top or bottom of the screen fully, just like the old arcade ping pong game. So if you do a nice precision hit, or get lucky, you might get it through the gap Hope you like it AI Difficulties: Ez Harder than ez Mad lad for real, it's mad af. Here is a link to the game on Itch.io: https://deepwolf.itch.io/ping-pong Here is a video:
  11. It is usually personal preference, but it is recommended to do it. Because if you don't put brackets and then you add something new in the if state, then there will be bugs if you forget to add those brackets. Also for me it is easier to read when there's brackets, I can just skim through the code and easily see when the if and ifelse statement ends
  12. DeepWolf

    42nd LudumDare

    Thanks I did have plans for a 3x1, and 2x2 sized boxes, but never got to making them I did think about adding an online scoreboard aswell, but I didn't feel I had the time to try it out because of trying out a new engine But definitely something I'll look into in the next game. Nice score, it gets quite a bit fast after a few extractions :-D
  13. DeepWolf

    42nd LudumDare

    Alright, finally got the HTML5 version up to itch.io. Uploading to itch.io ain't as easy as Unity. Requires a bit of extra work Link to my game: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/42/box-warehousing I'll check yours out now
  14. DeepWolf

    42nd LudumDare

    Damn, Unreal Engine 4 is confusing sometimes Packages fine for Windows, but not HTML5. When I packaged it for Windows, no errors. But when I packaged it for HTML5, a bunch of errors appeared It was just a bunch of code errors that told me that it couldn't do what I wanted to do in the code. So it turns out I forgot to include some files for the classes I use. What is confusing is that it compiled fine for Windows. Anyways, I post my game here when I get it up. Then I'll check yours out after I've done that
  15. DeepWolf

    42nd LudumDare

    I'll check it out when I get home I have some problems building my game to HTML5, so I have to figure that out too
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