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  1. I was wondering if anyone had the tutorials downloaded before their channel got hacked they could give me? I only have 1
  2. I want them for referance and asset creation.
  3. How hard would it be? I just want to be able to use something simple that I can build on, the fps kit is very complex and I also want multilayer, this is simple proper multilayer and would be easy to build on asset and well, GUI and other wise...
  4. I know, they got hacked, I got so far but then stuck.
  5. Could someone put these scripts together into a working project for me? I want to learn some coding and this would help me. http://pastebin.com/u/Boomsma95 I know they work but I cant just add them.
  6. Ive been looking, are there any good example scripts or tutorials? (I just am curious, I want to expand my knowing)
  7. Closed: dont have time
  8. I see a issue with this, the gun is not recoiling as much as the hand, have you made hands seperate animations or are the bones not locked to the model?
  9. lol forgot to say that this looks great!
  10. I cannot express how wrong certain bits of that are, the polly count is fine and weapons for games can be upto 15000 in my opinion, most games have much higher pollygon count than that and work fine on your pc, as long as you chop off the part you are not going to see and have a world model that is a low polly mesh seen by other peeps, you will be fine!
  11. I personally would recomend using a modeling platform that was not designed for product design, as it is much harder, beleve me, I know. But I have to congratulate you as that is good for a first model
  12. I like your models but they all seem a bit "safe" try and go out of your comfort zone a bit. Just trying to help : ) also cod games are not good to base guns from there guns are third hand.
  13. velcomem enjoy ya stay
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