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  1. I have not been here for a long time. Done 3D work for construction, not games. Now back with Unity 3D.

  2. I just came home from a long trip, and quite frankly, have no tolerance for this. You need cash, say something, I've got spare change, but never, ever force me to wait if I do not wish to watch fucking commercials
  3. I hope someone will feel sorry for me This is Bell Canada's idea of Broadband, no joke ...
  4. sure you can edit animation and control it http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/MecanimAnimationSystem.html Yet, since you are new, I would start here, http://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/modules/beginner/animation and http://u3d.as/content/unity-technologies/mecanim-example-scenes/3Bs
  5. Scary! Prolly be my age talking, and please do not get me wrong, but life in a free country like the US or Canada is hard for 95% of the population, so there is a good chance more trouble could happen in your life, let's hope for the best though. I was given this advice when I imigrated to Canada: Make friends, lots of friends, because without friends you up for a free fall.
  6. Yeah, ditto, EA evil? Even so I have close friends with EA, welcome and all the best
  7. a bit late to the party, but I like what I see. Keep it up.
  8. did you texture the weapon already? I am not even close enough for an export. Some of the faces simply point in the wrong direction, so you need to flip the polies. Blender also complained about an unusual scale factor in some of the modular blocks. So what. Simply start to UV map and texture the weapon and all the above will get fixed. Then export this into a game engine.
  9. to first post, you saved me a lot of time, the middle weapons is just what I need right now, thanks, many thanks, thank you very much ...
  10. I don't do Facebook or Google+ but I use Linkedin and Scype. Love it, it simply opens more doors for potential business ventures. The guy in the Look-Up video says: I have 200+ friends and I am lonely ... I say look-up Oxford Dictionary for the definition of friend, obviously he does not have 200+ friends as per the definition, and I did not watch this further. If you have no use for some or all internet social sites, don't use it.
  11. Thanks. I simply look at other models to improve on my own modelling skills, and yours caught my eye since they are very good.
  12. When the fbx file is opened in Cinema 4D or Blender, you can see the model but not the textures. Some files have a .meta extension others a .mat.meta extension. So I was wondering which software is needed to open the materials.
  13. How does one open the files?
  14. It's the best engine out there for making games, all kind of game, like board games and stuff, for that I will stick to Unity. Yet, since Cryengine offers theirs for $10/mo, and I can fully test my models with Inverse Kinematics, and fine tune some programming, sorry to say, I am back with the CryDevs
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