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  1. Herro everyone. I have this script here but for some reason the OnGUI part never gets called. Everything else works perfectly. When I activate the boolean directly from the inspector the OnGUI function gets called, however when it is called from the dead boolean turning to true from the OnTriggerEnter it never gets called. I even tried debugging it and I don't know what's wrong. #pragma strict static var dead : boolean; function OnTriggerEnter2D(other : Collider2D) { Debug.Log("OnTriggerEnter"); if(other.collider2D.gameObject.tag == "Wall") { Debug.Log("wall"); Die(); } } function Die() { dead = true; this.gameObject.renderer.enabled = false; this.gameObject.collider2D.active = false; if(ScoreCounter.score > PlayerPrefs.GetInt("highScore")) { PlayerPrefs.SetInt("highScore", ScoreCounter.score); } } function OnGUI () { if(Health.dead == true) { Debug.Log("he ded"); GUI.Label(Rect(Screen.width/2 - 50, Screen.height/2 + 10, 100, 50), "High Score: " + PlayerPrefs.GetInt("highScore")); } }
  2. When it comes to making a customization system I am completely lost on the theory behind it. What would be the best approach? Would you model each piece separately? Say you were to have a customizable helmet and chest piece like the halos do. Would you model the helmet and chest as detachable/separate pieces from the arms and legs when making the model and vice versa?
  3. I fixed the problem with a simple workaround, instead of calling it from another object I just placed the script on the same object and use an AnimationClip instead of a string to call it.
  4. My problem is that the animation won't play at all
  5. I am trying to play a specific animation on a different gameObject (childed twice) to my parent gameObject in c#. Currently this is what I have... public GameObject animObj; public string fireAnim = "Fire"; void Shoot() { animObj.animation.CrossFadeQueued (fireAnim, 0.8F, QueuMode.PlayNow); } The animation that I am trying to reference is name Fire and it is on the animObj gameObject. I don't get any errors, however nothing happens whenever I call the function.
  6. I stated that because you said "You people who kiss DLG's ass are getting on my nerves", I don't really feel like going back and finding the exact statement however. EDIT: Also that worker would not be paid for the day considering the workplace ran in an orderly fasion. If there was nothing to prove that he was there that day then he will not receive the pay that only the active employees received.
  7. I said it had good graphics, quote my line when I said the graphics are the BEST. Sure I compared it to other games that had graphics that also weren't the best in Unity because it's clearly the Forest. My main argument is stating that your opinions are not considered facts in anyone's book that is unbiased. Unlike this thread if you went into a fastest car thread and posted the Ford KA, that would clearly be wrong because there are FACTS to back up the fact that the speed is lower than other cars. Whereas if you compared the Ford KA to cars that had no speed tests done on them and were also in the same range then it may be an unofficial "fact" or an opinion.
  8. Alright, it's simple enough to call your opinions facts. k
  9. Alright I get it, your opinions are now facts. k
  10. You people who dislike DLG for no reason are also getting on my nerves.
  11. Go to this link and skip to around 1 minute and take a look at those pictures. I'm glad Sameen likes to grab pictures from extremely old updates. Also I do agree that The Forest is the most graphically advanced Unity title out/being worked on at the moment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvB13qOeF8Y Use dat 720p
  12. Just quoting one statement from your argument because I completely understand and respect all of it except for this part. "You say that destruction and parkour has never been done as well as NH." In my above statement I said that there was no MIX of destruction, parkour, and animation systems that executed this as well as DLG. With all of those features alone, yes other titles have done it and even surpassed his quality but none have yet to place them all together and be quite as successful as DLG has been. Considering one person is working on the entire thing unlike all of these teams of people, I would say it would be one of the least half arsed projects out of the three, but hey that is just my opinion not a fact. Also, this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-YDK_zpxak
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