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  1. Well apples can obviously be compared to oranges. I never understood that statement. Your game idea sounds 'unique' to say the least, but the style could definitely be improved on (as everyone has already said). There's a reason why you never see games like what you showed, and it's because it doesn't work. I took one glance and this post and thought it was a troll, but it almost seems like you're serious (and if you are serious, you really need to go back and rethink your whole design methods. I'd be more than happy to help you with that, as long as we both have an understanding).
  2. Was that an ant joke?
  3. Oh this is yours! Haha, I emailed you about an inquiry.
  4. My best recommendation to you is to take a look of properly structured team recruitment posts. There are quite the few laying around, use those as guides, but do note that it will only cover how you present yourself. You still need to have content to show. No one is going to join you unless you have proof of concept, or a portfolio of some sort.
  5. programmer

    Now it's grayed out for me.
  6. Color Compliment tools can go a very long way
  7. Some people are just particularly loud
  8. 10 minutes later and I'm diagnosed with chronic headaches.
  9. Last night I came across this Unity Forum post for some new Post-Processing Effects. I figured not too many people might have known about this, so here's a link back to the original post:
  10. Absolutely amazing post.
  11. Do you have anything so far?
  12. 1) You're on a forum that share information with eachother for the better 2) I bet you leeched from here before 3) I really doubt it's any ingenious idea
  13. Purchasing. Seems interesting.