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  1. Skype vs. Discord, your opinion

    With over a thousand contacts, I haven't gotten a message on Skype in ages. Discord, I'm being spammed @name 24/7. I assume most of those persons were from my Skype list.
  2. Papers, please

    Это безумие, как игра может превратиться в короткометражный фильм. Мне всегда нравится видеть такие вещи. Большое спасибо за то, что поделились ею. Постскриптум Слава богу за перевод Google.
  3. Base Human Character

    paid, redistributed open source? You are looking for a free model? There are a lot of generators online, as for how the royalties stand... beats me.
  4. Help with math a bit

    I think it's something like that. I've never done anything like this, but I'd assume a lot of ratio calculations are involved.
  5. Need Demonic Horse

    And he comes in clutch.
  6. Weapon Mechanics Experiment (Internal Testing)

  7. Mirage: Arcane Warfare for free

    I played it during beta and would have loved a free copy, but Irma got the best of me
  8. Dropbox Alternative

    What about using a fileserver, like a website host? Or even amazon web services or windows azure
  9. Dropbox Alternative

    This is the best I could find https://www.labnol.org/internet/direct-links-for-google-drive/28356/ http://vintaytime.com/direct-download-link-drive-dropbox/
  10. Dropbox Alternative

    I haven't had a look at the prices, but have you checked out Google Drive?
  11. I think it depends on the investor. I wouldn't see an investor who knows nothing about GDD wanting to see one, other than for proof that you have one. Well if that's the worst, god damn, I'd love to see the best! Thank you for the advice! I'll definitely try this!!!!
  12. Ok so this first part is offtopic a bit. I know that feeling when you are trying so hard to gauge the interested of your team. I'm in that same situation. I'm currently trying to keep my small 6 man team motivated, but no matter what tactic I try it doesn't work. And coming from a point in game development where I'd have a larger team and work on impossible projects, to a smaller team and working on realistic projects, I thought things would be different. I suppose this is one of the outcomes of having a solid idea. There's no more discussions, no more big ideas, no more big dreams, etc. So I am also looking for ways to get the motivated, and keep their interests high. Monetary compensation isn't possible for my project, so that's out of the question. Sweet, now onto the beef of the matter. By no means should you take my word for it... I have no real experience approaching investors, but I have attended multiple events that help you train for approaching them. Here are some key pointers to keep in mind when preparing anything for investors. Presentation is key. Presentation is the key... But with that you have to know who your investors are. Their age, what they previously invested in, who they tend to talk to the most. All of that is important when creating a presentation. We can't give an old man a flashy animation and expect him to know what the product is... We give him solid facts and a proper plan of how you're going to generate income, etc. For this, like any other proposal, you're going to need multiple presentation notes. You're going to need to have your business plan on hand to show them. A slideshow or animation to explain your business in summary is great. In this slideshow don't forget your elevator pitch. You're also going to need another document explaining how it will generate revenue, how long the business is likely to last before dying (this is a weird one), a yearly revenue outcome, how much money your looking for and how it's going to be spent. As I said, it depends on who you're pitching to. If it's a younger audience, electronics stuff should work (like PDF), if it's an older audience paper. I'm not sure what's the "perfect" amount of documents you should have. They get turned on by certain words. While I was at a conference in Chile, a few successful business persons gave me some great advice that I held onto tightly... Governments, investors, anyone in business like to hear certain words in when it comes to your project. Income, revenue, long lasting, low failing probability, profit... These words give them orgasms. And I wish it was only a metaphor. Have persons who can vouch for you. It helps if you have other business friends who can vouch for you. Investors look at everything about you, from your confidence, to who your crowd is, etc. As for who you should contact... That's a tough one. I have no idea how you'd go about doing that. I'd recommend starting with individuals first. They're easier to approach, and are more likely to give their time. With that being said, just keep going at it if they deny you. Those pictures you posted are really quality work so it's obvious that your team is very serious. I don't think you guys should have a hard time. Best of luck and best of wishes.
  13. Hello from planet Earth !

    Hello from Saturn! And a warm welcome to the forums.
  14. BRINK for free

    I mean, if it's free, it's for me.
  15. Multiplayer TPS Project

    Ok let's start off with the things you need to fix. First off all, you need to change the text background color. With that being said... What exactly have you invested your salary in? Also, when you're stating what you're good at, avoid using etc. and try to highlight your most relevant fields. Do you have any previous work to show? If not, have you made progress on your project?