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  1. geckoo

    Tag or Layer?

    Thank you for these answers. I agree. I have read 31 layers were possible. am I wrong ?
  2. geckoo

    Tag or Layer?

    I have a question about function RaycastHit in unity. I have read in the scripts two different methods to detect colliders and I ask myself which is the better way. We can use Tag or Layer to detect something between camera and some point in space. Generally I use the Tag to make difference with others objects, but in others cases somebody prefers use Layer. What do you think about this point of view? Which is better than all. Thank you for your answer ++ // a simple example public void Fire(RaycastHit hitInfo){ if(hitInfo.transform.tag == "MyTag") // do something } public void Fire(RaycastHit hitInfo){ hitInfo.transform.gameObject.layer == 8 // do something }
  3. I don't like these games, but it seems to me very interesting. I will try ++
  4. I have modified many features and added some modifications which equilibrate the game play. If you have five or ten minutes to try this game, I will be glad share with you a point of view. Thank you folks ++ http://jeparlerusse.fr/games/Exit/lol.html
  5. Now we can inflict some damage by velocity when player throws a skull to an enemy. I have modified others features ++ using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; // damage when player hits an enemy with a skull public class HurtMeSkull : MonoBehaviour { DamageReceiver PlayerReceiver; public GameObject skullFX; float Strength = 20f; void OnCollisionEnter(Collision hit){ if(hit.gameObject.tag == "Enemy"){ PlayerReceiver = hit.gameObject.GetComponent<DamageReceiver>(); PlayerReceiver.ReceiveHit(hit.relativeVelocity.magnitude / 3); Strength = Strength - (hit.relativeVelocity.magnitude / 3); Instantiate(skullFX, hit.transform.position, hit.transform.rotation); if(Strength <= 0){ HUD.Instance.ConsoleMessage("Skull destroyed"); Destroy(gameObject); } } } }
  6. The main menu sucks - I agree. I will make another soon ++
  7. Maybe this problem results of the file size - 31 mega. I have integrated a FramePerSecond script. Do you saw some value please?
  8. Hi folks! Since six or seven weeks I work on a little project which seems to me well on the way to creating a future game - in fact I don't know what should I do. It's a tiny paced FPS which using many scripts to generate each time a new randomized maze. I have used four pictures to create my enemies which are using a simple motor script to catch/shoot player. With right mouse button player can draw and throw the skulls which open doors. In this way player could avoid direct contact with enemies and saves time to open doors. I have added a script to limit time during game. You will see many effects, but one weapon with 3 variants to shoot - one by one, grenade and burst (consumption in ammo is different). In the crates player can find some feature to decrease the latency between each shot. The style is near of an older game, but it's just a proof of concept to create in the future something more fine with shaders. I have created only four levels. As ever I have integrated in this game a beautiful music which has been found on the site NoSoapRadio, because I like this style retro. I search other textures. I search always some assets because I don't have find many things as furnitures. Do you have for me some tips or a constructive criticism? Thank you for your special attention and see you later alligator ++ http://jeparlerusse.fr/games/Exit/lol.html Ах! я глуп как осёл. Я забыл самое главное - ищите голубый свет - дверь к спасению
  9. following the old unity fps tut - me too
  10. Cool - I have needed this package. Thx ++
  11. It's a recurrent problem when kids find something interesting in the web. They want reach some glory, using source of others. I don't know why, but it's a fact. In unity store a guy, which has developed nothing, uses the best games in Ludum Dare contest - each time. Finally Unity has banned him. Sometimes it seems to me will be better don't share anything ++
  12. Annoying game, but a good lesson for beginners ++
  13. string _versionString = "ld26 1.0.0"; This project doesn't work (for me). I have never seen an untidy like this in an unity project. What a mess. I think you must organize your way to do. NetCode looks very interesting... Good luck ++
  14. It's an old ludumdare project - maybe 26 or 27. I like these bots. I have trying to compile this source, but I have too many errors. How do you do that? Maybe you use an older Unity version?
  15. I don't understand gameplay of this slender kit. This guy is trying catch us?
  16. These maps seem very cool for a MP. Pour une équipe française, c'est que du bon. Bon courage ++
  17. Do you have some screen shots or a video ?
  18. geckoo

    teleport a rigidbody

    Thank you for the tip, but I have been trying this attempt. It works fine, but the result isn't really pleasant - I will try again because it seems to me I have a key issue for reflection ++
  19. geckoo

    teleport a rigidbody

    if I disable this rigidbody I can't hold him This is the paradox of my problem - it's easy, but... really hard...
  20. geckoo

    teleport a rigidbody

    Ok I have been trying many things and now it works correctly, but I have another problem which seems to me just a logical ask. When player throws a GO with rigidbody inside a portal, we see the movement and a correct velocity. It's cool and FX is really fun. I will do a SandBox soon as possible. But when player holds this same GO which touches the teleport zone (but player didn't touch this portal), the first GO changes his location and returns to the player which is near to the teleport zone, the GO touches again the teleport zone and changes his location, always and always - as a loop. I think I must disable something, but I don't know what. Do you have some idea about this problem? Thank you very much for your help ++
  21. It seems to me that you have a missing script on your prefab. See your prefab. This is not a problem with your script, but with your prefab. Maybe I am wrong ++
  22. geckoo

    teleport a rigidbody

    I have been trying all - rigidbody.velocity, rigidbody.isKinematic, rigidbody.sleep... and it didn't work. How it's possible ? All works fine with my player - why we have a problem with another rigidbody ?
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