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  1. I don't wish to impose on your kindness, but it will be great ++
  2. Hi TheMars2011. I have a question about rakNet1.51 - your last project. I have modified many aspect in your game, but I can't change player. I tryed to change him with the soldier, but without succes. Do you know some tutorial which explains us the method (with MecAnim or not). Thank you for you help friend ++
  3. If I understand correctly, you do a screenshot to create a miniMap - just a picture. Like this, you don't use a second camera. It's a good idea. Misc/MainMenu and Network/Server are similar, but with first you create a most complex menu with options. Second is helpful for a simple project. Cool! All in this code is really interesting for those who want learn about NetWork. Master server seems to me out. I will try this project online soon. I will try to change this player (I restore the soldier without MecAnim - I hate this). I have created two teams, using tag to avoid friendly fire. I have some problem to create a chat because I cannot code an array in C#. It works to define victim and killer for all. I dev another project... Thank you very much for this share ++
  4. I have a question about this code in the script "spawn". I read this part and I don't understand why you declare 3 times boolean "spawned" ++ void SpawnPlayer() { spawned = true; int random = Random.Range(0, spawnPoints.Length); Network.Instantiate(player, spawnPoints[random].position, spawnPoints[random].rotation, 0); spawned = true; spawnCam.enabled = false; spawnListener.enabled = false; spawned = true; Screen.lockCursor = true; }
  5. In this project we got only one weapon and it's not possible pickup AK47 which dead player dropped. It seems to me, it's a really good project with really clear code to start something better with other player/arms and many weapons. I know you. You can do that... То, что невозможно другим, тебе возможно. Твои проекты удивительны ++
  6. It's just a problem with scale of this part. See inspector to fix it ++
  7. Now I can tell the truth. I waited for this project all week. I jump on it. Thank you. I will try soon and will be my feedback ++
  8. Thank you for the tips. it worked ++
  9. Maybe you must before change something in a game learn the basic uses? It's not a criticism - just a helpful point of view ++
  10. Basic but good for a death match. Thx ++
  11. The better way to understand this function is here - see this video ++ http://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/modules/beginner/scripting/getcomponent
  12. You got a problem with your array. Maybe your forgot to put this weapon in the inspector - with others ++
  13. My little game "Exit - Escape from the bunker" is now available on Desura for the price of 2 euros, but I have fifty keys to redistribute this game around me to my friends. It's a small-scale FPS with old graphics. If you want to try (and if you have a Desura account), send me a private message. I will give you a key for free. Bye + + PS : you must use this link to install game : http://www.desura.com/gifts
  14. All these arguments have been very interesting. My favorite is RakNet. It seems to me more efficient - I think ++
  15. Hi folks! I have a question about mpKit which our friend TheMars2011 shared yesterday. In fact, this source code is really amazing. I like this method... To use Photon we must install some files in our project, but with RakNet all seems to me embedded in Unity. It's the first choice of Unity team? About efficient, RakNet is better or not than Photon? My heart is torn between the two of them Thank you for your answer ++
  16. You can simply use two textures to create a bar - like in this example (adjust position) ++ public Texture2D progressBarEmpty; public Texture2D progressBarFull; public float progress; public void OnGUI(){ GUI.DrawTexture(new Rect(Screen.width/2 - Screen.width/4, Screen.height - Screen.height + 50, Screen.width/2, 40), progressHealthBarEmpty); GUI.DrawTexture(new Rect(Screen.width/2 - Screen.width/4, Screen.height - Screen.height + 50, Screen.width/2 * Mathf.Clamp01(progress), 40), progressHealthBarFull); } void Update(){ progress = HealthPlayer; // need to find the float relative at your player... }
  17. You can find at this adress some helpful lesson which explain to us how create a button and how call function Application.LoadLevel. This example seems to me similar with your problem ++ http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/gui-Basics.html
  18. geckoo


    It's a very cool main menu and not expensive ++
  19. This future update will be very fun to create a coop mod... For the NavMesh I understand how to act, but for each spider, do you use the same principe like with player ? Do you use for each monster PhotonNetworkSync_FPS ? It would use the bandwidth. How many spiders you can create without lag ?
  20. geckoo

    Avoid Chaos

    I have not found this tool. Are you sure? For pity's sake keep calm - do not answer
  21. It's really beautiful. I think I have never seen something like this. Sometimes I have a doubt about full capacity Unity, but now - after I saw your video, my doubt disappears. Bravo ++
  22. Do you think it's possible add in this project a free method to create a similar effect like Render Texture? In our case, this tutorial is just a good explaination about teleport ++
  23. geckoo

    Avoid Chaos

    I have a project with many many many things which I don't use to run this game. I search a method to avoid these files when I export it in an Asset - I wish more efficient to read. Do you know a way? I think it's possible to find a tool for clean up a project. No? Thank for your help ++
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