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  1. Cool thx... I have coded something similar, but with bar ++
  2. geckoo

    Free Softwares

    Pas toi, mais le précédent billet est une incitation au piratage. xSilv4r je ne vois que Blender pour le modeling 3D et Gimp pour les textures. En fait, je ne sais pas trop car je ne fais que du code. Pour le reste je pioche dans des assets free ++
  3. geckoo

    Traduction text

    Oui je suis sur la frontière luxembourgeoise Tu peux m'aider mec ?
  4. I hesitate... 1 tera hard Dick or 1 tera black tits
  5. geckoo

    Free Softwares

    If you send some torrents links (or others encouragements), you can cause many problems to OMA - your administrator. Be careful friend ++
  6. It seems to me... it's mpKit, but we need some explanation ++
  7. geckoo

    Traduction text

    Hi my friends. I need help to translate a little text in english. I have written these lines, but I guess there are many mistakes. I think you know this fact - my english is very bad (je suis français et russophone). For this reason I need your help. It's important for me because my game "exit" will be embedded soon in a bundle. They ask me to write a description. Thank you for your help. The next lines are my text ++ Exit : escape from the bunker : You are immersed in the middle of nowhere - in a labyrinth where strange creatures attack you. You need to find your way to the blue light in order to make it through the 20 levels that separate you from the surface. This environment is created haphazardly, and each time, it will automatically recomposes into an unpredictable and completely randomized new level. In the crates, which are scattered randomly (again!) you will find your weapons, bonuses, health, ammo and sometimes skulls, which you can project at the face of your enemies with your gravity gun. Find the golden skull - the absolute power. I almost forgot something. Time is not on your side. Do you enjoy old school FPS? Then you will love Exit. Also with retro pixelated graphics, and lively music that adds to the fun (NoSoapRadio) +
  8. Maybe we can use a quad behind camera as a GO?
  9. Try simple use a screen.height\2 and screen.width\2 to determine center of screen. Use OnGui to write on screen this information. I don't know your script, but wil be easy to increase score. Maybe will be cool a tiny function to fade it. Good luck...
  10. geckoo


    I think you try something too hard. Friend it's not a criticism, but you are a beginner. Try other tutorial like GTGD. I don't know smartfox, but it seems to me all is logical. Maybe you can use your port only one once...
  11. Instantiate(coolBeer, myBody.position, myBody.rotation);
  12. Where do you come from? I specially like your answer... A real paradox and I like it. Welcome here friend!
  13. I think he said about UFPS - available in asset store...
  14. Maybe you have in a script a definition of this FOV - camera.fieldOfView = 60 or something similar. This value will be prioritary. In fact, it's always the case because it's possible to change this value during AIM. In normal mode, FOV becomes on the original value ++
  15. What do you do with this intDoor? It seems to me you forget something.
  16. In fact it seems to me the community around this tool UDK is not really important like Unity. I have found different video to start, but nothing to approach a full project. I prefer Unity and his biggest community...
  17. Have you used a kit to make this project during one week? Maybe another slender game. I would see a video...
  18. Hi friends. I have a tiny question for you. What do you think about Unreal Engine which is now free for use non-commercial and no really expensive if someone wants sold some game? I saw many video on YT to understand the basics commands of this tool and it seems to me very similar with unity3d - all is on the screen - WYSIWYG, it embeds a script language and finally, I asked myself. Maybe it's a good way to increase his capability in Dev. I am very impressed by this engine. I like Unity, but...
  19. geckoo

    Broken laser

    using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class ThunderBolt : MonoBehaviour { private LineRenderer lr; private float lrWidth = 0.2f; private Color col; public Vector3 start; public Vector3 end; private Vector3[] points; private Vector3[] moves; // Use this for initialization void Start(){ lr = GetComponent<LineRenderer>(); col = new Color(1.0f, 0.5f, 0.0f, 0.85f); // yellow lr.SetColors(col,col); lr.SetWidth(lrWidth, lrWidth); float distance = Vector3.Distance(start,end); Vector3 direction = (end-start).normalized; // return the largest integer int stepCount = Mathf.FloorToInt(distance / 0.5f); points = new Vector3[stepCount]; moves = new Vector3[stepCount]; // play with random.range to create a more impressive broken laser for (int i=0; i<stepCount; i++){ points[i] = start + (direction * i * 0.5f); points[i] += new Vector3(Random.Range(-0.1f,0.1f),Random.Range(-0.1f,0.1f),Random.Range(-0.1f,0.1f)); moves[i] = new Vector3(Random.Range(-0.1f,0.1f),Random.Range(-0.1f,0.1f),Random.Range(-0.1f,0.1f)); } lr.SetVertexCount(points.Length+1); for (int i=0; i<stepCount; i++){ lr.SetPosition(i,points[i]); } lr.SetPosition(points.Length,end); } // Update is called once per frame void Update () { // smooth spread... for (int i=0; i<points.Length; i++){ points[i] += moves[i] * Time.deltaTime * 1f; lr.SetPosition(i,points[i]); } //... and fade lr.SetColors(col,col); col.a -= Time.deltaTime * 0.5f; // alpha is null - destroy GO if(col.a<=0f)Destroy(gameObject); } } Hi folks. I use this script to create a line renderer similar with a broken laser or a thunderbold. I like this script because it helps me avoid a rigid and ugly laser when I need some FX. It determines the distance with the collider beyond and how many steps it must create. A random value defines a spread and a latest the fade... If you want to view his result, take a moment to see my little FPS Exit : escape from the Bunker (0'20'') on Desura (free keys always availables by PM). All is visible in the video. I hope it will be useful ++ How to use : Create a empty GO with a Line Renderer. Instantiate this GO and give him start and end values (use rayCast to define this latest point). You can use too a boolean to detect collider (hit ennemy or not)... // some example GameObject oLaser = (GameObject)GameObject.Instantiate(LaserRay); oLaser.GetComponent<ThunderBolt>().start = start.transform.position; oLaser.GetComponent<ThunderBolt>().end = hitInfo.point; // RayCast result
  20. In fact I have changed my way to interact with others players during a networking session. Now I use script NetWorkRigidBody. It's more efficient, but I don't understand the last step to animate my own player. I have coded this script, but spine doesn't react when I move mouse. Strange... using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class MovementUpdate : MonoBehaviour { private Vector3 previousPosition; private float velocity; private bool anim = true; private bool lastAnim = true; private Quaternion oHeadLastRot; public GameObject oSpider; public Transform oHead; void Start () { Network.sendRate = 25; oSpider.animation.wrapMode = WrapMode.Loop; if(networkView.isMine == true) { networkView.RPC("updateMovement", RPCMode.OthersBuffered, anim, oHead.rotation); } else { enabled = false; } } // Update is called once per frame void Update () { if(networkView.isMine) { velocity = ((transform.position - previousPosition).magnitude) / Time.deltaTime; previousPosition = transform.position; // Debug.Log(Vector3.Distance(velocity); if(velocity >= 1.0f)anim = true; if(velocity < 1.0f)anim = false; if(lastAnim != anim || Quaternion.Angle(oHead.rotation, oHeadLastRot) >= 0.1f ) { networkView.RPC("updateMovement", RPCMode.OthersBuffered, anim, oHead.rotation); lastAnim = anim; oHeadLastRot = oHead.rotation; } } } [RPC] void updateMovement (bool anim, Quaternion oHeadRot){ if(!networkView.isMine) { oHead.transform.rotation = oHeadRot; if(anim == true)oSpider.animation.CrossFade("Run"); if(anim == false)oSpider.animation.CrossFade("Idle"); } } } I don't have error, but player stays right like a tree Do you see something wrong in my script? Thank you for your help ++
  21. RakNet is embedded in Unity. It's a direct solution to dev a multi. Photon is another solution - an alternative... Choose one. I recommend you to try these projects which use raknet or photon to figure out the difference...
  22. Butcher Too many blood, but thank you for the share ++
  23. Don't be cruel with him. He shared a GUI project which seems to me a good example. He's not the almighty god, just a good guy...
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