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  1. Too expensive for me...
  2. RigidBody gravity disable or freeze this GO ++
  3. Have you instantiated this object? It's not really clear on this picture. Maybe you have a problem with position and rotation? I need explanation plz...
  4. geckoo

    Error in scripts

    I think you forgot something in inspector. Maybe a GO, a texture or a sound. A function calls this object, but you forgot it ++
  5. All your base is belong to us
  6. Impressive. Each method to secure a file or an information doesn't allow the guarantee to secure something. All is a question of time. I don't know how many time I have read this assurance "all is secure and forever" and each time, it's a big desilusion. In past, I worked with Hakin9 to write some articles about virus, exploits and shellcodes. I have coded some BackDoors, rootkits (I love it) and many many many ASM shellcodes - a real pleasure, but now I am an adult and I am afraid about jail This convention was in Luxembourg? I know a guy which has been able to open luxury cars with a laptop in Boulevard Royal - Bluetooth failure. Luxembourg is a real place for 1337 hackers - white and black hat...
  7. geckoo

    ludum dare 30

    There is some strange theme and I don't figure out how create something about it. It's the power of LD. Make something different, starting with nothing
  8. geckoo

    ludum dare 30

    We must wait the August 22 to know the theme. We can choose between two sessions - create a game in 48 hours or by team in 72 hours. Almost 2500 persons participated during LD29. A really good session ++ ...and no, you are not stupid
  9. geckoo


    Извините меня. Я представляю себе трудности, с которыми сталкиваются некоторые члены из форума, чтоб понять мою просьбу, но я хотел бы узнать сколько членов нашего форума говорят (более менее свободно) по-русски. Вообще это очень трудно найти кого-то, интересующегося программированием, и владея русским языком... но здесь, мне кажется, что есть много русскоговорящих. Ошибся ли я? Если вы можете выражаться на русском языке, скажьте пожалуйста - просто значок +1 достаточен. Спасибо за ваше внимание ++ +1
  10. geckoo

    ludum dare 30

    I don't know if you like this event, but the next LD session wil be soon - August 22/25. Theme is always unknown. Maybe others members of this forum will participate. It's a really good way to increase our capabilities to develop something, starting with nothing - a scratch ++ http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/
  11. using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class Bird : MonoBehaviour{ public float maxUpAndDown = 0.015f; public float speed = 250f; private float angle = 0f; private float toDegrees = Mathf.PI/180f; private Vector3 newPos; private void Update(){ angle += speed * Time.deltaTime; angle %= 360; newPos = transform.position; newPos.y += (maxUpAndDown * Mathf.Sin(angle * toDegrees)); transform.position = newPos; } } I have used this code to create a fly essentially vertically for my enemies. I think you can modify him to create a movement horizontally with your object. It uses a sinus mathematical function and all is smoothy during fly/move. Try to change newPos.y += (maxUpAndDown * Mathf.Sin(angle * toDegrees)); by newPos.x (try other distance, speed value, etc). It's not the best way, but now you have an alternative. Prefer Mathf.PingPong ++
  12. geckoo

    Traduction text

    Oki soon I send you a private message. Thank you ++
  13. geckoo

    Traduction text

    Yeah. In fact you know this place. After midnight it's a jungle for sex and drug... MyIsaak can you help me please to translate this brief text?
  14. It's an explanation, not a script Try to understand this mathematical function which will be useful ++ http://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Mathf.PingPong.html
  15. Each guy which develops has an opinion about this interesting question. I prefer C# because it seems to me useful... But another guy says that JS is more efficient. It's just a feeling. The power of these language is the same. I think your problem is another ++
  16. Thor110. We have on this forum many interesting tutorials and projects which I hope help you...
  17. It is absolutely wrong. I don't understand why you said that. I prefer C# like you, but JS isn't a language for noobs...Your advise seems to me really strange ++
  18. Sorry I didn't seen your country. On my phone it isn't really clear...
  19. http://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/modules/beginner/scripting OK I understand. It seems to me there is many video on YT, but principally in English. Where do you come from? Which language you understand?
  20. you have developed a game and you don't know a language like java? Ok...I recommend to you the official Unity site to learn JS. I think it is a good way. These examples are really clear ++
  21. A basic gameplay, but efficient. Thx for this tiny game ++
  22. geckoo

    Traduction text

    How it is possible? I work in Luxembourg-ville, near the rail station (dei nei post).I hope somebody can help me soon ++
  23. You can add a simple function to create a tiny movement down/up before disable/enable meshes. Cool FX guarantee ++
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