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  1. geckoo

    FPS Horror Game

    I am pretty sure that game uses FPS realistic. From me it's not a criticism... Weapons and NPC seem to me to be like in this asset. Right?
  2. Right. I forgot these useful commands ++
  3. geckoo

    4.6 Beta :o

    Harder, better, faster, stronger...
  4. I have an entire code to create a multi without Photon, but I use RakNet with serialise and others RPC. Now I have integrated some free assets to create the players. It's a TDM only + 4 weapons. I have no idea about environment or models, but my prototype works fine. If my project interests you, send me a PM. Find me models and one cool map and I will try to work with you. For me it's not easy because I prefer work alone. Please don't ask me if you wait that I code for you for fun. I am ready to try a team work, not a slavery...
  5. Do a simple test with another key and before build rename your key KeyCode.escape ++
  6. Whoa! If you find this girl, can you try to fix something up for me - a drink or just a little stroll ... and maybe more. THX ++
  7. I can't figure out why you want do that but it's a good question. I have found this answer. I hope it will be useful ++ http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/572176/how-can-i-instantiate-a-gameobject-directly-into-a-1.html PS : Oh my God! My GO is pregnant
  8. Friend I think you said the essential about this question. My friend is a stupid liar. Thank you for your answers ++
  9. I am lacking advice. I searched in the web some explanation about this urban legend, but I haven't found a confirmation or a demystification. One of my friends (which uses only JS) said that C# will vanish in the near future because the Team Unity wants only JS in the next versions. They want integrate JS, but without C# - WTF. This information seems to me to be as a lie or a joke. I don't like JS and I prefer C# which seems to me more useful because it's near from others platform like MSVC. Do you heard something about this? If it's true, I consider this decision as a tragedy (and a silly act). I will hang myself if I can find a rope
  10. geckoo

    Remote Mortar

    They have created a mortar with a camera like a predator? Whoaa I need it
  11. How you can know that MrFreaky123 uses C# to dev his script? Impressive ++ // this code in JS var minWait = 1.0; var maxWait = 10.0; function waitMe(){ yield WaitForSeconds(Random.Range(minWait, maxWait)); anotherFunction(); }
  12. Use the tag. Here a web page about function GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag http://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag.html totalGO = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("tagGO").Length; Debug.Log(totalGO);
  13. It's for this unique reason that I want work alone - slowly but surely ++
  14. Hey man! Look at behind me... It's seems to me someone follows me. No? Oh Jesus! I'm paranoid
  15. I don't understand. Someone can tell me if these models are free or not. It seems to me they have been extracted from another game, but the guy who has written this first post said the opposite. You could dispel this doubt please? Thank you ++ Centipede4 братец. Можешь ли ты сказать мне "раз и навсегда" если могу использовать эти оружия... или нет? Спасибо.
  16. PayDay2 again or you created this AK ?
  17. I would explain you another method which I hope will be for you helpful. I figure out a RigidBody velocity to define on this broken glass a force. Use a simple trigger on the glass to define a contact with the player. After it call the fracture script. I should use a RigidBody velocity because a simple contact don't be enough to break the glass. Maybe you know a method more efficient. I don't know ++
  18. Create your own. A recoil system is based on a random move on an axis when you shoot. In this script, I saw RPC functions, RayCast, call animations, blood (a big chaos in fact) and many others thinks which don't interest you. In OMA scripts you should find a good example I think. See this link for more detailed explanations ++ http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/simple-weapon-recoil-script.70271 Alos see this script from one of our members - KillerKip http://armedunity.com/topic/5046-recoil-script/
  19. Detailled and very impressive. Well done ++
  20. I have read "from PayDay2"... Man thank you to share something which hasn't been created by you. It's not really fair. Please respect the rules ++ Но в то же время тебе скажу добро пожаловать
  21. Wait... I concentrate on it... ready? Braaaaaaaaaaaaaouhhhhhhhhaïaïaïaïaïa.....shhhhhhh...eurk...eurk... Good?
  22. geckoo

    Car Script

    A car + a script ??? this project seems to me very similar with DriveClub ++
  23. http://soundbible.com if you need retro music for another project, go to nosoapradio ++
  24. Yes, and the first guy which has been able to do that works in Luxembourg as security consultant. At this time (2006/2007) it was a real challenge ++
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