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  1. Hi. I recommend you to use a list which you could easily convert to an array. A few months ago I had written an old post about a similar request - it seems to me that it is exactly what you are trying to do. Take a look at the function sortArray which call another one - checkDistance - so as to sort in a list all objects - nearest to farthest.  Then the list is converted to an array. I see in your previous code that you know how to use a simple loop - so you can interact with the three first objects in your array. I hope that it could be useful to you ++


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  2. Please login or register to see this quote.

    It has been posted just 3 days ago. I found it on Twitter, but I guess that in a few weeks it could be famous as was KungFu Fury which is my favorite indie movie ++

  3. Finally I did (another) puzzle game - Entities. It is available at this link below :

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    @DeepWolf - show me yours ++

  4. I don't want to explain again what is Ludumdare - I guess that I did that 4 or 5 times. The next LD starts friday at midnight. I would like to know if someone from our forum has planned to participate. If you do something for the 43th LD session, please post a link  here and I will take a look at your project, posting a brief review, rating your game. As usual I want to create another puzzle game, developing it on Unity. Now I wait the chosen theme - I hope something cool and creative. I wish you the best ++


    PS : you can find more information at link below :

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  5. I would like to host somewhere a master server - a little application which I can control using a few commands - start/stop, port and more.

    Do you know a free place on which I can do that?

  6. They are coming! Kill them Bobby - KILL THEM ALL !!!

    She is no longer your girlfriend! She became a monster...



    The same script but adding a big noise so as to diferentiate each character. This way each of them has sometimes another gesture ++

    PS : I know that I could increase speed, but I wanna see this noise acting :)

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  7. I am working on bipedal procedural animation system having no clue about what I could do with that :) In this video, you can see some basical animations which don't use anything except code - no mecanim, no legacy animation. The main character has 12 joints, but more than 30 parameters so as to work on its behavior. There is an Idle position, a walking mode, a running mode, some arm using weapon and a last one - to pick up an object on the ground (a shield). Also I added a noise - and if you pay attention, you can see some randomly gesture or a smooth transition between sequences. I tested this procedural animation script with more than 100 robots and I don't waste many ressource. Take a look at the video and let me know what you think about it ++



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