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  1. geckoo

    Text correction

    Just a little answer please - it's good enough or it's bad because you should write instead (bla bla bla)... Aeleas liked it, but I don't know exactly what it means. Thank you ++
  2. geckoo

    41th LudumDare

    Theme for 41th LudumDare is - combine two incompatible genres ++
  3. geckoo

    Text correction

    Hi my dear fellows. In my project which will be soon available on Steam, I display some sentences as a tutorial. Each first levels has its own explanation, just to introduce some new element or behavior. I am trying to be concise and clear. Please can you correct those sentences if you see a mistake? I guess that it's good enough, but I would like to be sure that I will not cause confusion to the players. Thank you for your help. Have a nice weekend ++ https://store.steampowered.com/app/838490/Theorem/ Use arrow keys to move the cube (press down arrow key) Rotate cube using arrow keys to change its direction To solve a level, the gray dongle must hit the pink tile The gray dongle can only touch blue and pink tiles Collect all pearls in the level so as to enable goal Once a black tile has been hit, it disappears Obviously the shortest path is not always the best Using a yellow gear, you can teleport yourself Enable mechanics in order to open your way If you do a bad move, but the previous tile has disappeared, you break game logic A purple gear moves in the direction with which it has been hit This one could be a little bit harder no? Bypass a no-way-out situation climbing up some high tiles There is always a way to reach your goal Combine bridge movements so as to reach your goal Climbing up some high tiles, make use of impossible geometry to open your way
  4. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/satellite-reign Another game for free which you can download thanks to Humble Bundle - Satellite Reign. Satellite Reign is a cyberpunk real-time tactics video game - metacritic 75 That music!
  5. I assume that login or create an acount using FB api doesn't affect security, but I guess that many people could believe the opposite. The main problem is how they compute our (big) data sharing/selling them with analysts... Often login/create account using FB api is an useful alternative - not the unique way. Otherwise I don't use app exploiting FB api because I have not any FB account
  6. geckoo

    41th LudumDare

    As usual (hum... I cannot remember when first time I started those topics) I would like to tell you briefly that soon the 41th Ludum Dare session will start. Should I remind you what is LudumDare? Maybe the best event 3 times per year - a gorgeous weekend during which we create many projects as games or something else according an imposed theme (or not). Nothing to gain - just fun and joy sharing something with others. What else? If you want to participate, it's free. Create an account on the site below, open a page and let's go. You could use Itch.io to upload your submission. You have 48 hours to post something (compo) or 72 hours (jam). I hope that you will be with us. Post a link here if you do something. This way I can test your own project. Bye ++ https://ldjam.com/ Pixel Prophecy who is a LudumDare participant since many year did a keyNote (a nice video) so as to explain what is LudumDare and how to create a great entry (or not) :
  7. I assume that you are right. I cannot clearly say that I understand all about SteamSpy - some algorithmes still are particularly darkly, but one thing is certain - I would like to use it always. Not possible ++
  8. It is (was) not really accurate with games which are available on Steam since a few weeks. Talking abouth that with some indie devs who sold many games on Steam (or not), they said to me that there is a difference around 5% or more (maybe 10%). Based on my own observations, the numbers are still pretty solid. Two important things are often admited. (1) Accuracy is affected by free weekends and low sample data. (2) Bundles, discounts and giveaways can also really skew the ownership numbers. So, keep in mind that not all owners purchased the game and not all purchasers paid the same price. Humble Bundles or Steam Holiday Sales contribute to the owners count ++
  9. SteamSpy - I guess that you know this site (a really good stuff) to read many interesting information about games which are available on Steam. It seems that this site will be no longuer online in a few days. Soon on Steam, an updated settings panel will let gamers/developers more clearly decide how all information of the service is communicated to the large public. Accordind the recent News about FB, we understand the necessity to do something avoiding to share too many data. Also I bet the changes are because of the new European regulations about shared information that come in May 25th 2018. However the new Steam policy change does some collateral damage - at first SteamSpy. It won't be able to operate anymore thanks to Valve's official policy change. It's a paradox considering that one Valve speaker that held a talk at GDC 2018 was going on and on about how SteamSpy was the most useful developer utility out there - strange behavior. It's a pity. I hope a reversal in this situation All is explained here - take a look at link below ++ https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/04/steam-spy-announces-its-shutting-down-blames-valves-new-privacy-settings/
  10. In this case, why you don't use Vector3.distance - then check position to know if an object is above another or below (so abs it) ++
  11. geckoo


    What it means? Unity allows to create 2d and 3d games. Can you explain your point of view? I took a look at the main page of the Godot engine and it seems to me really powerful. It could be an interesting alternative ++
  12. Cool. Thank you for sharing. May I recommend you to take a look at this alternative - a script which allows to create a custom crosshair using a single string. PS : also it allows to create a custom mouse cursor using the same way ++
  13. geckoo


    My game "Theorem" will be available on Steam store in a few days. So many work to achieve my goal, and finally yes! So I guess that you can imagine my feelings today... Now I wait with anxiety first feedback ++ http://store.steampowered.com/app/838490/Theorem/ PS : also it will be available on Itch.io - the first platform which supported me ++
  14. geckoo


    I did a short clip showing gameplay and main aesthetic of my latest project - Theorem. If you like clever puzzle games, I guess that you could like it... If you dislike them, forget it
  15. We wait an explanation from BiodreamStudio and if it is true, we will warn him ++
  16. geckoo

    My Music Projects

    More jazzy than the previous. Good stuff ++
  17. geckoo


    Pretty face, basical sentence, link... I guess that you are another person or a bot - someone/something who have to share link to promote a site. Or maybe your introduce is just too clumsy... Create your own thread if you want to introduce yourself to us. However if I am wrong (shame on me) welcome ++
  18. Hum. I guess that this thread has been hide up by another - and so just a few people know offering. Too bad... You still have one day to pick up this game for free ++
  19. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/spec-ops-the-line As I said often, I cannot say franky that I like TPS/FPS, but some of them impressed me for one reason or another - aesthetic, background, story, gameplay or something else. SpecOps is one of them - a beautiful game in a large environment with a dark story. A soldier sinks into madness, saving people, trying to do his best, doing some wrong actions. If I have to compare this game with a movie, I would llike to quote ApocalyseNow - the same journey into the heart of Hell. I recommand to everyone this strange experience. A great game - and now for free. They made my day offering this game. Take a look at this video ++
  20. Ok. I am happy to see that finally you took into consideration our advices. I wish you the best developing, your first project. Don't give up. Show us progress soon ++
  21. I didn't expect anything, but one thing is for sure though - ant animation is really cute and smooth ++
  22. Maybe it is just a problem with material shaders as said GeneralCookie. So changing Unity for a deprecated version is not really logical :/
  23. Among all my projects which I did during the last 5 years, some had been created using shaders (portal, cam fx, etc) and they don't work anymore on Unity 5.6 or 2018. I guess that our friend is struggling hard with similar problems. I think that it could be better to fix all errors than trying to do something with Unity4 - which is today totally deprecated ++
  24. А у тебя какие новости? Твой проект продолжается или успешно закончился? Please, write your answer in English. It's always better for those who don't understand language of Pushkin
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