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  1. pinoykaiser - I understood RPC and NetCode in Unity through a little project which you can find here. Sure ! It's a FPS, but it seems to me not really different with your game. You need to link your objects with a NetViewer and distribute all info by Update. Your game is very pleasant with nice concept. Good luck ++
  2. This shader is so amazing that result shock me. This guy is a monster ++
  3. In fact C# and JS are so similar with Unity that I didn't ask question many time. I am using both without problem - sometimes in the same project (but it's not really recommended). I don't know Boo. In these languages just the syntax is different (or call function). I tends to prefer working with C#. Look at this explanation ++ http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php/Csharp_Differences_from_JS
  4. geckoo

    Name above player

    I didn't know that. Thank for this advert. Thank you Beanster for this explanation. I will try ++
  5. geckoo

    camera problem

    In Unity console you can see the line code or GameObject which did'nt work. Read the red advice and detect cause of this problem. Perhaps you need to set something in inspector. I don't know...
  6. geckoo

    Name above player

    void AddPlayer(bool isLocal, NetworkViewID anID, string name, NetworkPlayer np, int targetTeam, int lives){ FPSPlayer newPlayer = new FPSPlayer(); newPlayer.viewID = anID; newPlayer.local = isLocal; newPlayer.name = name; newPlayer.netPlayer = np; newPlayer.team = targetTeam; newPlayer.lives = lives; players.Add(newPlayer);} When a new player arrive in game, this function create a new entity with many settings. I have a string "newPlayer.name". How I can use this string to create a GUItext with name of player above his head? I have found different scripts, but they don't really fun. In a multiplayer environment I have a bad result. Thank you for help ++
  7. Thank you for your words. It's for me an encouragement and a boost to continue. Can you explain to me what is a downloaded pause menu? If you want I can post the script to create a scratch with a simple line renderer. I will do that soon ++
  8. http://jeparlerusse.fr/games/lol/lol.html Finally I have updated my project. Now I use a RagDoll to create a DeathSequence which seems to me better than a simple animation without collision detection. I have "wiped out" many old parts of code and now I think NetCode works fine. GUI is OK. Don't forget ! It's not a game - just a proof of concept to create a game in the future. I work on the code and after it I will focus on the artistic material. See you later ++ Ca avance tout doucement, mais ça avance. J'ai intégré une séquence de mort plus réaliste dans le jeu. L'animation n'était pas mauvaise, mais elle ne détecte pas les collisions avec l'environnement - ce qui engendre par moment quelques pénétrations assez discutables dans le décor. Une grande partie du code a été reconsidéré afin d'être plus stable. La GUI est finie. Je pense que c'est mieux. Certes, ce n'est pas révolutionnaire, mais c'est selon moi de bonne augure ++ Я продолжаю изменять много аспектов моего проекта. Например я использую RagDoll, чтоб создать движение смерти. Мне кажется, что это лучше, чем предыдущий код. Я удалил/снимал некоторые отрывки кода, пробуя усовершенствовать отношение между клиентом и сервером. Идёт! Все в порядке. GUI закочинно. Знаю, что есть ещё много дел. Не будьте ко мне жестоки ++
  9. geckoo


    You should post your script so that we can understand and solve your problem. Maybe you forgot a Tag or something like this. The shader to create the zombie disappearance seems to me very cool. Available on the web? Thank you ++
  10. geckoo

    RagDoll and physics

    Whooa! You found the solution. My problem is caused by the collider. It has been like a mortar. Thank you for help ++ PS: I must disable Character Controler... strange.
  11. It seems to me too dark ++
  12. geckoo

    RagDoll and physics

    I prefer to start a new topic about this question. I have in my project an avatar. When he dies, he disappear and a similar avatar with a RagDoll appears to create a death animation. I use the same parameters (position and rotation) to smooth the difference. I have found this code in FPSKit. Finally my DeathAvatar appears in the scene, but he fly like a bat. I try to find how change this parameters. I have set the same parameters as in FPSKit, but it didn't work. I want a simple movement : he die, he falls and stop... Can you help me please ++
  13. Ok. Thank you for this advice. Finally I have created a ragdoll which works fine in my project, but (again) I try to understand something. When my player die, he fly like a bird in the scene. Sometimes even he takes off like a rocket and I don't control anything. Sure it's funny, but not really good. This result seems to me ridiculous. How we can set the force and physics with a ragdoll? In fact I want a simple result - the player die and he falls on the ground like a stone. In the inspector I have modified many settings, but result is always... strange. Thank you for your help ++
  14. Yeh Sure I can find help in this FPSkit. You are allright. Thank you very much for your advice. See you later ++
  15. DarkChaos, I understand method which you have explained to me, but I got a strange result. In fact I have a constant "earthquake" and I can't control my player. Finally he falls outside the scene. It seems to me that I have a conflict somewhere. Where is the problem? I have acted exactly as you explain. Thank for help bro ++
  16. When i try with PlayOnce, I don't know why, but this animation continues without end. I have wasted many time to understand and I don't find/fix cause of this problem. I use this alternative to avoid redundancy. Thank you DarkChaos for your help. Now I understand ++
  17. Hi friends! I have seven animations with my character to walk, jump, crouch and die. I dont use Mecanim. I want finish the death sequence with a RagDoll physics to avoid penetration in walls and ground. I have create a RagDoll configuration on my player, but I don't know how switch to enable RagDoll physics. Thank you for your help ++ animObj.animation["soldierDieFront"].wrapMode = WrapMode.ClampForever; animObj.animation.Play("soldierDieFront"); // what is the script command to switch in RagDoll mod ?
  18. Man what do you really think about this game? In fact It seems too me very annoying. We must travel in a large world - so it's cool, but where's the interest? I can do that with many games. I saw many video on the web. I don't know if exist another game so bugged like dayZ. Recently I have found a channel dedicated to this game. A guy try to find another player just to say "hello! high five!" - see result here. It's so pathetic... Have a good day bro ++
  19. Thank you for the compliment, but I think it's really... primitive If you like it, do you know Warsow? http://www.warsow.net/ I think this game is really impressive with a good and original aspect ++
  20. Finally I have fixed this code and now it works fine with Unity4. I use a player very ugly and every model in this alpha are really bad, but it's not a game... juste a concept which I can work for my own project. I understand many things and now I think I got the grade to develop a real game (just multi). I continue to learn and work on it. I search different models (maybe I can use FPSkit) and after it I must create four/five maps. I know what i will do in 2014 Thank you for your help ++ http://jeparlerusse.fr/games/lol/lol.html Я знаю, что это не очень хорошо, но мне кажется, что смогу создать интересную игру, пробуя усовершенствовать этот концепт. У меня есть так много идей, a я не знаю с чего начать и куда отправляться... Сообщу вам в недалеком будущем другие изменения ++
  21. geckoo

    A model please

    I have solved my problem like this : void LateUpdate(){ // easy way to articulate players in real axis if (thisPlayer.health >= 0){ transform.Find("SoldierX/Bip01/Bip01 Pelvis/Bip01 Spine/Bip01 Spine1").localEulerAngles += new Vector3(0, 0, -camAngle.x); } } I don't know if it's really conventionnal, but it works
  22. geckoo

    A model please

    void LateUpdate(){ if (thisPlayer.health>0f){ if (isLocal){ GameObject aimBone = GameObject.Find("SoldierX/Bip01/Bip01 Pelvis/Bip01 Spine"); Debug.Log(aimBone.name); // OK aimBone.transform.localEulerAngles += new Vector3(0, 0, -camAngle.x); animObj.transform.localPosition = (animObj.transform.forward * camAngle.x * -0.002f) - Vector3.up; } } } I don't understand because all my player move on this axys, but I modify with this code only "spine junction" ? Where is my mistake? Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood please ++
  23. geckoo

    A model please

    Hi all! Again I need your help. In my own project I use this model just to see how it works - how I must create animations and many other features... but it seems to me very ugly and code to articulate spine is really hard to understand. Do you know where I can find a free model (or not very expensive), which I want put in my own project? Now my player moves/jump/crouch/shoot/die correctly, but I don't know how a rigged model can move vertically. In first person view, all is correct, but in the scene my player (and clones) is still in an absolute horizontal position. I need a model - I need an explanation. Thank you very much for your help - my friends. Bye ++ PS : I don't use Mecanim.
  24. Thank you Beanster. I understand. if (thisPlayer.lives>=0){ if (isLocal){ SetModelVisibility(false); // Hide our character ++ // Debug.Log("this clone is mine -"+transform.name; transform.Find("SoldierX/armorArms").renderer.enabled = false; transform.Find("SoldierX/armorBody").renderer.enabled = false; transform.Find("SoldierX/head").renderer.enabled = false; // all meshes... }else{ SetModelVisibility(true); }
  25. I have a problem with a multiplayer scene. When my player appears I can see my body as I can see others players. I try to disable renderer because it seems to me the good method, but when I search (by GameObject.find) the body of my player, finally I have many occurence - me and others players. if I disable one, I disable all... body = GameObject.Find("body"); body.renderer.enabled = false; How I can disable renderer of my player and not others ? How I can define a condition and disable ONLY my player? I have coded this first step and it works - but now... : if (thisPlayer.lives>=0){ if (isLocal){ Debug.Log("local clone"); // disable renderer }else{ Debug.Log("no local clone"); // don't do nothing } Thank you very much for help ++
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