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  1. geckoo

    Seus Lens Flare

    Thank for sharing. Effect is really cool ++
  2. I have a project which I would share with you... in other case. I don't like your avatar. Good luck mein herr ++
  3. I saw a clone of GTA. Result don't really good, but with some money, time and a team, it's possible ++
  4. very cool mix, but sound not really good. Quality problem ++
  5. I know better web sites. Besides it's too expensive ++ for musics - http://www.nosoapradio.us for sounds - http://soundbible.com/blog/2013/100-war-sound-fx Google is our friend
  6. It's look good but... I have compared this code with mine and it seems to me very bugged. It's not a reproach because devlopper is very nice with us. He shares his code kindly. I have many clipping, network don't work fine and I have an annoying lag each time I shoot. What he used to create net relation between players? Photon or something like it?
  7. It's like CS. Weapons and body interest me ++
  8. Sure we can modify speed of our enemy. I can understand this fact - you don't know where are these values because you are a beginner, but with time and strong will it's possible to read code like a book. You must start with simple codes/sources. In the web it's very easy to find tutorials. After it, learn FPSkit and this code will seem to you really amazing ++
  9. geckoo


    Finally I use the easiest method It works fine. Thank you friends ++ private bool crouched = false; private float duration = 7.0f; (...) if (!crouched){ camHolder.transform.localPosition = Vector3.Lerp(camHolder.transform.localPosition, Vector3.up * 0.8f, Time.deltaTime * duration); // Vector3.zero; }else{ camHolder.transform.localPosition = Vector3.Lerp(camHolder.transform.localPosition, Vector3.zero, Time.deltaTime * duration); // Vector3.zero; }
  10. geckoo


    OK I understand. Thank for your suggestions ++
  11. geckoo


    I use a condition to create a smooth effect between idle and "crouch" positions. In fact I use function Vector3.lerp, but it didn't work and crouch is immediate. I forgot something? Thank you for help ++ if (!crouched){ // Create a breath effect in idle state/no crouch // DuckMov += Time.deltaTime * 5f; camHolder.transform.localPosition = Vector3.up * 0.8f; // Mathf.Sin(DuckMov) * 0.012f; }else{ timeToCrouch = Time.time; timeToCrouch += Time.deltaTime / duration; camHolder.transform.localPosition = Vector3.Lerp(Vector3.up * 0.8f, Vector3.zero, timeToCrouch); // Vector3.zero; }
  12. The wall is great. Thank for sharing ++
  13. geckoo

    new fps camera

    I don't know if you ask us a question or if it's just a comment. It seems to me you need help... OK. I use a method to directly disable material of my character if bool Local is true. I think my project is different, but maybe you can understand something. Code works like this : public void SetModelVisibility(bool visible){ // define material for each team if (theNetwork.gameSettings.teamBased){ if (thisPlayer.team == 1){ transform.Find("SoldierX/armorArms").renderer.material.color = Color.magenta; transform.Find("SoldierX/armorBody").renderer.material.color = Color.magenta; transform.Find("SoldierX/Bip01/Bip01 Pelvis/Bip01 Spine/Bip01 Spine1/Bip01 Spine2/Bip01 Neck/Bip01 Head/soldierHelmet").renderer.material.color = Color.magenta; } if (thisPlayer.team == 2){ transform.Find("SoldierX/armorArms").renderer.material.color = Color.cyan; transform.Find("SoldierX/armorBody").renderer.material.color = Color.cyan; transform.Find("SoldierX/Bip01/Bip01 Pelvis/Bip01 Spine/Bip01 Spine1/Bip01 Spine2/Bip01 Neck/Bip01 Head/soldierHelmet").renderer.material.color = Color.cyan; } } if (!visible){ //hide our player to himself transform.Find("SoldierX/armorArms").renderer.material.shader = oShadow; transform.Find("SoldierX/armorBody").renderer.material.shader = oShadow; transform.Find("SoldierX/head").renderer.material.shader = oShadow; transform.Find("SoldierX/Bip01/Bip01 Pelvis/Bip01 Spine/Bip01 Spine1/Bip01 Spine2/Bip01 Neck/Bip01 Head/soldierHelmet").renderer.materials[0].shader = oShadow; transform.Find("SoldierX/Bip01/Bip01 Pelvis/Bip01 Spine/Bip01 Spine1/Bip01 Spine2/Bip01 Neck/Bip01 Head/soldierHelmet").renderer.materials[1].shader = oShadow; // we know the material, but cache it if (gunMesh1.renderer){ gunMesh1.renderer.material = artillery.gunTypes[handGun].gunMaterial; gunMesh1.renderer.material.shader = oShadow; } if (gunMesh2.renderer){ gunMesh2.renderer.material = artillery.gunTypes[holsterGun].gunMaterial; gunMesh2.renderer.material.shader = oShadow; } }else{ //show the player to me transform.Find("SoldierX/armorArms").renderer.enabled = true; transform.Find("SoldierX/armorBody").renderer.enabled = true; transform.Find("SoldierX/head").renderer.enabled = true; transform.Find("SoldierX/Bip01/Bip01 Pelvis/Bip01 Spine/Bip01 Spine1/Bip01 Spine2/Bip01 Neck/Bip01 Head/soldierHelmet").renderer.enabled = true; if (handGun>=0 && gunMesh1.renderer) gunMesh1.renderer.material = artillery.gunTypes[handGun].gunMaterial; if (holsterGun>=0 && gunMesh2.renderer) gunMesh2.renderer.material = artillery.gunTypes[holsterGun].gunMaterial; } if (firstPersonGun != null && thisPlayer.local && firstPersonGun.renderer && handGun>=0){ if (!visible){ firstPersonGun.renderer.enabled = true; firstPersonGun.renderer.material = artillery.gunTypes[handGun].gunMaterial; }else{ firstPersonGun.renderer.enabled = false; } } } In fact I use a shader to create a shadow with a mesh without material, but you can change the method and only disable renderer : transform.Find("SoldierX/armorArms").renderer.enabled = true; transform.Find("SoldierX/armorBody").renderer.enabled = true; transform.Find("SoldierX/head").renderer.enabled = false; I can see the body and arms, but head is invisible ++
  14. Application.targetFrameRate = 60; http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/ScriptReference/Application-targetFrameRate.html The web page which Connor Gibson gave you is interesting to increase performances ++
  15. For a 7dFPS project a guy has created a strange game. ASCII characters fight against player and result seems to me really strange. I like to discover works which have been developed during these sessions 7dFPS. We can learn many things. This boy has smoked some illegal grass no? on Youtube ++
  16. For each value a RPC function? Ok I understand. I must rewrite this part of code. You're right - will be better. A last question. is there a means to see in Unity the bandwidth? We can use a tool? Thank ++
  17. I want to understand. In this code I use a RPCUpdate function only if one from five parameters has changed - camAngle, moveVec, crouched, yMove and health. I actualize all parameters in this case. OK I can reduce this, but I need actualize camAngle, moveVec, crouched, yMove. How I can keep a good relation clients/server if I change this? Sorry but I don't understand. Can I simplify this process if I use rpcCamtime = Time.time + 0.05 ? I need to read a simply code - an example. Do you have? Thank ++
  18. I don't know if this function will be better than this RPCUpdate method. In my project all players play simultaneously without problems. I am ready to change this part of code, but do you think I can save a importante network bandwidth or maybe difference will be not significant?
  19. if (camAngle != lastCamAngle && Time.time>rpcCamtime) sendRPCUpdate = true; if (moveVec != lastMoveVector) sendRPCUpdate = true; if (crouched != lastCrouch) sendRPCUpdate = true; if (yMove != lastYmove) sendRPCUpdate = true; if (thisPlayer.health != lastHealth) sendRPCUpdate = true; if (theNetwork.broadcastPos){ theNetwork.broadcastPos = false; sendRPCUpdate = true; } lastCamAngle = camAngle; lastMoveVector = moveVec; lastCrouch = crouched; lastYmove = yMove; lastHealth = thisPlayer.health; if (sendRPCUpdate){ theNetwork.SendPlayer(thisPlayer.viewID, transform.position, camAngle, crouched, moveVec, yMove, handGun, holsterGun, transform.up, transform.forward); sendRPCUpdate = false; rpcCamtime = Time.time; } (...) Sure friend! We need compare the last values and if we have some difference, sendRPCUpdate = true; In other case, we don't do anything - sendRPCUpdate = false; I think this functions work fine. What do you think about this?
  20. geckoo

    meta file

    Thank you for this explanation.
  21. //-------- Network gameplay stuff ---------- public void SendPlayer(NetworkViewID viewID, Vector3 pos, Vector3 ang, bool crouch, Vector3 moveVec, float yMove, int gunA, int gunB, Vector3 playerUp, Vector3 playerForward){ //send out a player's current properties to everyone, so they know where we are networkView.RPC("SendPlayerRPC", RPCMode.Others, viewID, pos, ang, crouch, moveVec, yMove, gunA, gunB, playerUp, playerForward); } [RPC] void SendPlayerRPC(NetworkViewID viewID, Vector3 pos, Vector3 ang, bool crouch, Vector3 moveVec, float yMove, int gunA, int gunB, Vector3 playerUp, Vector3 playerForward, NetworkMessageInfo info){ //received a player's properties, let's update the local view of that player lastRPCtime = Time.time; for (int i=0; i<players.Count; i++){ if (viewID == players[i].viewID && players[i].fpsEntity != null){ players[i].lastPong = Time.time; players[i].fpsEntity.UpdatePlayer(pos, ang, crouch, moveVec, yMove, info.timestamp, gunA, gunB, playerUp, playerForward); } } } Like this I think it's more understandable ++
  22. geckoo

    meta file

    What is utility of meta files which had been created when project compiled in unity? I erase it each time, but maybe I make a mistake. Must be conserved?
  23. I don't update animations by RPC. Why do that? I Use a simply correlation in LocalMode. But you need use Broadcast to distribute new pose/statut (in example a boolean) ++ if (thisPlayer.health>0f){ if (yMove == 0f){ if (moveVec.magnitude>0.1f){ if (crouched){ animObj.animation.Play("soldierCrouchRun"); }else{ animObj.animation.Play("soldierRun"); } if (Vector3.Dot(moveVec, lookDir)<-0.5f){ animObj.animation["soldierCrouchRun"].speed = -1; animObj.animation["soldierRun"].speed = -1; }else{ animObj.animation["soldierCrouchRun"].speed = 1; animObj.animation["soldierRun"].speed = 1; } }else{ oDead = true; if (crouched){ animObj.animation.Play("soldierCrouch"); }else{ animObj.animation.Play("soldierIdle"); } } }else{ if (yMove>0f){ // animObj.animation.Play("soldierLanding"); }else{ animObj.animation.Play("soldierFalling"); } } (...) ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// public void UpdatePlayer(Vector3 pos, Vector3 ang, bool crouch, Vector3 move, float yMovement, double time, int gunA, int gunB, Vector3 playerUp, Vector3 playerForward){ transform.position = pos; camHolder.transform.eulerAngles = ang; camAngle = ang; crouched = crouch; moveVec = move; yMove = yMovement; lastUpdateTime = time; handGun = gunA; holsterGun = gunB; transform.LookAt(transform.position + playerForward, playerUp); NonLocalUpdate(); }
  24. pinoykaiser - I understood RPC and NetCode in Unity through a little project which you can find here. Sure ! It's a FPS, but it seems to me not really different with your game. You need to link your objects with a NetViewer and distribute all info by Update. Your game is very pleasant with nice concept. Good luck ++
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