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  1. geckoo


    Now Cell is available on Desura for free. http://www.desura.com/games/cell Friends I need your support. THX ++
  2. geckoo


    It would be a pleasure to help you again ++
  3. geckoo


    The most easiest way to play a sound by RPC is to send position which emits this sound (a player). I think you understand this because you have used a RPC function. But you must create too a boolean to avoid the repetition in your game and this boolean will be active again only after a laps of time. Do something like this : bool waitMe = true; if( Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.F) && waitMe == true){ pw.RPC("PlaySound", PhotonTargets.All); waitMe = false; yield WaitForSeconds (2); waitMe = true; } }
  4. geckoo

    Western FPS

    On asset store today I have found an full template which seems to me very cool for who wants to create a FPS old school with pixel art visual : https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#/content/16225 This concept is really original and project pleasant. Prize is the big problem
  5. It seems to me you are wrong to try to understand all in this tutorial because you are a newbie. It is not a criticism - each of us has been an absolute beginner in past. I think the problem is different. Animation don't affect the movement of your character. I don't know where is the problem because I haven't read your script, but do you have a collider on your cube ? I suggest to you to try another tutorial - an easy tutorial ++
  6. geckoo


    This code seems to me logical, but I don't understand why you use a random length for your sound. And after it, you use another time value to destroy this AudioSource. In fact, what do you want ? If you want play a sound it's not a really good method. Please explain to me your will ++
  7. In fact your question looks very interesting, but I don't know how you can do it. In web I saw only this tutorial. I searched eventually a shader on Unity (and God knows how many files are shared for free) but it seems to me, it doesn't exist. Maybe somebody will help us... See you later friend ++
  8. really cool collection of effects. thx ++
  9. geckoo

    seeing through walls

    Thanks for tips. I am approaching. I have now another way much better. I tell you about this soon ++
  10. Hi folks. I try to find a shader (or other method) to see through walls an item to increase interest with a stealth game. Sure we can use this asset, but it costs 5 dollars and it seems to me bugged with unity ver4. Do you have some idea about method ? Thank you for your help ++
  11. Did you see this tutorial on Blender ? http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?272229-Crumpled-Paper-Ball-Tutorial
  12. I have played with a previous version, but this game seems to me too slow. I don't find many players to play with me. I will try again soon. Can I download a package somewhere ?
  13. geckoo

    Indie game

    I will try Star Made and Fez. And can I find a FPS really interesting ?
  14. Here you can find a script named "Buoyency" (not Beyonce) http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/72974-Buoyancy-script Don't forget this - it requires a collider and rigidbody components. This code has been coded in C# language ++
  15. geckoo

    Indie game

    What is your favorite indie game ? This week-end I want to try something on Desura - FPS or not. Did you have some idea? Thanks ++
  16. You can find many good musics in a retro style on this page : http://www.nosoapradio.us I like this compositor which dispenses his work for free. He is one of my favorites... I think you can find something here ++
  17. You can create a simply function to increase integer (or float) score when our zombie die. After it, you can associate this value with a GUI.label on screen (it is better than simple GUItext). I think you must use score.ToString("F0") to create a string with this value. This is a simple example with GUItext - I guess we use a float, but an integer would be enough : float score = 0.0f; function DieZombie(){ // bla bla score = score + 100; } scoreText = (GameObject.Find("CurrentScore")).gameObject.GetComponent<GUIText>(); scoreText.text = Mathf.RoundToInt(score).ToString(); In fact I don't know why I have used a float I hope you understand my explaination ++
  18. I like this pure design - white and cold. Very impressive ++
  19. I try to understand name but I can't... Societatem - please help me ++
  20. geckoo

    3D Pac-man

    Cool game with some interesting features. It's a good job ++
  21. Nice work and your prize is very interesting. Perhaps I will contact you soon ++
  22. before download it, I want understand something please... How it works ? Must apply this script on a simple plan or it uses another way ? Thanks for explaination ++
  23. geckoo


    http://www.sendspace.com/file/prtgdl CELL is now available for free on this adress. It's a compressed file 27mo. Try it please and tell me your opinion and others ideas... It's NOT a FPS. Before download, see this picture in game - http://hpics.li/89ba24e Thx ++
  24. http://techcrunch.com/2014/03/25/facebook-to-buy-oculus-vr-maker-of-the-rift-headset-for-around-2b-in-cash-and-stock/ Palmer Luckey said - The goal is to start a Kickstarter project [occulus rift] on June 1st that will end on July 1st, shipping afterwards as soon as possible. I won't make a penny of profit off this project, the goal is to pay for the costs of parts, manufacturing, shipping, and credit card/Kickstarter fees with about $10 left over for a celebratory pizza and beer. Finally he sold his project to FB for 2 billions dollars. Cool ++
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