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  1. Did you read the unity tutorial about transform.rotate ? http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/ScriptReference/Transform.Rotate.html I don't know exactly what you want but maybe this is it: void UpdateMovingParts(){ Quaternion newRotation = new Quaternion(transform.rotation.x, transform.rotation.y, transform.rotation.z, transform.rotation.w); newRotation *= Quaternion.Euler(90, 0, 0); // this add a 90 degrees X rotation transform.rotation= Quaternion.Slerp(transform.rotation, newRotation,20 * Time.deltaTime); }
  2. Make web site ? I don't have time to administrate my own forum... how and why I could create another site ? Themes on Weebly are really cool but it seems to me that those services are too expensive. With WordPress and a good provider we can do better than weebly... I think you must create your own web service ++
  3. geckoo

    Help - no code

    Maybe. I will reinstall it soon. It seems to me that I need reformat my HD - inside it's a big chaos like in the univers
  4. geckoo

    Help - no code

    Hi friends. I have today installed a new version of my unity station - upgrade 4.3.4 because before I have used 4.2. All is free - pro trial version 30 day. Now I can't build a windows application. I have a strange log like this : Initialize engine version: 4.3.4f1 (e444f76e01cd) GfxDevice: creating device client; threaded=1 Direct3D: Version: Direct3D 9.0c [aticfx32.dll] Renderer: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series Vendor: ATI VRAM: 1010 MB (via DXGI) Caps: Shader=30 DepthRT=1 NativeDepth=1 NativeShadow=1 DF16=1 INTZ=1 RAWZ=0 NULL=1 RESZ=1 SlowINTZ=1 The resource Sprites-Default.mat could not be loaded from the resource file! I don't understand the problem because all works fine in web and inside Unity. What it means ? What do you think ? THX ++
  5. This tutorial is very useful. Thanks for the tips ++
  6. Результат очень красив. Мне нравится дизайн этой комнаты. Я хотел бы узнать какими шейдерами ты пользуешься ? Я поздравляю тебя !!!
  7. geckoo

    Layer in inspector

    I didn't delete the layers. I can see another when I click on. I am trying to use the same layer which is attached on enemy. I have imported my own, but - because I can't define the good layer, RayCastHit don't touch it. It seems to me, there is a problem with version which I use and the previous - original tool. I have tested a new, but result didn't work. Thank for your help ++
  8. Really cool! Final result will be more than correct ++
  9. I use a forum PHPBB with a simple theme, but in fact I prefer WordPress. It seems to me that more simple isn't existing - it's my opinion and experience. This alternative with PHPBB looks very interesting. I will see it soon... http://jeparlerusse.fr - forum PHPBB about russian language for french members. Вообще я должен каждый месяц утратить много времени, чтоб администрировать этот форум. Тебе не рекомендую подобного ++
  10. geckoo

    Layer in inspector

    No one has fixed a similar problem in past ?
  11. Tank is cool and scripts which you use are really interesting. Well done ++
  12. geckoo

    Layer in inspector

    I work on a new project. I use an older project which uses some basics FPS scripts - move, shoot, IA and others things. I have a problem to understand a strange particularity in this code. In inspector and for each older prefab I don't see anything to define layer (no information). In fact it's not a problem, but when I import an other prefab, a default layer appears and I can't touch by RayCast this new prefab. How I can erase this Layer information to create a state like other prefabs ? I show you inspector. Thank for your help ++ http://hpics.li/552e88d
  13. geckoo

    Line renderer

    Ok thanks for the tips ++
  14. geckoo

    Line renderer

    I have some difficult to understand how works LineRenderer in Unity. I have coded this function - shoot of my enemy, but I want create too a lazer between us. My function has been coded like this : function Fire(){ var hit2 : RaycastHit; shootDirection = transform.forward; var lineRenderer : LineRenderer = GetComponent(LineRenderer); shootDirection.x += Random.Range(-spreadFactor, spreadFactor); shootDirection.y += Random.Range(-spreadFactor, spreadFactor); shootDirection.z += Random.Range(-spreadFactor, spreadFactor); if (Physics.Raycast(transform.position, shootDirection, hit2, 100.0)) { if (hit2.transform.gameObject.tag == "Player")hit2.transform.SendMessage("Damage", SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver); else{ var hitRotation = Quaternion.FromToRotation(Vector3.up, hit2.normal); } } shootDirection = transform.forward; playShotSound(); yield WaitForSeconds(Random.Range(1.8, 3.2)); recovering = false; } How I can create a simple lazer beam when my enemy shoot me ? I need just the coordonates because all features of my Line Renderer are correct. Thank you for the support ++
  15. No I am sorry, but my plan has changed. Yesterday a guy from Desura informed me that my game will be in the next Freedom Friday (04/18). I must change many things in this game. I don't want to ruin my first contribution on Desura. Sorry but you will be without me. Next time I hope ++
  16. I will be on holiday in few days (04/19) and I could participate before the next LudumDare session (04/25) ++
  17. geckoo


    Now Cell is available on Desura for free. http://www.desura.com/games/cell Friends I need your support. THX ++
  18. geckoo


    It would be a pleasure to help you again ++
  19. geckoo


    The most easiest way to play a sound by RPC is to send position which emits this sound (a player). I think you understand this because you have used a RPC function. But you must create too a boolean to avoid the repetition in your game and this boolean will be active again only after a laps of time. Do something like this : bool waitMe = true; if( Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.F) && waitMe == true){ pw.RPC("PlaySound", PhotonTargets.All); waitMe = false; yield WaitForSeconds (2); waitMe = true; } }
  20. geckoo

    Western FPS

    On asset store today I have found an full template which seems to me very cool for who wants to create a FPS old school with pixel art visual : https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#/content/16225 This concept is really original and project pleasant. Prize is the big problem
  21. It seems to me you are wrong to try to understand all in this tutorial because you are a newbie. It is not a criticism - each of us has been an absolute beginner in past. I think the problem is different. Animation don't affect the movement of your character. I don't know where is the problem because I haven't read your script, but do you have a collider on your cube ? I suggest to you to try another tutorial - an easy tutorial ++
  22. geckoo


    This code seems to me logical, but I don't understand why you use a random length for your sound. And after it, you use another time value to destroy this AudioSource. In fact, what do you want ? If you want play a sound it's not a really good method. Please explain to me your will ++
  23. In fact your question looks very interesting, but I don't know how you can do it. In web I saw only this tutorial. I searched eventually a shader on Unity (and God knows how many files are shared for free) but it seems to me, it doesn't exist. Maybe somebody will help us... See you later friend ++
  24. really cool collection of effects. thx ++
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