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  1. geckoo


    I did a big update yesterday adding a dynamic sky with cloud, another amazing edge detection FX which is really impressive and a vignetting more efficient. On the main project page, there is a picture which shows the main renderer using those three FX in the same time - and they work as expected through the portals too (legacy FX don't do that). And a big big big clean up on the main project ++ https://geckoo1337.itch.io/project-a
  2. geckoo


    I posted today a simple prototype in which you can play with some interesting mechanics - portals, custom gravity (controller/objects), etc. This is not a game, but instead a sandbox for a future project (maybe a FPS style DeadCore). Now I have no clue what I could do with it (or more exactly what I want to do), but I am very happy because I fixed many bugs using Unity 2018.2 version. I improved code but I have a big amount of work so as to reach my goal. Take a look at this first release which is available on Itch.io and leave a comment if you want to help me developing this new project ++ https://geckoo1337.itch.io/project-a
  3. As said OcularCash, I used too this way to save modifications on objects - copy component/paste values However you presented us a good stuff. Thank you ++
  4. geckoo

    sort an array

    It could be interesting to do a test Writing my explanation, it were no really clear. I did some minor changes explaining code ++
  5. geckoo

    sort an array

    Recently, playing with enemies in my latest LD entry, I noticed that when I use an array in runtime, there is no order. As an example, using FindGameObjectsWithTag, obviously there is no logic, sorting all corresponding objects. However often we have to avoid some conflict between those objects. Another difficult issue is the fact that the player moves and its enemies too (the first now maybe will be the last soon). In my latest projects, the nearest enemy had to approach the player, then the second, the third, etc - and finaly the farthest. This way no one comes across its previous comrade in the line. So I find a way to sort an array, using a list and according a simple or complex function. In this code, I show you the method, but of course, you can improve it regarding your goal. A good stuff - a little tip ++ using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using System.Linq; // necessary to use a list public class SortArray : MonoBehaviour { public GameObject[] objs; List<GameObject> oo = new List<GameObject>(); float timer = 1.0f; IEnumerator Start() { objs = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("objTag"); // our array yield return new WaitForSeconds(1.0f); sortArray(); // sort an array using a list yield return new WaitForSeconds(1.0f); for (int i = 0; i < objs.Length; i++) if (objs[i] != null) Destroy(objs[i], timer * i); // for this example, I destroy them } float checkDistance(Transform x) { // simple function checking distance return Vector3.Distance(this.transform.position, x.transform.position); } // array to list - sort objects - list to array void sortArray () { // convert objects in a list by distance oo = objs.ToList(); // array to list oo = oo.OrderBy(x => checkDistance(x.transform)).ToList(); // sort them (nearest to farthest) objs = oo.ToArray(); // list to array } }
  6. geckoo

    Bugs after upgrading Unity

    Installing the latest Unity version 2018.2.7 which has been released a few days ago, all works fine excepted one shader. I don't know what it means but I am very happy ++
  7. geckoo

    Bugs after upgrading Unity

    Hello fellows. I have a big big big problem which I guess many of you have encountered in the past. Do you remember my project in which player can play with gravity, walking on roof and walls, etc? It worked fine - until I upgrade my Unity version. All has been done under v5.3, but nothing works under the latest 2018 version. Of course, there is no alert message - no error in inspector - nothing which could be useful, helping me a little bit. It's just really embarassing. I assume that raycast which I use doesn't work anymore, but for an unknow reason. The custom character controller is just motionless - even unable to walk. Obviously they did some minor changes on the physics or something else, but I have no clue how I can fix it. My question is simple - have you noticed something, upgrading your projects? Have you an idea or a tip which could give me a key issue for reflexion? The worst case, I will downgrading my Unity version, but it will be a little bit frustrating. Thank you for your advises. Have a nice day ++
  8. geckoo

    WebGL bug

    Data is saved (levels progression), but when I start a new game (new page) sometimes, saved data doesn't appear. I have to refresh this page to see level progression ++
  9. geckoo

    WebGL bug

    Hello everyone! I have a problem with a project which I am trying to export as a WebGL game. I am very surprised, but all works fine as expected. There is only one bug with playerprefs. As a standalone game, when you solve a level, you can reach the next - and it is saved. This way you can save your progression. However, as a WebGL project, when I launch my game, at start, I see nothing - no level has been saved. If I refresh the page (using Firefox Mozilla) I can see progression. What is the problem? Any idea? Thank you for your help ++
  10. geckoo

    need help shot enemies don't receive damage

    Use a public function and simply call it when you hit an enemy. You have something like that : using UnityEngine; public class yourGun : MonoBehaviour { float bulletDistance = 100; // distance which bullet does RaycastHit hit; void FixedUpdate() { Vector3 fwd = transform.TransformDirection(Vector3.forward); // you hit something beyond you if (Physics.Raycast(transform.position, fwd, out hit, bulletDistance)) if (hit.collider.gameObject.CompareTag("Zombie")) // check tag on this object - is it a zombie? hit.collider.gameObject.GetComponent<zombieController>().applyDamage(); // it has a zombie script } }
  11. geckoo

    Procedural Animations

    I know that is an old post, but now I am too searching some information about procedural animation for biped. I understand the main principe taking a look at the Keijiro's work, but I am wondering how to compute steps - the place where the foot must hit the ground - and hinge joint does the work. Do you thing that I could just use a raycast to check what is below the foot or maybe there is another way which could be more efficient? If you had found something interesting about procedural animation, I will really appreciate any help. I spent many time, but I did not find any article or code really relevant and my attempts are not good - too basical. Thank you ++
  12. geckoo

    Hi, everyone!

    Привет друг мой. Тебе желаю успехов Always cool to meet other people here. I hope that you can increase your skill enjoying our forum. You said that you have some experience on Unity. Please show us something which you did recently ++
  13. geckoo

    My Restarted FPS so far. Update #1

    Not bad. I thought that you could improve it, but not bad . I was just cynical ++
  14. geckoo

    Unity Bundle

    Exactly. 2 games + 3 epic assets for 1 buck minimum ++
  15. geckoo

    Unity Bundle

    Just a few words to say that there is a bundle in which you can find some intersting games which have been developed using Unity as engine like Oxenfree. Furthermore, you can buy for 1 buck minimum some assets which are available on Unity Store including UFPS, FlowCanvas and Inventory Pro. Their global price approaches 200$. In regard of their price, it's just a gift a few months before Xmas. For less than 10 dollars, you get Realistic Effects pack 4, Wasteland 2 and Gameflow. For 15$ you get Gaia and some good stuff... Take a look at the link below ++ https://www.humblebundle.com/games/unity-bundle
  16. geckoo


    Running mode could be implemented just using a float which is increased when you keep a shift key down - decreased when you release your key. There is an interesting video about it at this address with explanation ++
  17. geckoo

    Horizontal Compass

    Io sono molto contente que ti piaccia ciò che ho fato. Grazie per i complimenti
  18. geckoo

    Horizontal Compass

    Just a little script which I have done to help someone recently. It allows to create, using the new UI, a smooth horizontal compass. Regarding the North pole and the player position, it computes a value between -0.5 and 0.5 - exactly what we need so as to set the sprite offset. Put it on your player, set your sprite - no more ++ 0 is the North, 0.25 is the West, -0.5/0.5 is the South, and -0.25 is the East DON'T FORGET - IMAGE WRAP MODE TO "REPEAT" using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; public class Compass : MonoBehaviour { public RawImage myCompass; void Update() { var lol = MyCompass(new Vector3(this.transform.forward.x, 0, this.transform.forward.z), Vector3.forward, Vector3.up); myCompass.uvRect = new Rect(lol, 0, 1, 1); Debug.Log(lol); } float MyCompass(Vector3 a, Vector3 b, Vector3 n) { float angle = Vector3.Angle(a, b); float sign = Mathf.Sign(Vector3.Dot(n, Vector3.Cross(a, b))); float cmp = (angle * sign)/360; return cmp; // our offset between -0.5 and 0.5 } }
  19. geckoo

    Warhammer 40k Space Marine

    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/warhammer-40000-space-marine For free for a limited time ++
  20. geckoo

    stop image effect to play after a certain time

    I saw that it uses texture for rain. Maybe you could play with alpha to fade it ++
  21. geckoo

    For Honor

    For Honor is free on Steam. Violence, violence and violence since the dawn of the civilizations. If you like it :/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/304390/FOR_HONOR/
  22. geckoo

    My Restarted FPS so far. Update #1

    Do you mean that I am living into another dimension. I would like
  23. geckoo

    Bugs after upgrading Unity

    Thanks. However do you think, working as expected on Unity 5.3, it doesn't work anymore on v2018? Strange ++
  24. geckoo

    Bugs after upgrading Unity

    I did that before all. It doesn't work :/ Interesting idea. I guess that it could be useful. Thank you ++ In fact I use 6 raycast (forward, backward, right, left, up, down) which start from a sphere and the shortest contact sets the new gravity. Any idea?
  25. geckoo

    unity 2018 graphical glitch

    Which DirectX version use those players who noticed this glitch? It could be possible that this bug is due to a bad lights gestion on surface. You could get another render trying to disable shadows by lights. Maybe my reflexion is just stupid, but in case, before all I would like to try that ++