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  1. Actually I am working on a game which integrates many coroutines. For this reason I tested different ways so as to reduce ressource wasting. When you use Unity's default coroutines you will have to be very careful about how you use them or else they will allocate memory that the garbage collector later has to clean up. So I assume that your explaination is good. However testing different ways I noticed that the best way to use coroutines is this one - MEC (free version) : https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/animation/more-effective-coroutines-free-54975 Easy and intuitive I saved many resources - and now I don't use anymore the classical Unity coroutine process... If you want to optimize your project I recommend it ++
  2. Your request is not really clear. At first, do you want to use a procedural generation ? I guess - because you want to test a path. I could do this way (but I assume that another way could be better) : create a 4x4 tiles board using some simple loops. Add each tile in a list. Select randomly a few of them as an obstacle or mines. You can check, using booleans, a free way starting from your goal to the base. If a tile is free, check if this new tile has a free way (...) until your base. If there is no more free tile, return on your previous true boolean, trying to find another way - a second eventually free tile... Closing my explanation, I would like to say that if you have less than four mines (3 max), you have always a free path - excepted if they are around your base and if it is in a corner. Again, because of a lack of explanation, I guess that you can move your player in a diagonal ++
  3. I really like it. It reminds me the first CoD. I would like to see more animation in the video, but you did a great work. HUD is clean. Feelings are good enough - especially this frag at 5'35''++
  4. Thank you very much for the sharing. Good stuff. Why there is so many boats? Had you planned to create a game with boats?
  5. Hello. You need help? Post your request in the section "Help" please. Thank you. Moved ++
  6. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/thimbleweed-park/home Thimbleweed Park is free on Epic Games store - if you like pixel art... It reminds me all Maniac Mansion games which has been released 30 years ago Time flows
  7. https://freebies.indiegala.com/welcome-to-princeland-sp-version/ Welcome to Princeland, the south east of Oman Sea. This is a place which is used by powerful countries to do drug trials and technology experiments. A place that has 800% tax rate, where you can barely stay alive. You are a part of the rebellion against the prince who exploit his people with taxes. Gather the best weapons, vehicles and followers to crush his army. By upgrading your skills, challenge him at different difficulty mods. After his funeral, we will all able get weapons, vehicles and followers tax-free. If you dare - I cannot. The story seems so boring
  8. geckoo

    Email send c#

    I think that it doesn't work on mobile device because of security protocol - but I guess only. I didn't tested it... If you cannot send your mail for any reason, you have an error message which gives you an information : SmtpException: 535-5.7.8 Username and Password not accepted. Learn more at (link) - bad user name or password, Socket Exception (bla bla) - smtp is not reachable, wrong port, etc. In other case, you can see the final message "success"... For more information about exception and how you can catch them using its status code, take a look at the link below ++ https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.net.mail.smtpexception?view=netframework-4.7.2
  9. Bullshit! Respectfully I understand what meant your cousin, but honestly I have a doubt about his skill regarding this question. I could argue a few hours with you, but I prefer only quote some games which are good - and bankable - if you think that you need money developing your own projects : SuperHot, FireWatch, LayersOfFear, CupHead, TheRoom, MonumentValley, BroForce, Poney Island, SolarGun, Inside, HandOfFaith, Endless Space2, SubNautica, and more more more. I played almost all games which I quoted previously - and they are really good - better than some sh** which had been released using Unreal Engine Maybe Unity is not the best, the most beautiful, efficient or something else - OK (I don't agree), but it is not the least. I cannot imagine myself working on another engine. Take a look at the link below and you can see that many interesting games ($$$) have been developed under Unity. Considering all efforts that the Unity team does today so as to increase quality and power of their engine, I guess that the future will be amazing for Unity and its community ++ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Unity_games
  10. I am trying to simplify what you said. On this page (which I linked) there is a function. I was trying to put this code in my script, but even thought I tried many ways, it doesn't work. However I fixed my problem using another way. Forget it - but thank you for your answer
  11. I read : sin is the sine function calculated in degrees
  12. Hello. I wonder how I can "translate" in C# a function which gives the lenght of side for a regular polygon, inscribed in a circle, giving only its radius. On the web I founded this explaination, but I cannot understand the proper way for using it in Unity. I tried for a hexagon something like float lenght = (2 * radius) * Mathf.Sin(180 / 6); but it doesn't work. I missed something. Have you an idea? https://www.mathopenref.com/polygonsides.html r is the radius and n the number of sides : side = 2r sin (180/n)
  13. https://freebies.indiegala.com/another-lost-phone-lauras-story/ Free DRM - no Steam key This game is designed as a narrative investigation where you must piece together elements from the different applications, messages and pictures to progress. Scrolling through the phone’s content, you will find out everything about Laura: her friendships, her professional life and the events that led to her mysterious disappearance and the loss of this phone ++
  14. You did an amazing work. I hope that you can reach your dream - whether creating a commercial game or working on those universes which you like... I wish you the best developing your project. Show us some progress regularly - and have fun ++
  15. Really interesting. Nice aesthetic. There is here a good potential. However I would like to ask you about something which could offend you (sorry) - this is not my will. Why are you wasting so many time and energy, developing a game, which you cannot sell because you have no copyright? Maybe you don't want to sell something and you are developing this project as a fan. Clearly you have skill so as to do something good. Respectfully why don't you want to create your own game? I wish you the best ++
  16. geckoo


    Unity shares really interesting tutorials to learn how to use their engine and some basics about C#. Take a look at the link below ++ https://unity3d.com/fr/learn/tutorials
  17. Your code is really hard coded - however it works. I tested it. I guess that you did a mistake setting enemies. In your code you use some defined values (Random.Range(0, 5); If you have less than 5 enemies it doesn't work when it selects an empty slot. So I recommend you to check the lenght of your array to set a limit - exactly like you do with your respawn spawn array. If you want to use a canvas element for each enemy, you have to use a canvas, but in World Space mode. You have many tutorials on YouTube about it. I wish you the best ++ PS : a clean code is the key to success using System.Collections; using UnityEngine; public class EnemySpawner : MonoBehaviour { public GameObject[] enemies; public Transform[] spawnPoints; public float waitMin = 0.0f; public float waitMax = 2.0f; public bool stop; void Start() { StartCoroutine(waitSpawner()); } IEnumerator waitSpawner() { while (!stop) { Instantiate(enemies[Random.Range(0, enemies.Length)], spawnPoints[Random.Range(0, spawnPoints.Length)].position, Quaternion.identity); yield return new WaitForSeconds(Random.Range(waitMin, waitMax)); } } }
  18. I am sorry, but no. Learn by yourself and do the work ++
  19. geckoo

    Kholat for free

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/343710/Kholat/ Kholat is free on Steam for a few hours - если тебе нравится гулять по лесу зимой
  20. LiwaHadri - my dear friend. Respectfully all your questions or requests show us an evidence - you are an absolute beginner. there is no shame in that - we were beginners too a few years ago. Please don't be offended by my advice. Don't use this kit or even any script which are available here or on the web before you have learned the basics. Today you are not able to do difference between a C# script and a JS - it's laughable. Really you have to learn some good tutorials - and all you need is below ++ https://unity3d.com/fr/learn/tutorials Mes amis tunisiens parlent couramment français et j'espère que c'est ton cas. Franchement, c'est ennuyeux. Tu poses des questions qui reposent sur un seul fait - tu es un débutant, lequel ne sait rien. Ce n'est pas grave - nous l'étions aussi. Commence par apprendre en utilisant des tutoriels adaptés à ton niveau. Tout ce dont tu as besoin est dans le lien ci-dessus. Bien sûr, tu peux nous interroger si tu ne comprends pas quelque chose, mais pose de vrai questions. Je te souhaite le meilleur - bon courage ++
  21. Thank you OcularCash for your answer. It helped me to find the solution I can set each point using a radius this way : for (int i = 0; i < numberOfPoints; i++) { float angle = i * Mathf.PI * 2 / numberOfPoints; Vector3 pos[i] = new Vector3(Mathf.Cos(angle), Mathf.Sin(angle), 0) * radius; } More easy - more efficient. It works perfectly. Thank you ++
  22. Working on a simple shader so as to apply a picture on screen, I found a way to create a broken glass shader like in Metro 2033. Also you can use this shader to create a frozen effect. I guess that it could be interesting for FPS project as damage FX or something else... As usual I use a sub folder callad MyShaders where my shaders are. Take a look at the link where I posted a picture ++ https://imgur.com/a/m2TC8ex PS : I use this texture in my project ++ https://yandex.com/collections/card/5aaa1d47be1d770087ac9f00/ using UnityEngine; [ExecuteInEditMode] [RequireComponent(typeof(Camera))] public class BrokenScreenFX : MonoBehaviour { public Texture2D texture; [Range(0, 1.0f)] public float Amplitude = 0.5f; [Range(0, 1.0f)] public float Bias = 0.5f; Camera cam; private Shader BrokenScreenShader = null; private Material BrokenScreenMaterial = null; bool isSupported = true; void Start() { CheckResources(); if (texture == null) texture = Resources.Load("BrokenScreen") as Texture2D; } public bool CheckResources() { BrokenScreenShader = Shader.Find("MyShaders/BrokenScreen"); BrokenScreenMaterial = CheckShader(BrokenScreenShader, BrokenScreenMaterial); return isSupported; } protected Material CheckShader(Shader s, Material m) { if (s == null) { Debug.Log("Missing shader on " + ToString()); this.enabled = false; return null; } if (s.isSupported == false) { Debug.Log("The shader " + s.ToString() + " is not supported on this platform"); this.enabled = false; return null; } cam = GetComponent<Camera>(); cam.renderingPath = RenderingPath.UsePlayerSettings; m = new Material(s); m.hideFlags = HideFlags.DontSave; if (s.isSupported && m && m.shader == s) return m; return m; } void OnDestroy() { #if UNITY_EDITOR DestroyImmediate(BrokenScreenMaterial); #else Destroy(BrokenScreenMaterial); #endif } void OnRenderImage(RenderTexture source, RenderTexture destination) { if (CheckResources() == false) { Graphics.Blit(source, destination); return; } BrokenScreenMaterial.SetFloat("_amplitude", Amplitude/100); BrokenScreenMaterial.SetFloat("_bias", Bias * 100); BrokenScreenMaterial.SetTexture("_MainTex2", texture); Graphics.Blit(source, destination, BrokenScreenMaterial); } } Shader "MyShaders/BrokenScreen" { Properties { _MainTex ("Base (RGB)", 2D) = "white" {} _MainTex2 ("Base (RGB)", 2D) = "white" {} } SubShader { Pass { Cull Off ZWrite Off ZTest Always CGPROGRAM #pragma vertex vert #pragma fragment frag #pragma fragmentoption ARB_precision_hint_fastest #pragma target 3.0 #include "UnityCG.cginc" uniform sampler2D _MainTex; uniform sampler2D _MainTex2; uniform float _amplitude; uniform float _bias; uniform float4 _ScreenResolution; uniform float2 _MainTex_TexelSize; struct appdata_t { float4 vertex : POSITION; float4 color : COLOR; float2 texcoord : TEXCOORD0; }; struct v2f { float2 texcoord : TEXCOORD0; float4 vertex : SV_POSITION; float4 color : COLOR; }; v2f vert(appdata_t IN) { v2f OUT; OUT.vertex = UnityObjectToClipPos(IN.vertex); OUT.texcoord = IN.texcoord; OUT.color = IN.color; return OUT; } half4 _MainTex_ST; float4 frag(v2f i) : COLOR { float2 uvst = UnityStereoScreenSpaceUVAdjust(i.texcoord, _MainTex_ST); float2 uv = uvst.xy; float2 brokenUV = uv; float3 fracture = (tex2D(_MainTex2, uv).rgb * _amplitude); fracture += (tex2D(_MainTex2, uv).rgb * _bias); brokenUV += float2(fracture.r, fracture.r)/512; float3 sum = tex2D(_MainTex, brokenUV).rgb; sum = sum + (fracture * _amplitude); return float4(sum, 1.0); } ENDCG } } }
  23. Hello. I am working on a script so as to create dynamically regular 2d shapes, only setting a circle radius in which shape is drawn. For shapes which use an even number of sides it's easy - I post below an example about how to create a regular hexagon (it's more or less the same principe for square and octogon because h² = AB² - (AB/2)² ). However I have no clue how I could compute these coordinates in the circle for shapes which are buildt with an odd number of sides like a pentagon or a heptagon. I am not really good with trigonometry. Have you an idea? Thank you ++ verticesHexagon = new Vector2[] { new Vector2(0f, radius), new Vector2(radius - (Mathf.Sqrt(radius) - Mathf.Sqrt(radius/2)), radius/2f), new Vector2(radius - (Mathf.Sqrt(radius) - Mathf.Sqrt(radius/2)), -radius/2f), new Vector2(0f, -radius), new Vector2(-radius + (Mathf.Sqrt(radius) - Mathf.Sqrt(radius/2)), -radius/2f), new Vector2(-radius + (Mathf.Sqrt(radius) - Mathf.Sqrt(radius/2)), radius/2f) };
  24. geckoo

    Ball movement script

    More seriously, you could just explain what you are trying to do, posting a first attempt which we can fix if it doesn't work, etc. You throw a little sentence, waiting something from us - please be explicit, respecting members and I guess that someone could help you... Respectfully don't be lazy ++
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