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  1. The same with more features ++
  2. Good stuff. Wait to see animations ++
  3. New colors palette using LUT and first logical elements ++
  4. Hy friend. We are always happy when someone say "hello" joinging our gathering. Welcome! I have never used another game engine instead Unity, but I guess that you are skilled so as to use a WYSIWYG editor like in Unity. Here you can find many scripts and experienced peaople who are happy to help everyone who want to progress in C#. If you have a question or if you want to share something, we have many sections. I hope that you will find here all what you expect. I wish you the best. See you later ++
  5. Hello. I am currently trying to take a look at your work, but unfortunately the site doesn't work. Is there a way to see your work somewhere else? I would like to know more about your skill :/
  6. A short clip in which I show how each portal smoothly works in my project Azymuth. No glitch - no transition or some bad lighting effect ++
  7. Another interesting feature - portal zone in which player and cubes can pass through really smoothly - no glitch. Really a good stuff. This week-end, I will try to create a first sandbox with all features to get a global view about my project. I show you soon some progresses ++
  8. We say Mercy. I am really surprised that someone knows my region. How is it possible? Maybe you was in the Metz Story convention recently?
  9. Oui je suis français - sur la frontière luxembourgeoise ++
  10. An attempt so as to create an interesting gameplay among all my avorted projects. No matter what I do, it seems to me just boring after a few days. I guess that many indie dev have these feelings sometimes. Well ... This is azymuth - a game in which you play with the gravity, walking on the wall. I am really surprised to see that a simple environment can take another look when you see it upside down - a lesson in life Also you can see a dynamic flaming sky which seems to me really cool, a triplanar shader in order to indicate the real gravity and a gravity gun in action. What else? At this stage - nothing ++
  11. Maybe. As I said - and I am serious - I wish you the best ++
  12. You changed your engine in less than one day. That speaks more eloquently than anything. I wish you the best ++
  13. Closing Greenlight Today, Steam Direct Launches June 13 .- YES
  14. Really good. Even the color is usual on this car model. However I doubt that you could use your work in a project without any agreement from BMW ++
  15. It reminds me an old BMW serie3. Neat ++ Oups! I didn't read the title. Sorry