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  1. Problem with getting started.

    The question has been posted the 5th January. Taking a look at his user account, I noticed that he visited our forum the 6th. Since this day - nothing. Strange behavior. He asked us, but our answers don't interest him. Well well... I guess that the problem could be more important that it seems :/ Dear fellows - don't waste your time ++
  2. Interesting, but it could be more efficient to use a second camera for hand/light. They pass through walls Nice glitch FX. Thank you for sharing. I will take a look ++
  3. Hello and nice to meet you

    Or you can use ProGrid - an useful tool ++
  4. Hello and nice to meet you

    Hello друг мой. Я очень рад с тобой познакомиться. Добро пожаловать на форум. Мало членов говорят по-русски. Поэтому предпочитаю продолжать разговор на английском. I would like to give you a tip which I use in my projects. Also I have many textures sometimes to create walls, floor or boxes, etc. Often Unity users try to create all their world, displaying/scaling/setting all elements by themself. I think that they are wrong - especially when they use primitive shapes like spheres, cubes, etc. You talk about maze? It could be better to create a script which intantiates each parts in runtime - and you define all Vector3 in an array. This way, you have no problem with alligment or junction. Just a tip ... As a simple example, take a look at this script which I share here. It splits a big collider to create prefabs inside. The loop instantiates prefabs using integer coordinates. This one can create empty spaces which are defined in an array. However you can invert method easily. No problem with aligment. You could create your maze using it. Just an example ++
  5. One of my designs

    I like colors and water effect - and especially the name Мне очень нравится то, что ты сделал. Тем не менее, я хотел бы посоветовать тебе пробовать другие комплекты шрифта. Твой - слишком обычен ++
  6. Wrong button... Sorry.

  7. Problem with getting started.

    Again I would like to encourage you to take a look at the main tutorials page which have been created by Unity Team. There is many projects for beginners and some simple models. I assume that you could learn the most important here using some basic scripts for an efficient gameplay. Even though you are an absolute beginner (or not), I guess that you will appreciate their little games - Roll-A-Ball or Space Shooter. Many kids think that they can devellop a One Million Dollars Game in a few days and without any understanding. It's a trap... Don't give up and be sure that soon you will be a good dev - I wish you the best ++ https://unity3d.com/fr/learn/tutorials
  8. MadFPS Kit

    The same which has been ripped frop CS. This is the main problem with all these weapons and animations which are available for free - often it's a copyright infringement ++
  9. MadFPS Kit

    Really. I have seen this bison PP somewhere - maybe CoD or CS. Can you tell us where you found these weapons?
  10. MadFPS Kit

    Crouch animation could be smoother (lerp it). Have you ripped weapons from CS or CoD4?
  11. MadFPS Kit

    You're welcome. Show us some new updates soon. Great ++
  12. New update???

  13. MadFPS Kit

    It seems really interesting, even through there is many many work to do at this stage - I noticed clipping, bugs, no realistic animations and other bad thinks... However, sharing your project, the main objectif is no doubt very laudable. I wish you the best ++
  14. Custom Icon on Unity 2017

    Recently I have installed on my PC the latest Unity version - 2017.3 and I noticed some changes which seem to me really interesting - among them, custom icon. As usual, in my latest project I created a GameManager script because I want to keep my project clean (inside it there is many functions which I use all along the project) - and automatically it uses a custom icon - a gear. Why not? I wonder if there is any other script names that get auto assigned special icons? It could be help us developing large projects ++