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    Hi Ivan2000. Thank you for sharing, but this section is only for project with source code ++
  2. Outlast for free

    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/outlast-deluxe? May the Almighty Lord forgive me - I am trying to corrupt your soul Be a good boy. Don't download this curse... Not suitable for children under 18 years : Intense Violence Blood and Gore Sexual Content Nudity Strong Language Mum ... I peed my pants :/
  3. Our first Map :)

    Good, but the vehicule physic is too rigid ++

    There is an alternative to zombie in the asset store and for free - https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/70609 Or this one but without any animation - https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/58134 Also take a look at this monster - https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/48933
  5. All of my metadata files are CORRUPTED!!

    Erase all dependencies, folders and files except Assets. For me it works... Or try to uninstall and reinstal Unity. I know that this is not a solution so as to fix your problem, but it's true - do often a backup - on your HD and another one on USB. Good luck ++
  6. Psychonauts for free

    I don't know anything about this game, except one thing - it's free but for a limited time. However a game which has been rated "very positive " on Steam cannot be bad. Grab it ++ https://www.humblebundle.com/store/psychonauts All these creatures seem to me very weird...
  7. Gotta Love UNET :) Please Help

    How can you drag a scene in a script? Maybe you are talking about build settings panel?
  8. Gotta Love UNET :) Please Help

    The video doesn't show anything. Can you explain exactly what is your problem plz? You are talking about UNET, but I saw some PUN examples. What it means?
  9. How to recoil Spray Pattern (Like CSGO)

    I used this one to create a basic recoil system : In my project Abaddon, I played only with the X and Y axis (rotation), but as said OcularCash, it could be better to modify Z (position) if you use a classic gun. I added it for you... Try it and adapt it ++ using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; // manages recoil on weapon public class Recoil : MonoBehaviour { public float maxRecoilX = 1; public float maxRecoilY = 1; public float maxRecoilZ = 1; public float recoilSpeed = 4; Quaternion origin; Vector3 pos; private void Start() { origin = this.transform.localRotation; pos = this.transform.position; } void Update() { // first mouse button if (Input.GetMouseButton(0)) { var maxRecoil = Quaternion.Euler(maxRecoilX + Random.Range(-10, 10), maxRecoilY + Random.Range(-10, 10), 0); transform.localRotation = Quaternion.Slerp(transform.localRotation, maxRecoil, Time.deltaTime * recoilSpeed); transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(pos, pos - new Vector3(0, 0, Random.Range(maxRecoilZ / 2, maxRecoilZ)), Time.time * recoilSpeed); } else { transform.localRotation = Quaternion.Slerp(origin, Quaternion.identity, Time.deltaTime * 100); transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(transform.position, pos, Time.time * recoilSpeed); } } }
  10. Houdini had a girl

  11. Mirage: Arcane Warfare for free

    It started a few minutes ago. You have an entirely day to install this game for free ++
  12. F***er

    Maybe one of the best anecdote which I have ever read about WW2
  13. Mirage: Arcane Warfare for free

    Mirage: Arcane Warfare is a multiplayer FPS (another Overwatch clone) which has been developed by the same team who developed Chivalry : Medieval Warfare. Soon (in less than one hour) this game is free just for one day. I guess that they would like to gather more players online so as to keep this project alive. Maybe it could be interesting to test it. The comments are not always good, but why not? You can download it and keep it. Another game for free in my playlist. A good stuff ++ http://store.steampowered.com/app/368420/Mirage_Arcane_Warfare/

    Cool. I will play soon and I will give you a feedback. Grazie mille amico mio
  15. Bug after compiling

    Fixed. Thank you OcularCash - your wise advice saved my project. I must keep this lesson in mind - tags and layers cause sometimes some bugs after compiling ++