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  1. Agar clone

    Try GitHub ++
  2. Agar clone

    You Have A Slither Project Here
  3. Humble Book Bundle

    Another one for free - Mastering Unity 2D Game Development ++
  4. Humble Book Bundle

    If you are an absolute begginer or if you are searching a way to improve your capabilities in development, maybe this humble could interestest you. So there is currently a nice humble bundle of unity and unreal development books - for a few bucks. It seems interesting. Take a look at this adress. Bye ++
  5. [Unity 5] Customization Tutorial! YEET!

    Unfortunately the sound is very bad - it hurts my ears :/ I assume that you should buy a new mic no?
  6. Will make 3D model for free

    Do you understand that he doesn't do anything for anybody - nothing? We have a request section if you need something ++
  7. Will make 3D model for free

    Don't expect anything. I doubt that he is able to do something for us ++

    Maybe the most impressive Unity game which I have ever seen. It seems really interesting ++
  9. (PROFIT SHARE)Realistic Fps

    No one comma or other punctuation. Bravo ++
  10. LudumDare 39th

    This is my submission for this 39th LudumDare session. I did an infinity runner game in which you must avoid obstacles, rotating sideways, also refilling your energy bar. This way, it fits with the theme. Friends, show me what you have done. Post here links ++
  11. LudumDare 39th

    I will be happy to take a look at your project - tell me more when it will be done. I am doing some infinity run using gravity like in my project Azymuth. Have fun ++
  12. LudumDare 39th

    The theme is : Running out of power :/ I have no clue about what I could do with that ++
  13. Android SDK

    I agree. This is one of the most annoying problems with Unity. Sometimes some upgrades ruins your previous work
  14. Android SDK

    Obviously many users solved their problem, downgrading the Android SDK to 25.2 Also I read that some JDK older versions don't work with some upgraded Android SDK versions. Take a look at these pages ++
  15. STARBO: New Adventure Horror Game (WIP)

    Near death experience