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  1. Another great game with an amazing aesthetic - something new (I hope) ++
  2. Thank you for your kind words. To display this aesthetic I use a shader which posterizes colors with a few shades. Also it pixelates 4x4 the screen using a pattern according contrast. When the player is wounded, it applies a gray effect and inverts colors ... Please share this project with your friends ++
  3. Abaddon is the hebrew name for the angel of the abyss in the Bible (apocalypse 9:11). Today this is just my entry for the 38th LudumDare session. I did a paced FPS - a survival game in which you must fight against a horde of mischievous creatures in a little arena (50x50). The columns delimitate your small world (the theme). When you see them, it means that you are not far to the void. Be careful! Each creature has its own behavior : a skull follows you in a wave movement and explodes near of you. A ram twirls around you, trying to hit you. A spider is looking for fresh meat and it spits on you its poison. The monster comes from the ground and knocks you really hard... Excepted the last specie, you cannot see how and where are spawned the enemies. I did many scripts to create an oppressive and darkly environement from which the creatures appear. You are always surounded by them. Kill them and try to do the best score which will be saved automatically in a leaderboard - the hall of fame. Using the LMB, you shoot fireballs, also using RMB, you shoot like with a shotgun, but its firerate is low. When you kill a monster or a spider, some blue dust appears. Passing through it, you gain health... I guess that if you can (more or less) define how the spawn script works, you can elaborate an efficient strategy. Please play this game and tell me your point of view. I hope that you enjoy. Thank you. I wish you the best. Bye ++
  4. Very politically incorrect But according what you said about Apple, I think that their censorship is just a little bit too pro-fascist :/
  5. The theme which has been chosen by the community is - A small world. Great! And now I have to create something with that ++
  6. This project use a deprecated UI. Change it for the new UI. Also you could delete this part - and instead display some info with Debug.Log() ++
  7. You can check some char to split your string :
  8. Yanckson - six month ago you asked us with the same question (but with another color)... Can you understand that this kit used a very very very old Unity version - a time when Photon didn't exist. Try to find another kit boy ++
  9. This is an old post, but I read it just today. It seems to me that there is a minor error which could be easily fixed. You cannot destroy the GO considering length value because it was modified by the pitch value. If the pitch of the sound is setting 0.5f, the real length is multiplyed * 2. Using simply the length value, you destroy the GO before the end of the sound. This function use a different way - take a look at the last line : public void playSound(AudioClip newSnd, Transform tf, bool prt, float v, float p, float l) { // sound features var soundObject = new GameObject("snd_" +; // creates a GO var tmpAudio = soundObject.AddComponent<AudioSource>(); tmpAudio.clip = newSnd; // arguments which has been defined tmpAudio.volume = v; // volume tmpAudio.pitch = p; // pitch if(prt == true) // set a parent or not tmpAudio.transform.parent = tf; soundObject.transform.position = tf.position; // position tmpAudio.Play(); // destroys this one after a while given - audioSound.length by pitch Destroy(soundObject, l/p); // length/pitch }
  10. You have some errors. Share them with us. I don't want to download this project on my computer. I assume that it could be possible to fix them ++
  11. As I said boy - as I said
  12. Can you just understand what I mean when I say "you should learn the code's semantic and find a good IDE" ? Really this is not questions about programing, just about your capabilities to write something correctly... Each time when you miss a bracket or a semi-colon, you come around... One time again - WHAT IS YOUR IDE?
  13. Really good. Quiet mood ++
  14. As usual, just a few words to say that soon will be the next LudumDare session - starts Friday 21th... As usual, will be created many interesting games... As usual, will be created many uninteresting projects... As usual, my wife will argue that "I am always on the computer" Com'on Boy - take your place in the race ++
  15. It looks really interesting. I want to know more. Show us next progresses ++