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  1. I love your nickname - almost a ban forever If you don't like our forum - go to hell bro' Are you trolling us? I guess ++
  2. You don't need any link! You have the full script in the same post ++
  3. See above. All is clear ++
  4. Interesting. I have an idea which could help me to modify the previous shader. Thank you ++
  5. Strange. I use it and it works fine. What is your version?
  6. Hello folks. I wonder if there is a way to rotate a texture always to the down. I use a tri planar shader to do that, but the final renderer isn't good enough. I am searching something like Material.SetTextureOffset, but for rotation, independatly to X & Y axis - where is the transform. Do you have an idea? Thank you for your help ++
  7. My english isn't good enough so that I can understand all subtleties of this disturbing monologue. It's a little bit frustrating
  8. A little script which I did to help player to find some goals in game. You can set different features (alpha threshold, offset, clambing, etc). I use it in my project Azymuth. How it works? In your Canvas, add an image, put the script on it, set your target... It could be useful in your projects so as to localizate a bomb or an enemy, an exit door, a dropped pack, etc ++ using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using UnityEngine.UI; public class HUD : MonoBehaviour { RectTransform myRectTransform; // UI Camera mainCamera; Color alpha; // temp color public Transform currentTarget; // target public bool clampToScreen = true; // display offscreen target or not public float threshold = 10; // sprite alpha control public Vector3 offset; [SerializeField] Vector2 clampBorderSize; void Awake() { myRectTransform = GetComponent<RectTransform>(); mainCamera = Camera.main; // find the camera } void Update() { // if the target has been destroyed, it disables the script and erases image if (currentTarget == null) { myRectTransform.GetComponent<Image>().color = new Color(0, 0, 0, 0); this.enabled = false; } Vector3 noClampPosition = mainCamera.WorldToScreenPoint(currentTarget.position + offset); // modify alpha according Z alpha = myRectTransform.GetComponent<Image>().color; alpha.a = noClampPosition.z / threshold; myRectTransform.GetComponent<Image>().color = alpha; Vector3 clampedPosition = new Vector3(Mathf.Clamp(noClampPosition.x, 0 + clampBorderSize.x, Screen.width - clampBorderSize.x), Mathf.Clamp(noClampPosition.y, 0 + clampBorderSize.y, Screen.height - clampBorderSize.y), noClampPosition.z); // display sprite on screen - or not myRectTransform.position = clampToScreen ? clampedPosition : noClampPosition; } }
  9. lol - Greenlight is dead a few weeks ago and the community had spat on all my previous projects. However I really appreciate your kind words. I need that, developing my game 'cause the black dog is unrelenting ++
  10. Adding some stuffs to help player to find his way - goal locators and pictures ++
  11. Ok. Really it seems interesting. I like the main aesthetic. I would like to test it soon. Wait more ++
  12. It seems really well done. The title intrigues me - why arctic? PS : be careful with the best "something" - it sounds like a noob sentence
  13. I know that, but we are talking about something else ya? zombieqtr shows us some alternatives ++
  14. I use AmplifyColor and I like the final renderer. But you forgot to say that adding many postprocesses, each other, you waste many resources. I would like to know if you can always run this scene with 60FPS for a high resolution and on a mid-range PC. I doubt ++
  15. HI. WELCOME. I DONT UNDERSTAND YOUR REQUEST. TELL US MORE ++ PS: and plz choose an appropriate text size