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  1. Cool. I guess that it could be more interesting to use an orthographic camera instead a perspective view. Gameplay is good enough as a casual game. Thank you for sharing ++
  2. geckoo

    43th LudumeDare

    @DeepWolf Really well done with an amazing mood. All movements are so smooth - you did a great work. Models are cuties. Maybe too hard for me, but overall a great entry ++
  3. geckoo

    43th LudumeDare

    Finally I did (another) puzzle game - Entities. It is available at this link below : https://geckoo1337.itch.io/effigies https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/43/effigies @DeepWolf - show me yours ++
  4. geckoo

    43th LudumeDare

    "Sacrifices must be made" is the theme Maybe it's time to change my plan creating a FPS ++
  5. geckoo

    43th LudumeDare

    I don't want to explain again what is Ludumdare - I guess that I did that 4 or 5 times. The next LD starts friday at midnight. I would like to know if someone from our forum has planned to participate. If you do something for the 43th LD session, please post a link here and I will take a look at your project, posting a brief review, rating your game. As usual I want to create another puzzle game, developing it on Unity. Now I wait the chosen theme - I hope something cool and creative. I wish you the best ++ PS : you can find more information at link below : https://ldjam.com/
  6. geckoo

    My UFC 3 Rip-Off for mobile[Android].

    I cannot see your video on our forum. Why you force us to jump on YT? Excepted the model which could be better, you did a great work ++
  7. geckoo

    Outcast - Second Contact

    Outcast - Second Contact for free. No Steam key - just a big file to download ++ https://www.humblebundle.com/store/outcast-second-contact?
  8. geckoo

    Master Server

    Thank you Satori for this link - it seems interesting ++
  9. geckoo

    Master Server

    I would like to host somewhere a master server - a little application which I can control using a few commands - start/stop, port and more. Do you know a free place on which I can do that?
  10. geckoo

    Shader form AssetBumdle

    Five weeks ago I wrote this message. Good things come to those who waits ++
  11. geckoo


    I noticed some problems with animations specially on thge meca - foots are not on the ground and it reminds me sometimes the Michael jackson's moonwalk step Overall, I like chaos in-game and black atmosphere. Spider at the end is amazing. I wish you the best ++
  12. Maybe because this post has been written almost 3 years ago? Deprecated. Not a big deal to create another one. PM its author ++
  13. geckoo

    Classic 2D Ping Pong

    Really well done. Maybe you could add a simple InputGetKeyDown to start because it rushes to quickly and sometimes I have to replace my puck before... Amazing IA - unbeatable
  14. geckoo


    An amazing trip in the deepest USA
  15. geckoo

    Implementing AirStrike in multiplayer FPS[Photon]

    Never! Never you said that you was trying to implement air-strike under Photon