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  1. Also here are the error that appear: 1.Shader error in 'Hidden/Coord': failed to open source file: 'Shared.cginc' at line 14 2.Shader error in 'Hidden/Raymarch': failed to open source file: 'Shared.cginc' at line 15 3.Shader error in 'Hidden/Final Interpolation': failed to open source file: 'Shared.cginc' at line 23 What now?
  2. No, i use Unity pro. I downloaded some shaders and added to the project which after because of this the light shaft is broken i guess
  3. Why because of something the light shaft is just a purple thing O.o?
  4. Ok so, im here looking for someone to help me out. What i get is some folks recommending me some random s*it. P.S. What monsters? There wont be any monsters..
  5. Hello. I am Working on a game Called Darkened Survival. Its a game alike to the Hunger Games Movie. Why alike? well because i dont whant to get copyrighted, and whats alike is that you spawn in the middle, maximum 24 can be in one server, you need to fight each other untill theres just one alive. The diffrence is that you spawn in the middle yes but in the moutain and the spawn area will explode after 60 seconds as the games begun. You are in a floating area/terrain. Falling through will kill you. So it seems that the I need Good Models and Great music creators. Now about the payment. I am palling to Pay you all a great amount of money IF its a good work PLUS only when the game is in sale (So basicly if you are doing great ill Credit you and Pay you most of the money i get form others purchasing this game). What i need you to Post Bellow is: 1.Some of your work (Few model Pictures OR your music videos/files) 1.How often do you have free time
  6. Alright heres the link (sorry i accidently pressed post button before) https://www.dropbox.com/s/asw85b29gfmcycp/Assets.html
  7. Hey, Trying to sell this Starter Scripts (i think they are very usefull) So it has and Inventory systen created from 2 scripts (1.the inventory it self; 2.Pick up(You can add unlimited gameobject ammount to the game and inventory will do everything else it self)) + Crouching and Sprinting (With effects and Stamina) + Bullet hole system + Recoil System + Scripted Walking Animation + Mouse Delay with Editor (Usualy added for Weapons) + Camera Bobbing. The Bullet Hole system also supports Reloading animation (you can edit how much for script to wait), which means that it has ammo system in it. But please NOTE that it dosent have ammo pick up system in it YET (i will get it done really soon im just busy with my project ATM) Here test scene in WepPlayer: So if you like it and interested in getting (2 EU) it add me via Skype (ghalexander91), ill give you link to my website were you will need to donate 2 EU, after that ill check it and send you rar file were All the Scripts are and after i will explain how it all works! Also know that the scene was made in 3 minutes so you can make all look alot better
  8. hey, thanks. But there all copyrighted right?
  9. It wont be to much, not sure exactly but i just know its not alot, add me via skype if your interested and we will talk about everything else! Its, ghalexander91
  10. Hey, i'm looking for someone who can make Sounds or Musics for my game! Currently i don't have any of them.. If someone does make such things (i mean both of them) Please contact me here: http://milli-com.weebly.com/contact.html
  11. Hey, it could be that your a professional at scripting shadders and other stuff, or its just you didnt understand what it does in first feature. But for me it took about 10 hours or more actually but nvm. I want to sell this, just so peoples FPS shooters would look about 20 % better and buy my self as an result headphones.. my parents arent rich or at normal money position so they cant buy me even something like that so my only hope as 12 year old to sell my project im working on and try selling system, or wait until people could support me by making my project even better and get it on steam! ^^ Thank you for the reply though.
  12. If your interested on what it does, than here: 1st. It Draws bullet hole texture not places as a gameobject, which dosent fly when for example hiting corner of a cube, it nicely draws on that corner not flys as gameobject. 2nd. Supports Reloading animation, (change animation name in script), in inspector you can edit reload time if you dont understand scripts at all or something. 3nd. Instantiates Muzzle Flash (Best if its a particle) 4th. You can also edit AmmoInClip in the inspector. 5th. Edit Raycast Range (edit the limit of shooting distanse)
  13. Hey, i have made this great working bullet hole script kinda like in Valve Games for example CSGO. Heres what i mean, watch my update video (link below) and you will see me showing what special it does, and BTW, it does force to rigidbodys, supports Reloading Animations and much more. Update Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t49IwuJxvdc&list=UUEom3TPdX7_5zE51Ur5Z8_A&feature=c4-overview I whant to Sell this system becouse it was freaking hard to make and its using shadders. I think it should have been 10 eurs or so but i will sell it for 2 Eurs. How do we make deal, you add me on skype (ghalexander91), in 24 hours or mutch mutch less i accept your request. Then i give you link in where you shall Donate me 2 EURS. After i get email that you have donated me i instantly send you rar file where the Bullet Hole system scripts are, and explane you how to use it. FOR PROOF THAT IM THE CREATOR OF THIS SCRIPT AND THERES NO JOKE IM GOING TO SEND YOU RANDOM JUST MADE SCREENSHOTS ON HOW THEY LOOK INSIDE. Please, just please, after successful purchase and other, find a minute to say that everything is ok or something else.
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