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  1. thx very much it worked, this is what I needed!!! but do you have also an idea how to set up a function like this: if(GetKeyButton() != GetKeyButton(6)){ animation.play ....} ??? It seems that it don't work like this.
  2. Ok now I changed my script a bit, but it still don't works right, the GUIText don't get activated: var text : GUIText; var auto : Rigidbody; function OnTriggerEnter (collision : Collider) { if (collision.auto){ //Time.timeScale = .1; text.active = true; //Time.timeScale = 1; } }
  3. Ok at first thank you very much, I am not so far with my game but I can already use it! But actually I wanted to know how to modifie a sweeptest, so that it can collide with specified rigidbodyes, like a box called "area" and slow down the time forsecons, while that a message should pop up on the screen and I have to tipe in some words and if there right the timescale goes back to 1, if not an animation should start. I tried to do the script by my own and but I had to take a lot of components from other scripts. One of my problem is that the sweeptest collides with every rigidbody and the message appers every time and not just when I hit a specified wall or box. Also I can't waitforseconds in a update script. Can somebody help? And sry because my first post was not that good writen. The script I tried to make: var hit : RaycastHit; function Update () { if (rigidbody.SweepTest (transform.forward, hit, 3)) { Time.timeScale = .1; Message.instance.Affiche("Type your answer: "+Input.inputString,1); Time.timeScale = 1; } }
  4. Hello forum I need help with a script. I wont to create a script that starts in a defined area, for example a box, pauses the game show a text message and when the input is right it will continue with the game. If someone could help me I would be very glad, I dont now much about scripting. Tipps and stuff like that are also very welcome! thx bigdilliams
  5. Yes it is possible, but when I drive forward the force is too big and the arms go backward if I stop the arms go back to the stearingwheel and if I turn the stearingwheel the arms follow because the force is not to big. What shoud I do? I don't know where to adjust the force of the character joints.
  6. Hey guys, currently I'm making a litle car game. I made a level with a car and a model who is sitting in it. When I'm holding the keys a or d the stearingwheel transform but the hands and arms of my player not. I decided to make a character joint, but when my car is moving forward the arms dont folow very well because the speed of the vehicle is to hight, what can I do? Otherwise it woud look very unrealistic
  7. No sorry I have found it. Now it works!
  8. I've read this on that site you posted, but I don't understand how to do this. I added "Mesh Renderer" to a object but the lens flare are still shining trought.
  9. Yes I have just 1 camera and I changed the shader of some carparts but they are still shining trought. The lens flare is in a Point Light.
  10. Hello forum, I'm creating a litle cargame and I wantet to create realistic headlights for my car, so I took some lens flare. But I recognize, that the lens flares are shining through all the materials of the car, so what can I do? Sry for my bad english -.-
  11. Finally it worked, thank you a lot!!! It looks so cool when I shoot and the animations beginn to play
  12. I have watched this tutorial and I have add some weapons with animations, but every time I start the game the weapon move away. I've done some screenshots. It looks like that. http://s14.directupload.net/file/d/2759 ... qw_png.htm Can some one help me?
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