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  1. Thank you! The game name itself is based on a universe we wrote a while back, which follows a character called Ghoulie. We stuck by it since all the lore within the game is based around the character Ghoulie. And plus, when it comes to names, they're usually the hardest part (for me anyway). Thanks for the feedback though! We've also been through a few names already, Endless Runner (which was our college prototype build name before we made anything of it) Ghoulie's Dungeon Adventure Which in the end we just didn't think it needed the adventure, so we just made it Ghoulie's Dungeon!
  2. I use NavMesh agent in my game with flying enemies. The method I use is disabling updatePosition and updateRotation, i then use a Rigidbody to have a floaty type of movement. You can set destination, and then use this to move the enemy by using which method of movement you want, (for example, MoveTowards). When setting its target to move towards, use agent.nextPosition. This will allow the enemy to move towards the target while keeping mostly to the NavMesh. Then set the transforms position to have an offset. This will allow it to have height. This is a method that works for my game, but it may help you out to find a method for yours. Here is the result of this method :
  3. A progress video. We updated this guy a lot. And added a lot of new features like custom boss rooms to make them tell a hidden story.
  4. We have some concepts for the comic! The left is the character Ghoulie, and the right is the character Deemo. A very early look on the new inventory system that has been implemented in the game We now also have a patreon if you wish to support this project! We would love to work on it full time. You can support us >here< - We hope you like some of the progress.
  5. Progress with the 4th Boss of the game!
  6. Thank you! Its what we're current doing in our free time right now! So i don't see this stopping anytime soon!
  7. Thanks! We have a lot of new things coming to the game and I will update that here when it does!
  8. Hello everyone! I'm working on a few projects here and there, but this one started in college and we have been constantly working on it from then till now (Out of college). We're currently enjoying making this game and I thought I would share our progress! Currently, there are two people working on Ghoulie's Dungeon! What is Ghoulie's Dungeon? It's a very small project, we work on it along side our jobs. It's just a dungeon runner based game, that we hope to work a lot more on in the future. We want the game to contain a lot of enemies, humour and overall a fun experience. The aim of the game is to get as far as you can. Each room you explore the counter goes up. So far there are a few enemies and 3 bosses in the game, we plan to add a ton more of these as well as more variation to the rooms. (We have a lot planned for this project). We have a story in place, and excited to put it fully in to the game in the future! GIFS: Some dungeon enemies: A boss (MOTM) intro: One of MOTMs Attacks: We have a Twitter and a Discord for this project! Twitter : https://twitter.com/GhouliesDungeon The discord is linked on our twitter! We now also have a patreon if you wish to support this project! We would love to work on it full time. You can support us >here< This project is early in development! We hope you like what we got so far!
  9. i assume we have similar story topic relating to "odium" within our games.
  10. Seems we have the same game name there bud.
  11. I got bored and wanted something to do, so i decided to make a skin system of which you would find on Counter Strike. This is JS and didn't spend much time making it. In this I'm using Paint.net. Feel free to use this, change it however much you like! Not sure this counts as a tutorial, but it was intended to share this script. CutOut shader used was found here : http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/273680/transparent-cutout-shader.html The gun i'm showing on the video : https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/25668 #1 #pragma strict var weaponType : String; //This will be found by the name of the objects it's on. var weaponSkin : String; // This will be found by the Ss script var weaponSkinID : int; // This is what we changed to change the skin what's on the gun. var weaponQuality : String; //The quality of the weapon var weaponName : String; //The custom name of the weapon. @Header("Weapon Damage") var minDamage : float = 0.2; var maxDamage : float = 2; var thisDamage : float; // The damage of the weapon. @Header("Different Options") var IsStatTrack : boolean; var nameTag : boolean; @Header("Extra") var rend : Renderer; //Where the weapon skin is! var Ss : SkinGameData; //The Object that has this script on it var StatTrack : GameObject; var NameC : TextMesh; function Start () { weaponType = gameObject.name; } function Update () { WeaponDamage(); rend.material.SetFloat("_Cutoff", thisDamage); rend.material.mainTexture = Ss.Skin[weaponSkinID]; if (nameTag) { StatTrack.active=true; NameC.text = weaponName; } else { StatTrack.active=false; } if(IsStatTrack) { weaponSkin = "★ StatTrak " + weaponType + " | " + Ss.Skin[weaponSkinID].name; } else { weaponSkin = weaponType + " | " + Ss.Skin[weaponSkinID].name; } } function WeaponDamage() { if(thisDamage<0.11) { weaponQuality="Factory New"; } else if(thisDamage<0.25) { weaponQuality="Minimal Wear"; } else if(thisDamage<0.37) { weaponQuality="Field Tested"; } else if(thisDamage<0.48) { weaponQuality="Battle Scarred"; } // if(thisDamage>=maxDamage) { thisDamage=maxDamage; } if(thisDamage<=minDamage) { thisDamage=minDamage; } } #2 #pragma strict var Skin : Texture[]; function Start () { } function Update () { } #Shader Shader "Transparent/Cutout/Transparent" { Properties { _Color ("Main Color", Color) = (1,1,1,1) _MainTex ("Base (RGB) Trans (A)", 2D) = "white" {} _CutTex ("Cutout (A)", 2D) = "white" {} _Cutoff ("Alpha cutoff", Range(0,1)) = 0.5 } SubShader { Tags {"Queue"="Transparent" "IgnoreProjector"="True" "RenderType"="Transparent"} LOD 200 CGPROGRAM #pragma surface surf Lambert alpha sampler2D _MainTex; sampler2D _CutTex; fixed4 _Color; float _Cutoff; struct Input { float2 uv_MainTex; }; void surf (Input IN, inout SurfaceOutput o) { fixed4 c = tex2D(_MainTex, IN.uv_MainTex) * _Color; float ca = tex2D(_CutTex, IN.uv_MainTex).a; o.Albedo = c.rgb; if (ca > _Cutoff) o.Alpha = c.a; else o.Alpha = 0; } ENDCG } Fallback "Transparent/VertexLit" } I didn't create the shader, but it works well for this. The original post is linked at the top. 1. Make a JS and call it "Weapon Skin Stats". 2. Paste #1 3. Make another JS and call it "SkinGameData" 4. Paste #2 5. Copy the shader and paste it. Video Set up : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6k82cylQ0PE&feature=youtu.be Sorry, the gun i used wasn't the best for this and i didn't have a long time to make it work! But you should be able to get it working! And sorry for any mistakes within the video! To add a custom name to it, just add 3D text somewhere to the weapon and assign it to Name C. Also sorry is any spelling mistakes, i'm extremely tired
  12. yellowflashxd

    Mask Model

    Hi! Can anyone help me out on making a mask model what looks like this: http://g03.a.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1OIoSJVXXXXcwXpXXq6xXFXXXE/Hand-Painting-DIY-font-b-Plain-b-font-font-b-White-b-font-font-b-Masks.jpg If you can help me out with this PM me please. If payment is required that will also be talked about in PM. - Thank you.
  13. You could have one full character, and separate the spine from the legs with an empty game object, then animate the top separately from the legs.
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