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  1. Could be handy in character customisation options
  2. I was never really fond of fps games (no offense) but if there was anything I wanted in one, it would be proper underground mines and wind/bullet physics for all guns also footprints, so you have to be careful where you step
  3. Hey, I'm Kurt from australia. I'm a digital artist. I'm doing alright.
  4. Hey another D@D player, what class you play? Nice script, this could definitely be expanded to create an rpg or to make a virtual character sheet, it would make playing so much easier
  5. Once again, nice work man. Very immpressive Could I ask you to do a timelapse of your next project?
  6. please note that you will be unable to request until otherwise specified (Till I say so) don't worry, all pending requests will be worked on
  7. can someone delete this post please
  8. Which asset and which commercial project?
  9. Then what would you say about Malbork and Trakai Castles? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malbork_Castle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trakai_Island_Castle They did use them, but only later in the 1200s +
  10. Xyrov

    Glitch Effect

    Thanks for sharing, Will come in handy for my sci fi game
  11. For anyone who's wanting a portfolio you can use carbon powered (google it)
  12. That method works really well with 2d games, another one could be position using mouse drag | Rotation around mouse
  13. Wow very nice, beats my textureing skills! Good work!
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