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  1. reaperkan

    SeX Games

    lol I forgot India banned 18+ content thats why couldnt load chaturbate to check oout the games, proxy to the rescue
  2. reaperkan

    SeX Games

    Interesting .. i should look for some examples of porn games then. But porn games eh brain goes null lol You are an interesting guy mate! I'd love to meet ya someday :3 but the only thing is you live on the other side of the world.
  3. reaperkan

    SeX Games

    So to get into Porn game industry? What do you do? Do you contact pornstars directly? or whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?:3
  4. reaperkan

    Long time

    Damn!!!! Use Rubber or suffer! jk jk jk.... you know i also got offer to work on porn games should have taken it! after rejecting it i found out how much $$$ is involved in it. I mainly did freelances, did a small internship in my first year, then i joined there as a consultant Unity3D dev for 6 more months, then I quit !! Getting too much money centered which is bad but i still have one more university year left to attend and after that i have no idea what i am doing >.<
  5. reaperkan

    Long time

    @Erarnitox That Sandbox generator is really useful, thanks mate, damn Ocular's 3D platformer looks so cool! You know i always knew that Ocular was a she maybe because one time i think i read he was 'pregnant' :] . TheMars is one smart kid :3 Too bad never got to see the end of No Heroes it was such a promising and an inspiring project! Also that COD survival game XD i really like how the fps is set up for it, would love to try to replicate it sometime. I have to do a "Major Project" in my final year :3 so lets seeeee.
  6. reaperkan

    Long time

    So eh we are old school :3 but brackey sure is helpful at times (the channel), never been into those communities. But hey look on the bright side you are left with the few loyal people! and I guess, if we try we can revive the forum again. But HEY GUYS, you guys literally taught me Unity :] and How have you guys been? Any awesome projects???? @geckoo games used to be so coooool and colourful
  7. reaperkan

    Long time

    Hey, its been a long time since i was last online in this community, this community has given me so much that i can never repay! Well, high school and university life got me distracted so hey guys! how have you been ? Are OMA's premium assets still being pirated ?:P XD
  8. Ah yes , that was dumb of me , thank you alot!
  9. reaperkan

    uNet bug?

    I am fixing unet codes for a person, he has a lobby manager, when the lobby manager isnt filled you can join the room, as soon as its filled up completely the match gets unlisted and when a player leaves the lobby the match isnt listed anymore on the matchmaker so that another user can join the room. Any idea what is causing this issue?
  10. Well, I did a bit of hackish way but it works well, I used SyncVars to sync a bool that is the state of the gameobject and it assigns it
  11. I tried with uNet mate, it's not really working
  12. reaperkan

    uNet GameObjects

    Hello, I have a question I am confused as hell right now, I have these objects in scene which needs to be disabled /enabled at times called from the clients how do i go on to create this? Any idea? Thanks
  13. I think your error is related to this http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/1324988/android-game-crashes-on-startup-becaus-of-google-p.html , i had the same error a while back this fixed it!
  14. reaperkan


    Hello, Recently I stumbled upon some great artwork of Kenny from opengameart and i recreated my childhood puzzle game named Sokoban. I uploaded it in kongregate if you guys would like to check it out http://www.kongregate.com/games/Rhythm1000/sokoban-puzzles. Also please do give me feedback and I would be grateful if you guys would rate the game generously , it will help me alot. Thank you!
  15. reaperkan

    Web GL

    Thanks Ocular!
  16. reaperkan

    Web GL

    Hello, I am creating a web gl which i plan to upload on kongregate. As you know PlayerPrefs doesnt work in iframe, what other saving technique can i use in WebGL to make it work? Servers are not a option. Can i save it on the disk of the player???? Please let me know! Thanks
  17. Hey, I think you should use a rigidbody controller. Also check this character controller i know it wont solve your problem but it may help you https://roystanross.wordpress.com/downloads/
  18. You didn't understand my question , its my fault i cant explain properly . I fixed my error using a Trigger, you can also fix it by comparing the distance between the last node with the target position.
  19. I meant the gap between the 2 tiles not talking about the gap in the tiles.
  20. Hello, The navmesh shows path complete for this gap , http://prntscr.com/f6va51 but it should show Path Incomplete right? Is there any workaround or fixes for it? Thanks
  21. Take a look at this tutorial and learn it yourself http://www.devination.com/2015/01/unity-46-touch-input-platformer-tutorial.html
  22. You are destroying the gameobject(that has the script) then you are calling Instantiate? Try to instantiate first then destroy the gameobject
  23. You can give this a read and watch the video : http://highexistence.com/this-will-mindfuck-you-the-double-slit-experiment/ , Compton Scattering is one phenomenon which proves light exists in both particle and wave nature, you can give that a read.
  24. Nope nothing like that either, all the other levels baked fine, this one gave me weird errors. I guess thats a bug on the new Navmesh system
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