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  1. Nope nothing like that either, all the other levels baked fine, this one gave me weird errors. I guess thats a bug on the new Navmesh system
  2. step height is set to 0.4, so not the step height only the walkable area is static nothing else ......
  3. Weird there are no floating vertexes on my scene.
  4. Hello, I was baking Navmesh on Unity 5.6, it was updated recently and i am getting this strange pointed peak on a plain surface, . Does anyone know how to fix this error? Thanks
  5. I just have free time a bit so learning something useful and expanding my knowledge a bit. Thanks alot guys
  6. Thanks alot mate!
  7. Yes I do need color coordination .... well idk colors disagree with me I mean I find nearly all the colours the same. Thanks though mate <3
  8. Hey, so I had a gap in between my exams and I was really bored so I decided to pickup HTML,CSS and JS(and Jquery). I learned the basics of website creation, and after that I picked up bootstrap which is great and I followed a few tuts created a very basic website(a template?) and can expand from it. What do you guys recommend doing next? Should i learn a server side language like PHP? Thanks
  9. Thanks alot I have been able to copy some of the files from it. Got my backup projects and few movies that I dont want to loose. Unfortunately I couldn't copy Sherlock Season 3 :/ . I am trying to get a hold of customer service since i still have few months left in warranty they should replace my HDD but they are just ignoring me.....
  10. Hey, I have a Transcend External HDD of 500 gb been using it for like 2.5 years or so and since last month whenever I try to browse through its folders or just watch a movie of it. It lags. Its becoming sluggish day by day. I found it has bad sectors now and wasnt able to repair it. I contacted Transcend twice about the problem. They replied once and as it was in warranty, I asked for it to be replaced and they stopped replying. Does this errors in HDD means the HDD is dying or is a problem with the casing? I also have tried it using different cables but same result. Hopefully someone can enlighten me on this matter. Thanks a bunch!
  11. I cant wait to play it !!!!!!!!!!! its dope mate!
  12. Thanks I forgot to put all the sprites PPU scale equal. Thanks alot mate!
  13. using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class PixelPerfect : MonoBehaviour { public float PPU; public float PPUScale; public float verticalScale; public float orothographicScale; public Camera camera; void Start() { verticalScale = Screen.width; orothographicScale = verticalScale / (PPU * PPUScale); orothographicScale = orothographicScale * 0.5f; camera.orthographicSize = orothographicScale; } } Hello, after looking at this link , i wrote this script to resize my orthographic camera.So now the size varies making the pixelated sprites perfect but I am worried it covers uneven areas in lower pixels. Is this the right way to achieve it or is there something else? Thanks!
  14. Uhhh, thanks i guess.I feel sexually weird now